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All people living in the post-Soviet space still remember very well the times when Crimea was considered an All-Union health resort and had the best resorts of the Black Sea coast within its borders, where everyone tried to go.

Today, on the territory of Crimea, there are a large variety of health resorts and sanatoriums that have survived since the time of the USSR or were rebuilt after its collapse. This is due to the fact that there are beautiful landscapes, as well as a unique climate, which allows you to feel the healing effect just from staying in these places. Moreover, the successful treatment will be facilitated by a diverse nature, a large number of sunny warm days, a warm and clean sea, as well as beaches, therapeutic mud, mineral water and a huge amount of fruits during the high season on the peninsula.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to combine a therapeutic holiday with a beach and swimming in the sea is the period from mid-May to the end of September (read about the seasons in Crimea here).

The main flow of tourists in this region has been observed since mid-June. Someone goes to the hotel in order to relax on the beach and just walk enjoying the healing air of the Crimea, while someone, on the contrary, rushes to local health resorts to improve their health purposefully. At this time it is sunny and warm here. True, during the high season, the price of housing is much higher than the rest of the time, but if we compare the indicators with European resorts, then Crimea wins and can offer a very competitive price for tourism. If we compare the healthfulness of the air in Crimea and, for example, in Turkey or Bulgaria, then again our peninsula will be ahead, since the climate of this region is much more adapted to our compatriots than foreign resorts and the air here is saturated not just with the sea, but saturated with pine needles.

Low season, which starts at the end of September and lasts until next spring, is marked by low prices (30-50% lower than in high season) and few tourists. Most of the holidaymakers are those who came to improve their health in one of the peninsula's year-round sanatoriums.

Which health resort to choose

There are two treatment zones in Crimea, which differ in the methods and profile of treatment. Depending on this, you should choose one or another health resort:

  • The Southern Coast of Crimea (SCC) is famous for its excellent methods of physiotherapy, climatotherapy, balneology, speleotherapy and dolphin therapy;
  • The Western Coast of Crimea (SCC) is more focused on treatment with mineral sources, mud, as well as recovery procedures.

It is better to choose South Coast sanatoriums for those who suffer from respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc.), cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system, both vegetative and peripheral (osteochondrosis, neuroses , the consequences of concussions, etc.).

The best sanatoriums in Evpatoria and its environs are designed to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological problems, as well as neuroses and the cardiovascular system. For the treatment of such diseases, it is recommended to visit the sanatoriums located near Aji Su (radon source).

MOSCOW, November 16./TASS /. For a long time Crimea was famous as an all-Union health resort, where they went to be treated for various diseases. In the post-Soviet period, according to experts, the health potential of the peninsula was undeservedly forgotten, but medical tourism is again becoming one of the main tourist destinations in Crimea.

Market participants and experts believe that the Crimean sanatorium-resort direction may be interesting not only for older people, but also for young people, since recently it has been providing more and more diverse services for all categories of tourists.

The Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic Vadim Volchenko notes that currently the development of health tourism in Crimea is one of the "growth points". According to him, in this direction the republic "has a number of competitive advantages" in comparison with other resorts. “Medical tourism has enormous potential,” the minister said, answering a TASS question.

Elena Trubnikova, Chairman of the Health Tourism Association, believes that Crimea has an already established brand of health resort, which must be used for further promotion and development. “Crimea has a luxurious chance to gain market momentum very quickly, because this is how Croatia was positioned, Slovenia was positioned precisely as a health brand. And Crimea in the minds of many Russians is precisely restoration and recovery,” the expert told TASS.

How health tourism is developing in Crimea and what its prospects are - in the material of TASS.


One of the popular directions of health tourism in Crimea is climatotherapy. It consists of a set of techniques, which are based on healing with the help of climatic and natural features of the region.

The most important component of climatotherapy is air baths, which are used to treat respiratory diseases, as well as various types of allergies. According to the medical director of the Health Tourism Association Mikhail Danilov, thanks to the unique air "the richest history of Crimea is associated with the treatment of respiratory diseases."

"Crimea has always been positioned primarily as a climatic resort, therefore, sanatoriums were historically created here specifically for the treatment of tuberculosis of adults and childhood bronchopulmonary diseases. Here the climate of the foothills is combined with the sea, and an almost ideal state is formed. It is better, than Sochi, for the lungs, because in Sochi we get a climate of humid subtropics, and here a dry, almost Mediterranean climate, warm and optimal for the restoration of the pulmonary system. As well as more steppe regions - in the direction of Feodosia or beyond Bakhchisarai - these regions are also most characteristic precisely as pulmonary, "the expert explains.

Crimean sanatoriums offer climatotherapy as one of the options for a trip. So, in the sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea" the variant with climatotherapy is called a "holiday voucher": it includes daily climatotherapy, dietary nutrition, as well as treatment with mineral water. This type of recreation is offered to children or to those guests who are contraindicated in mud and other procedures.

Mud therapy

According to historical evidence, mud therapy has been practiced in Crimea since ancient times. This is due to the fact that there are mud lakes on the peninsula, thanks to which it has become a famous health resort. The city of Saki, located on the western coast of Crimea, is the most famous mud resort in Russia - the first mud treatment sanatorium was founded here in 1827.

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and among Russian tourists, it is the undisputed leader. However, not many people know that in this country you can not only get an even tan, but also improve your health at health resorts.

How did this country deserve such love?

Treatment in Turkey

Treatment in Turkish is not only thalassotherapy (treatment by the sea climate and the sun), which is customary for the countries of the sea coast, but also a full range of sanatorium and health programs using natural healing resources. Due to the variety of resources, the direction of the medical profile is also wide, high results can be achieved in the fight against a variety of ailments - from heart disease to psoriasis.

In addition, modern Turkish health resorts and the qualifications of doctors are in no way inferior to treatment centers and sanatoriums in Europe. Tourists from all countries, including world stars of show business, come to Turkey for dental treatment, type II diabetes and cancer - the most popular destinations for medical tourism in the country.

All this does not raise any doubts about the deserved superiority of the country, because many people know from their own experience that it is good to have a rest in Turkey.

We will tell you about the best medical resorts in Turkey and try to answer the question: how to combine a long-awaited vacation and wellness procedures, and which one should you prefer ?!


A resort in the northern part of Turkey, located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level, near the city of Sivas. The main healing resource is a hot spring that arose many years ago as a result of an earthquake. Its water is rich in selenium and zinc, and is used not only for water procedures, but also for oral administration.

The healing power of the source is determined not only by its composition, but also by the unique species of fish that inhabit it. They effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions by killing bacteria in damaged areas.

What are we treating?

The main direction of the resort is the treatment of psoriasis, as well as other skin diseases (eczema, vitiligo, neurodermatitis, etc.). The intake of mineral water also helps in the treatment of neurological disorders, symptoms of gastritis and ulcers.


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