Medical centers and clinics in Israel

Medical centers and clinics in Israel

Israel has been a leader in the field of medical tourism for many years. Every year over 40 thousand patients from other countries come here in the hope of receiving quality medical services. This interest in Israeli medicine among foreigners is explained by several factors:

  • Qualified doctors. In Israeli clinics, you simply will not find a poorly trained doctor, this is a priori impossible. To obtain a medical diploma, a medical student needs to study for 7 years, while the requirements for students are very strict, and less than half of those who receive a diploma receive a diploma. However, this is not all. To obtain permission to engage in a highly specialized field (for example, oncology, gynecology, urology, and so on), after graduation, a doctor will have another 10-12 years of study, internship and medical practice. Therefore, getting an appointment with an Israeli doctor, you can be sure of his impeccable reputation and professional skills.
  • Accurate diagnostics. The probability of a mistake in Israeli clinics when making a diagnosis is reduced to zero. Israeli doctors carry out all the necessary research to exclude possible diseases and conditions that can give similar symptoms.
  • Modern equipment. Both public and private clinics of the Promised Land are equipped with advanced medical technology. These are equipment from the world's best manufacturers for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The equipment in the clinics is regularly updated.
  • Loyal prices. Compared to Western countries, prices for medical services in Israel are about 30% lower, which makes the Promised Land so attractive for a foreign patient, because the level of medicine in Israel is not worse than in Germany or Austria.

Enter your name, phone number and get a quote from the best clinics in Israel. 'data-modal-image ='/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Dan-Grisaro2. ng '> Find out the exact prices Currently, many Israeli clinics specialize in the treatment of foreigners, with specialized international departments. One of these hospitals is the Elisha Clinic in Israel.

General information about the clinic

Israel's Elisha Hospital in Haifa is the largest private medical center. The medical institution was founded back in 1949, and since then it has been rebuilt and expanded more than once.

According to the information disseminated by the official website of the Elisha clinic, the hospital currently consists of 27 specialized departments that provide medical care in all existing areas in medicine.

The inpatient department of the clinic is designed for 150 beds. The operating unit of the hospital is represented by 6 high-tech operating rooms, where up to 60 different operations are performed daily.

Elisha Clinic has signed contracts with the best doctors in Israel, who practice their practice here. Among them there are many eminent professors of medicine, behind whom they have many years of experience and author's methods for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

Leading Israeli doctors

Main directions of Elisha clinic

Bnei Zion Medical Center (Rothschild) is known far beyond Israel's borders. As one of the oldest medical institutions in the country, Israel's Bnei Zion Hospital has managed to maintain a long tradition of caring for patients. The modern approach to treatment guarantees the provision of medical services at the highest level.

General information about the clinic

Back in the 1920s, Rothschild Hospital in Haifa provided only emergency medical care. It became the first clinic to be opened in this city. The clinic received its second name in honor of the Rothschilds, who provided the largest charitable assistance. It was with the assistance of a family of financial tycoons that the hospital was eventually able to become what it is today - a powerful medical institution where patients with various diseases are treated.

Today the clinic is located in four buildings, in which there are about thirty departments. 1200 patients can undergo inpatient treatment at the same time. The clinic has outpatient departments, a day hospital, emergency departments. About 1,600 employees provide medical and nursing care. According to the level of training and professionalism, the doctors of the clinic are recognized as one of the best in the country.

Leading Israeli doctors

In addition to helping patients, the clinic is famous for training future nurses here. At the school of nursing (the oldest in Israel) students from all over the country are trained and trained. MC Bnei Zion is the clinical base of the Department of Medicine of the Technion University.

Another direction of the clinic's activity is research work. On the basis of the MC, they conduct research, develop new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Thanks to this, the patients of the clinic can count on the most modern approach to treatment. To alleviate the condition of patients and to cure them, the most advanced techniques are used here, many of them are unique, developed in the clinic itself. The country's Ministry of Health named the clinic as the medical institution with the most qualified staff and the most advanced technical base in Israel.

The progressive treatment here is complemented by excellent patient care. The clinic has been repeatedly noted as a medical institution with the most comfortable conditions of stay. For the creation of excellent conditions for the stay, the clinic was awarded the "Beautiful Israel" award, and also received an award from the Israeli Ministry of Health "For Good Food".

