Medical and health resorts in Russia

Medical tourism in Russia

Medicine does not stand still, it is rapidly developing both abroad and in Russia itself. However, the availability of certain high-tech medical procedures in different countries is different, and therefore, when the treatment of any disease becomes a reality in world practice, this does not mean that it is equally easily available both in Moscow or, say, England, and in a small Siberian town.

The question of where to be treated regularly arises among many of our compatriots. Both children and adults are sent abroad. Sometimes there are disputes about whether this is necessary in a particular case, but for many, treatment abroad is such a magic formula that saves from all diseases. Is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

Necessity or “the neighbors have greener grass”?

Medical (medical) tourism itself is popular not only in Russia. People around the world migrate in search of the best medical care. Someone wants to make a procedure that is considered unethical in their country for one reason or another, someone is looking for an opportunity to be operated on by a doctor who is currently performing such an intervention alone in the whole world or as one of the few specialists with sufficient qualifications. Residents within countries also migrate - the hinterland goes to the capital for treatment, to large cities where there are medical centers equipped with the latest technology. In short, medical tourism is not a unique case, but the everyday life of many people.

Of course, despite the frivolous name, this is a sad everyday life: we are always talking about rather serious diagnoses. These diagnoses are not always precisely oncological (although we often hear these words in connection with them). We can talk about complex rehabilitation of disabled people, treatment of severe forms of infertility, heart surgery, etc.

Difficulties of treatment abroad

Nevertheless, medical tourists and their families always face similar problems:

Cash. If at the place of residence you can get a lot for free (the question of how easy it is, let's take it out of the brackets) or on insurance, then even within the same country, medical care in another region often requires special quotas, and abroad it becomes simply and unambiguously paid ... Therefore, for the treatment you have to find finances, and often considerable ones.

Household. Even if a patient goes for medical care within his own country, he has to look for where to live during treatment. Even those who are mostly in the hospital have to solve everyday problems many kilometers from home: it happens that you need to accommodate an accompanying person (mother, relative), it happens that they are discharged from the hospital for a while, but you cannot go far away. If we are talking about treatment abroad, then many procedures are carried out there on an outpatient basis or with minimal hospitalization, so you cannot do without help. When treating abroad, a language barrier is added to these problems, the need to establish communication with loved ones in a new place, transfer money, logistics to the hospital and back to the place of residence.

Organizational. When leaving for treatment abroad, you have to solve many problems that a person did not solve before: translate a large package of documents into a foreign language, negotiate with foreign-speaking representatives of clinics, plan which of the relatives will accompany the patient, what kind of help will be needed ...

Possibilities and solutions

Today the women's club "Over 30" will acquaint you with such a new phenomenon as medical tourism in Russia.

It should be noted that this branch of the tourism business in Russia is only at the stage of development. However, observers at the moment note that recently the majority of Russian travel companies have become interested in this area of ​​tourism, considering it a promising one. And in fact, the vast territory of Russia with many wonderful resort areas offers many opportunities for recreation and treatment not only for its citizens, but also for guests from abroad.

Something about the history of medical tourism in Russia

Russian nobles came to rest and improve their health on the waters of the Caucasus back in the 19th century. The beneficial effect of the climate of the Krasnodar Territory and the foothill regions of Adygea on the body was also assessed back in tsarist times. The nobles came to boarding houses for whole months, during which they drank mineral water, swam in the sea, took other procedures or simply relaxed, enjoying the mountain air.

Medical tourism In those years in Russia, it began with trips to mineral sources with therapeutic effect. In Kislovodsk, for example, people who suffer from nervous disorders, diseases of the stomach, intestines, and cardiovascular problems came.

the most famous centers of medical tourism in modern Russia

In the health resorts of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Essentukov and other cities of Caucasian waters, all conditions for recreation and treatment have been created. The time spent here will probably have a positive effect on health, because all the procedures will be appointed by experienced specialists. In addition, food in the sanatoriums will fully comply with the recommendations of nutritionists, and it will be familiar to Russia in Russia with some elements of Caucasian.

The list of procedures, the cost of which will enter the ticket price along with food, is quite solid: from mud baths to the healing massage. Those who wish to undergo additional surveys or, for example, the occurrence of ozone therapy, it will be necessary to make a separate fee.

Wonderful mountain air, mineral springs, excellent service, qualified medical workers are medical tourism in Russia today.

