Medical insurance for traveling abroad: registration, types and difficulties in paying compensation

Insurance for those leaving for; frontier

Avianiti tells how to get an insurance policy for a trip abroad in 2020. Why do you need medical insurance, what types of policies are there, what additional services are needed, and what you can refuse. We are considering what the insurance can cover, and in what cases it does not work. We share where it is better to get an online insurance policy and not overpay.

Why do you need health insurance

Travel abroad (TCD) or travel insurance is required to provide and pay for emergency medical care, medical services and medicines.

To obtain a visa, including a Schengen visa, it is a prerequisite to have insurance. Insurance is often a necessary document for crossing the border of visa-free countries.

When crossing the border, in addition to standard questions about the purpose of the trip, border guards can ask about the presence of an insurance policy. Therefore, insurance must be issued not only for guaranteed medical care, but for free visits to foreign countries.

Basic insurance terms

Before buying insurance and understanding additional options, you need to understand the meaning of the basic terms of insurance. This will help you quickly navigate the choice of an insurance policy, and in the event of an insured event, it will save precious time.

Assistance is a company that will provide medical services abroad. In the event of an insured event, the assistance solves all medical issues: calls a doctor or an ambulance, coordinates the treatment with the insurance company.

An insurance company or insurer is a company that issues an insurance policy and accepts money for its payment. You conclude an insurance contract with an insurance company. Responsibility for the provision of services and payments lies with the insurer.

The insured, the policyholder, the beneficiary is the person for whom health insurance is issued.

To obtain a visa, it is mandatory to take out medical insurance for travel. In the hustle and bustle of pre-leave, we often forget about the importance of getting good health insurance and buy the cheapest policy "for show". We think over the whole trip to the smallest detail with the confidence that nothing will happen to us, and if a misfortune does happen, we have to spend our money on treatment. This could have been avoided by just taking out really good insurance!

Do not forget to once again insure yourself against huge expenses. Below we will tell you everything about medical insurance for travel abroad.

Do I need insurance to travel abroad?

Why is it so important to get insurance? Firstly, its presence is a prerequisite for entering many countries. It must be formalized at least because to avoid refusal at customs. Secondly, if something happens to you on a trip, then you can significantly save on treatment, because the insurance company will cover these costs.

Which travel insurance to choose?

There is a very convenient service that will help you choose the best option for you - Turtle. at. Typically, all insurance companies offer similar services: medical treatment, emergency dental care, transportation to the hospital, and the purchase of drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor.

The cost of the policy is formed from the amount of insurance coverage. There are 2 options for the development of events: you either choose the cheapest tariff for obtaining a visa (you need to understand that in case you suffer, compensation will be minimal), or you apply for any amount at your discretion.

Hiktrips editorial staff almost always uses two services to compare the cost of insurance abroad:

Both of these services will help you pay and get insurance without leaving your home. They will select the best offers for companies, taking into account the parameters you set, and you yourself will choose the insurance company in which you buy a medical policy abroad.

You can use the search for the choice of insurance abroad directly in the form on this page:

When ordering in this way, the policy received by email must be printed in 2 copies on a color printer and submitted to the consulate. The printed version is electronically signed and stamped, which is legally binding. The payment receipt is also printed and saved.

Be sure to read our article about TOP 10 cheapest medical insurance for travel abroad.

Medical insurance for traveling abroad

Why do I need to take out insurance when traveling abroad?

Most often, the authorities of the host country themselves, represented by the embassy or visa center, or carriers, are obliged to arrange medical insurance upon departure. If this did not happen, then you should take care of the execution of this document on a voluntary basis. There are several good reasons for this:

  • If an accident or illness happens to a traveler abroad, he will be able to count on receiving emergency medical assistance with the possibility of reimbursing all costs;
  • Upon receipt during the trip, injury or other harm to health can be counted on to receive monetary compensation.

Insurance may also provide compensation in case of unintentional harm to the health of third parties, but this point must be stipulated in the insurance contract.

Taking out insurance when obtaining a Schengen visa is a mandatory procedure. You should think about how long the trip abroad will be, and how often this kind of trip will be repeated.

There are two main options for obtaining health insurance:

  • Single-entry policy, if no trips abroad are planned within the next six months;
  • Multiple-entry policy attached to the multivisa, which may be long-term or renewable.

For health insurance, you can contact any insurance company, but it is better to give preference to such trusted firms as Ingosstrakh, Rossgosstrakh, Rosno, since we are talking about a high probability of risky events. You can also issue a policy via the Internet online: such a document certified by an electronic digital signature will have legal force. However, in this case, it is necessary to inquire about the insurance company.

Registration process

Consider two ways to draw up an insurance policy: during a face-to-face visit to an insurance company and in the process of using an online service.

Taking out insurance at the office

To obtain the document, you should go to any office of the selected insurance organization, taking your passport with you.

At the office, you will need to fill out a special form indicating the country of departure, length of stay, insured risk factors, your last name and date of birth. Based on this, an employee of the insurance company calculates the cost of the policy.

The main guarantor of safety while traveling is medical insurance abroad, the registration of which should be approached with great care in order to spend your vacation as comfortably as possible and not worry about your condition.

Why do you need health insurance

You can find the answer to your question by studying the statistics of accidents abroad that happen to our tourists.

The high level of danger (especially in exotic countries) contributed to the fact that in 2015 in Russia the issue of insurance of traveling persons was raised on a mandatory basis.

According to official statistics, medical insurance abroad reimburses insured events with Russian citizens according to the following distribution:

  • Infectious diseases and colds - 48%
  • Alimentary tract disorders - 18%
  • Injuries and bruises - 17%
  • Fractures of the spine and extremities - 6%
  • Allergic reactions - 4%
  • Dental diseases - 4%
  • Insect and animal bites - 2%

Only one percent are fatal cases.

Providing medical services and first aid abroad, as well as transporting patients, is not cheap, and often the traveler does not have the necessary amount with him to cover all the costs.

What does buying an insurance policy give

Types of insurance policies

Content of the article

Expat Health Insurance

There are many factors to consider when choosing a place to live and work abroad. Particular attention should be paid to health, the level of medical care is of high importance.

There are a huge number of expat health insurance offers on the market.

Choosing the right program is difficult enough, for this you need to find answers to questions such as: how many countries should the insurance cover, is the local health insurance program sufficient, or is it necessary to take out an international health insurance policy.

Many countries have highly developed health systems that provide free or subsidized health insurance for both nationals and foreigners. Government insurance programs as well as programs offered by local private insurers provide expats with all the basic health insurance services.

However, if you frequently move from one country to another, you may need international health insurance to insure yourself against the occurrence of events that are not included in the risks of public and private local programs.

Local and International Health Insurance

Local health insurance aims to provide health services in one specific country. It is provided in the form:

  • Free public health insurance (for example, in the UK, Spain);
  • Insurance in public insurance organizations (in particular, in Belgium, France, Kingdom of the Netherlands );
  • Insurance from a private insurer.

Many foreigners believe that local insurance programs are more acceptable for them, since the cost of international programs, unlike local ones, is quite high.

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