Medical resorts of the Czech Republic - what and how they are treated, differences and features

Healthcare in the Czech Republic: Notes for Foreigners

In the last article, we touched upon Czech laws and their importance when choosing a country of residence, this time we decided to pay attention to another important component of comfortable living - health. Let's take a look at how healthcare works in the Czech Republic and what you should pay attention to when moving to this republic.

According to the World Health Organization, the Czech Republic has bypassed such leading countries as Germany and Austria in terms of the quality and availability of medical services. In recent years, the average life expectancy has increased by five years, and more and more people come to the Czech Republic for treatment every year.

Healthcare in the Czech Republic operates under a compulsory health insurance system for everyone. Even when going to preparatory courses with MSM, each student must have a formalized insurance with him for the entire period of stay - full insurance for foreigners.

In general, all insurance is usually divided into two types: public and private insurance. State insurance applies to citizens of the Czech Republic, as well as to foreigners who have a permanent visa (residence permit). Usually, in the case of official employment, the employer independently allocates 4.5% of the income from the employee's salary, which goes to medical care. If we are talking about entrepreneurs, they donate the same 4.5% monthly on their own to the country's health fund.

International students provide themselves with insurance - referring to private insurance companies. By the way, the same state insurance companies also offer a package of services for foreigners. Coming to the programs of the International Union of Youth you do not need to worry about choosing insurance: our specialists fully help in filling out all the necessary documents, including insurance.

Each insurance company has a list of partner institutions where treatment is provided free of charge - hospitals themselves send the necessary documents to your insurance company. In the event that you get to a medical institution that does not have a partnership with your insurance company, you will need to pay for the appointment yourself, but the money will be returned by your insurance company after providing them with checks.

If there is an emergency, all hospitals work the same way - no matter what type of insurance you have, you can go to the nearest emergency room. In this case, you will need to pay a registration fee. In the daytime it is 30 CZK, at night - 70.

Doctors in the Czech Republic are a prestigious profession, and the healthcare system is rightfully considered one of the leading ones. If you want to connect your life with healthcare in Europe, take a look at our preparation programs for study at medical universities in Prague. Well, in case you are already a practicing doctor, the program of approbation of doctors will help you to legalize in the Czech Republic and continue your career already in Europe.

Czech Healthcare: Notes for Foreigners

If you regularly visit my blog, you will notice that part of it is devoted to medical education. This entry is a continuation of the series for doctors. I think that medical education in the Czech Republic is one of the most attractive options for postgraduate medical education abroad.

It is worth getting medical treatment in the Czech Republic! Learn - too!

In this article, we will continue the topic of postgraduate medical education abroad. In particular, let's talk about the Czech Republic and internships for neurologists in English.

After the collapse of the single socialist camp, the people that make it up returned to their traditions and embody a more familiar line of thinking, having the opportunity to live in their own “tent”.

What's going on in Czech? How are fellow Slav brothers doing? What do they strive for, being in a young and daring state, and how do they spend their time after retirement?

In particular, how is the protection of public health carried out in this country? After all, everyone needs periodic or permanent treatment: young and old, and working, and traveling, and young girls, and respectable fathers of large families.

According to the reviews of Russian tourists caught by surprise by an accidental illness in a foreign land or who went to the Czech Republic specifically for treatment, the level of medical care and culture in the hospitals of this country is very high.

There is never a queue in them, storming the door of the doctor's office. The very same examination, treatment and necessary research are carried out in a very calm and friendly atmosphere.

However, benevolence and tranquility do not mean that the client's mind and feelings are offered the habitually soothing formula “everything will be fine” - the actions of the staff, both medical and junior, are measuredly accurate and have a specific goal.

The result is not only cured acute appendicitis almost free of charge, but also reliably - already for a fee - arms and legs attached to the body, restored heart rate and successful bone marrow transplantation. Czech medicine has mastered all the most advanced techniques and methods of health restoration, adopted in the practice of the world community.