Komy-Za30 website. U assures: modern medical equipment is equipped with today all Siberia sanatoriums, rest in which today is also quite popular. Very many people suffering from kidney diseases, go to the Altai Territory. Wonderful landscapes of the Altai Territory perfectly complement the health effect of mountain air and medical procedures in its sanatoriums. Here you can treat the respiratory organs, vision, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, get rid of skin diseases.


A good reputation among tourists enjoy the sanatoriums of the Urals, and this is not surprising, because the unique and unique beauty of the Ural Mountains, many lakes and the rivers of this region give a lot of opportunities for organizing rest and treatment. Health, the total number of which in the Urals exceeds 4 hundreds, offer tourists a wonderful medical service.

A kind of elimination today has sanatoriums and resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Medical tourism in this part of Russia is quite developed and has a rich history. This is especially true of seaside cities where medicine from skin, kidney, bone ailments can be obtained without prescription and destination, just during swimming in the Black Sea or evening walk along the tide line.

Today, treatment abroad is becoming more and more popular not only among patients from the CIS countries, where the level of development of medicine is several steps lower than abroad, but even among residents of the USA and Western Europe. And if for the first category of people, health tourism is, first of all, an opportunity to receive better quality medical services, for the second, it is a chance to save a rather large amount. In any case, each patient can find the best option for himself, where he will be provided with qualified medical assistance at quite reasonable prices.

Most often, foreign clinics are approached for the treatment of oncological, cardiological, neurological and other serious diseases - thanks to the use of innovative medical technologies, doctors practicing in hospitals in Israel, Germany and other developed countries are able to achieve good results even in those cases when domestic medicine was powerless. And this is all combined with impeccable quality of service, as well as the opportunity to combine wellness with exploring unique local attractions and relaxing in a variety of resorts.

Leading specialists of clinics abroad

Professor Ulf Landmesser

Israel's advantages and disadvantages

Medical tourism in Israel is one of the most popular destinations among foreign patients. This is due to the availability of medical services, state-of-the-art equipment of the Promised Land clinics, first-class level of service, the absence of a language barrier and a number of other advantages. Among them:

  • highly qualified doctors - all doctors working in Israeli clinics have expert knowledge in their field and many years of practical experience;
  • promptness of diagnosis - undergo a comprehensive examination in any from clinics in Israel it is possible in just 3-4 days (this allows not only to obtain comprehensive information about your health in the shortest possible time, but also to save on accommodation);
  • the use of the most modern and effective therapeutic agents - Israeli specialists do the emphasis on organ-preserving treatment, therefore, they try to use mainly non-surgical or minimally invasive techniques;
  • democratic and completely transparent pricing policy - diagnosis and treatment in Israel costs on average 30-45% cheaper than in the USA or Western European countries.

As for the shortcomings of treatment in Israel, in most cases they are associated exclusively with its illiterate organization. For example, if a medical tourism agency imposes unnecessary expensive procedures and shows its incompetence in many issues, this is a clear sign that you have come to a not entirely conscientious intermediary. It is very simple to avoid such a situation - carefully study the company's website, ask for reviews about it on thematic forums and orient yourself in the real price level (they should not be too high or low).

The second caveat is the difference between public and private clinics in Israel. All of them provide high quality services, but if you want to choose your own doctor and get an appointment as quickly as possible, live in more comfortable conditions and get a number of additional bonuses, private medical centers would be the best option. Treatment in them is somewhat more expensive, but this is fully justified by the level of service.

Germany's advantages and disadvantages

Medical tourism has been popular at all times, but in 2020, in the conditions of the modern frantic pace of life, secluded, quiet rest is a real value. Our country provides great opportunities regarding the directions of tourism in this industry. You can get effective spa treatment and have a great rest in various parts of our country. In its vastness, you can choose resorts located in different climatic zones that are right for you and have all the necessary healing factors. In Russia, you can be treated with mineral waters of any type, and the level of service is in many ways not inferior to popular European resorts. The absence of a language barrier and the need for visas, as well as affordable prices and picturesque nature make medical tourism extremely attractive. Among the most versatile resorts are the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Here, in a small area, there are many deposits of mineral waters, different in composition and in therapeutic effects.

Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Mineralnye Vody stand out among the largest medical resorts in the region. The medical resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are famous for such curative factors as the subtropical sea climate and Matsesta mineral springs. Among the most famous balneological resorts in Russia are Essentuki, Belokurikha and the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which offer effective treatment with mineral waters. It should be noted the resorts of Crimea: Evpatoria, Yalta, Feodosia, where healing mud and mineral springs are used for recovery, and in combination with the mild maritime climate and coniferous air, these places have long been a popular direction of medical tourism. Let's consider in more detail some of the listed resorts.


Essentuki is located in the Stavropol Territory, in the Caucasian Mineral Waters region. Essentuki cannot be called the oldest resort in Russia, because its development began much later than other resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The first medical institution, where the local mineral water was used, was equipped in 1839, and the emergence of the resort is attributed to this time. However, now there is no doubt that Essentuki is one of the most significant areas of medical tourism in Russia. It is unlikely that there will be at least one person who would not have heard the same name of the medicinal waters of this resort, today in any pharmacy you can find the famous waters of Essentuki on sale. Mineral springs "Essentuki No. 20", "Essentuki No. 17", "Essentuki No. 4", "Essentuki No. 2-Novaya", sulfur-alkaline "Essentuki No. 1-Burovaya" and others are the main advantage of the resort. The waters in them are saline-alkaline, used internally as inhalation and irrigation. The composition of mineral waters allows them to be used for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, mainly of the gastrointestinal tract. The waters of Essentuki treat diseases of the stomach, liver, metabolic disorders and diabetes mellitus. For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, sulfide silt mud of Lake Tambukan is actively used.

Essentuki resort area consists of two parts: old and new. The main part of Essentuki health resorts is located in the old part of the resort area. The resort itself is located in the northern part of the city. Glavny and Komsomolsk resort parks are adjacent to it from the south and north. In the resort parks Lechebny and Pobedy there are the mineral water springs themselves and the terrenkur trails (walking healing trails). Full health improvement and a variety of spa treatments can be obtained in sanatoriums and health resorts, of which there are a lot of them on the territory of Essentuki. The most popular of them are such sanatoriums as “Rus”, “Source”, “Shakhtar”, “Ukraine”, “Metallurg”, “Pearl of the Caucasus”, “Nadezhda”, “Victoria” and others.

The resort is a center for mixed tourism. Here you can not only receive a variety of treatments, but also enjoy the monuments of architecture and natural attractions. The outskirts of Essentuki are incredibly picturesque, the virgin steppes along the high bank of the Podkumok River delight with their vegetation: fiery adonis, pink rose hips, white anemones and colorful wild irises. Walking through the health resort park in the center of Essentuki will allow you to stay in shape and enjoy the beauty of the local nature. Each vacationer can create their own paths in the park for therapeutic walking, different in length and angle of ascent. Walking can be combined with drinking mineral water. The park is full of eye-catching structures with centuries of history. One of the most grandiose buildings of Essentuki can rightfully be recognized as the Essentuki mud bath named after N. Semashko. Its appearance and size are stunning. The most popular outdoor recreation area is the city lake and the Podkumok River, located within the city limits.


The Belokurikha resort, located in the Altai Territory, is widely known for its beauty and healing factors not only in Russia, but also abroad. This place is called Altai Switzerland, thanks to the cleanest air and mild climate. In Belokurikha there are many sanatoriums and boarding houses for every taste, among them “Russia”, “Belokurikha”, “Katun”, “Siberia”, “Altai West” and others. The treatment uses the waters of thermal radon springs, as well as therapeutic mud, climatotherapy and drinking mineral waters. The sanatoriums treat diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine systems, urological and dermatological diseases.

The resort is located in the forest zone of the foothills of the Altai Mountains, there is amazingly clean air, which is the best for long walks and natural healing. Everywhere there are medical roads - terrenkury, walks along which are also an element of treatment and involve dosed loads in the form of walking. The length of these mountain paths is different, you can choose a route based on personal preferences and health conditions, but in any case, such walks are incredible pleasure, since they are accompanied by beautiful mountain landscapes, the murmur of mountain rivers and fresh air.

The resort part of the city is very cozy, comfortable and well thought out. Almost every hotel has its own separate area for walking and outdoor entertainment, as well as a common avenue, which is pleasant to walk along, go to a cozy cafe for a cup of coffee, look into shops with souvenirs, medicinal herbs and honey. In the evening, there will also be something to do: bowling, various dance evenings, movies, concerts, restaurants and pubs. Many hotels have swimming pools, beauty salons and spas.

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