Foreign patients, going to the clinic for treatment, can be sure that the most suitable conditions will be created for them. An individual approach and taking into account the wishes of the patient are the rules that are strictly followed at the Bnei Zion hospital. She received international accreditation as JCI as a clinic, the level of medical services and service in which meets the highest international standards.

Main directions of Bnei Zion Medical Center

Urology in Israeli clinics receives due attention, since a considerable number of patients come to this country for help with various problems. Treatment of prostate adenoma in Israel is carried out in accordance with the world standards of modern urology using traditional and new conservative and surgical techniques.

For drug treatment in Israeli clinics, drugs of the latest generation are used. In such large clinics as Assuta, experienced urologists and surgeons who have authority among colleagues in other countries work.

Good results in the treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate and adenoma can be obtained in clinics and sanatoriums of the Dead Sea.

Leading clinics in Israel for the treatment of BPH


Treatment of prostate adenoma, like the treatment of cystitis, in Israel is based on a thorough diagnosis. It can be passed where it is planned to be treated, it can be a clinic of a medical center or a sanatorium on the Dead Sea.

In this case, the diagnosis is especially important, since this disease is similar in symptoms to a malignant tumor. Accurate diagnosis allows you to fully clarify the situation: a benign neoplasm in the prostate gland or a malignant one.

Doctors of the urology departments of Israeli clinics, thanks to the use of modern devices and techniques for examining biopsy material, in the vast majority of cases recognize prostate cancer. This is very important, because the treatment should be completely different than for adenoma.

Diagnostics includes a set of procedures that allows you to accurately assess the condition of the prostate gland, the degree of spread of the disease.

Diagnostic procedures

It takes 2-3 days to complete a full diagnostic package of procedures. On the 3-4th day, a doctor or a group of doctors analyze the data obtained and individually for each patient draw up a program according to which prostatitis is treated in Israel. The cost of diagnostics is about $ 2.00.

Today there is no country in the world where medicine and health care prevention are as developed as in Israel. The state invests huge financial investments in all areas of medicine both for its citizens and for the successful development of medical tourism.

Which clinic in Israel is better to choose?

There is no single answer to this question. It is generally accepted that all state clinics in Israel are of a high level and differ from each other only in size. For example, Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv or Hadassah in Jerusalem is a whole medical city consisting of many buildings, medical departments and scientific buildings. But the Bnei Zion hospital in Haifa or Ichilov in Tel Aviv is smaller, but nevertheless, unique operations are carried out in these clinics and highly qualified specialists work.

The choice should be based rather on the specialist who will deal with your treatment, territorial convenience and of course the price. In Israel, you can find a specialist in a certain area and organize treatment, perform an operation or a complex of treatment in one of the most modern medical centers, the Assuta clinic. The network of clinics is located throughout the country and has modern operating rooms, wards and everything you need for comfortable and effective treatment. Assuta Hospital provides its resources for organizing the treatment process and makes it possible to invite any licensed specialist.

Always compare, study various offers for treatment in Israel and avoid unscrupulous intermediaries who will promise you a low price and will save on your treatment, provide poor quality services or significantly increase the price already at the time of your treatment.

Israeli clinics, list of services

Israeli clinics are ready to provide comprehensive assistance for treatment for people with diseases of varying degrees of complexity, who come from all over the world. The services offered include meeting the patient and those accompanying him and his contact support for the entire period of time required for treatment and possible recovery, taking into account his financial capabilities. When drawing up a personal plan for complex treatment, absolutely all the features of both the patient himself and his specific disease are taken into account. Every year, thousands of people turn to Israeli clinics for diagnostics and treatment, which provide highly professional specialists who are ready not only to carry out competent diagnostics and effective treatment, but also to ensure the patient's return to a full-fledged normal standard of living.

Israeli medical centers working with patients from abroad provide an accompanying translator providing translation into the most common languages ​​of the world, which greatly facilitates the interaction between the patient and the medical. staff. In the best clinics in Israel, patients will have access to the most modern laboratories, surgical operating rooms and the most high-tech innovative developments in the field of medicine, which will significantly increase the chance of a speedy recovery.

Additional services in Israeli clinics

If patients need help with related services, purchasing tickets, organizing a flight, finding accommodation, meeting at the airport, etc., then these services are also provided by Israeli medical centers that work with patients from abroad ...

Organization of a flight for treatment in Israel:

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