And grateful patients, leaving enthusiastic reviews and impressions on various Internet sites, describe the days spent in clinics in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic as one of the happiest in their lives. Happy despite health problems. Because the scientific and practical professionalism of doctors and the sensitive human care of the entire staff of each individual medical clinic cannot fail to impress even the most skeptical client-patient.

Medical education in the Czech Republic

The foundation of medical professionalism is teaching the art of medicine within the walls of the Prague University - the oldest in Europe, which has earned the loudest fame over the centuries of its existence.

Let's take a look at how healthcare works in the Czech Republic and what you should pay attention to when moving to this republic.

The specifics of the healthcare system are one of the key factors when choosing a country to live in.

What about the Czech Republic? Can the quality of medical care be attributed to the merits of this country?

Almost like in Europe

Of course, it would be an exaggeration to say that everything here is exactly the same as in Switzerland or Germany. Nevertheless, the level of performance of Czech hospitals is very high.

Accession to the European Union ("pulling up" to European standards), as well as a large-scale modernization of the technical base of medical institutions after the partition of Czechoslovakia played a positive role.

The introduction of paid treatment has significantly raised the level of service. Currently, there are many companies that offer inpatient courses in the Czech Republic as a worthy alternative to health improvement in clinics in other countries.

A significant role is also played by one objective moment, favorable natural conditions in relation to rehabilitation medicine: the presence of mineral waters, mud.

Methods of payment for treatment

The variety of payment systems for medical services should be noted.

If you have a residence permit status, you can choose between different systems:

  • Post-payment for doctor's services. This is usually quite expensive, free help (but not free medication) is provided only in emergencies - if a disease occurs suddenly, such as appendicitis.
  • Applying for a job. In this case, medical insurance is one of the prerequisites of the contract between the employee and the employer; the employer must pay part of the amount.
  • Conclusion of a contract with an insurance company, regular insurance premiums.

In the latter case, most of the services are provided free of charge (in institutions that are associated with VZP - universal health insurance company).

In this case, there is no need to spend money on medicines, only prostheses, glasses and the like can be expended.

There are two Czech Republics. The first is the beer capital of Europe, a place where medieval castles are concentrated and a paradise for lovers of very fatty and very tasty food. But there is also a second Czech Republic, which many travelers have not even heard of.

For the fourth century, people from all over the world have been coming to this spa Czech Republic for treatment. A variety of geological structures and climatic zones have contributed to the formation of deposits of healing mud, sources of thermal and mineral water, sources of carbon dioxide and other natural healing factors that effectively treat almost all groups of diseases.

We bring to your attention an overview of the most popular health resorts in the Czech Republic.

Karlovy Vary

Let's start our excursion from Karlovy Vary or Karlsbad - the birthplace of Becherovka, the most popular resort in the country and one of the most demanded medical destinations in all of Europe.

The resort is famous for its numerous sources of bicarbonate-sulphate thermal water saturated with carbon dioxide, which is used mainly in drinking treatment. The main indications for treatment in Karlovy Vary are diseases of the digestive system and endocrine diseases:

  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer,
  • gastritis,
  • reflux disease,
  • compensated diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 types,
  • gout and obesity.

The possibilities of the Karlovy Vary sanatoriums make it possible to treat some concomitant diseases of the musculoskeletal system, for example, arthrosis and arthritis.

The basis of all treatment programs of the resort is the systematic intake of thermal water from the springs selected by the doctor of the sanatorium after the initial examination. The dosage of water and the optimal reception hours are determined.

The specificity of the resort is such that it is difficult to achieve noticeable results of treatment without adherence to the diet, therefore, great emphasis is placed on dietary nutrition, often based on the principle of dietary tables of the Soviet nutritionist Manuil Pevzner.

So, the basis of treatment is water intake and diet, and numerous balneological procedures based on thermal water, mud treatments, very popular dry carbon dioxide baths and carboxytherapy, as well as a traditional complex of physiotherapeutic procedures, allow to enhance and consolidate the result.

A comprehensive approach to treatment at the resort requires a certain physical activity from the patient, but here too Karlovy Vary is pleasantly pleasing: ancient architecture, protected forests and numerous observation platforms on the hills are conducive to frequent and long walks.

Marianske Lazne

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