Marketing in medicine: examples and stages of implementation

Marketing in medicine: examples and stages of implementation

Neglecting marketing in today's market is like extracting a tooth at home - cheap, but long and painful. The comparison with dentistry is not accidental here, the conversation will go directly about medical marketing, the features of which set their own rules of the game.

To stimulate your imagination, we first give you some impressive examples of medical business promotion abroad that you should know about.

“Challenge” the target audience

United Healthcare has run one of the most effective campaigns. They motivated people to make one small positive health change in their lives every month. The participants' reports on social networks, polls and, of course, prizes were used as motivation.

Information and support

The American Breast Cancer Center Carilion launched a Twitter campaign: by following a predetermined hashtag on a social network, you could find information about breast cancer and break your stereotypes about this disease. Participants could also go to the clinic's website to support women with this diagnosis.

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which also specializes in the treatment of female oncology, has its own YouTube channel. The videos posted on the channel help to raise the spirit of the patients, to tell them that everything is actually not so scary. It also contains information about what medicine has achieved, about innovative cancer treatments and reports on the results of their use.

Fun Selfie for Men's Health

How to tactfully draw attention to delicate men's issues? Anne Arundel Medical Center has launched a fake mustache selfie contest on social media. As a result, traffic to the institution's website increased.

Building a friendly online community

The Floating Hospital for Children, which specializes in treating children with various diseases, has created a blog site for their mothers who can communicate, share their stories with each other, find support and make new friends.

The Mayo Clinic, which treats patients from all over the world, also has its own resource. On it, clients, their relatives and the clinic staff talk about themselves, share their impressions.

Neglecting marketing in today's market is like extracting a tooth at home - cheap, but time-consuming and painful. The comparison with dentistry is not accidental here, the conversation will go directly about medical marketing, the features of which set their own rules of the game. But the solutions to these rules are suitable not only for the promotion of medical centers, but also for companies from other areas.

Features of the medical business

The specifics of the medical business determine the approach to the promotion of medical services. If they are not taken into account, then it will not be possible to effectively promote a private clinic.

Patient ≠ customer. The choice of a clinic or an individual specialist is approached with greater responsibility than the choice of any product. A person often feels nervousness or fear for his health, trusting him to another. He also understands that some procedures can be accompanied by pain. Most patients are limited in information and have to completely trust their doctor, taking the prescribed treatment and following the recommendations.

Doctor ≠ seller. Not only the quality of the service, but also the health (sometimes life) of a person depends on the professionalism and experience of the doctor. Therefore, the doctor, during the initial examination, diagnosis and treatment, must strictly follow the instructions and take into account many different factors. All his actions should be aimed at achieving a result - improving the patient's condition. The efficiency of the doctor's work directly affects his personal reputation and the reputation of the entire clinic.

Medical service ≠ other service. A consultation with a doctor is not the same as a trip to a hairdresser or a trip to a car service in terms of its consequences for the patient. After all, the problem with which a person turns to a specialist often affects the quality of his life. Therefore, its solution, including medical materials, personnel manipulation, laboratory work and specialized equipment, has a rather relative value.

The doctor-patient relationship is very important. The actions and behavior of the clinic staff should be aimed at reducing the psychological discomfort that appears to the majority of clinic visitors. Simple conversation often helps. After the diagnosis is made, the doctor should tell the patient about his disease and methods of treatment, because the unknown is most frightening. The tone of the conversation, the degree of confidence of the specialist, his appearance - all this has a psychological effect on the patient and affects the doctor's reputation sometimes more than the result.

In addition to private, there are state. healthcare organizations. This circumstance cannot be disregarded in the strategic planning of development and the calculation of the competitiveness of services. A well-defined market landscape is the foundation on which all marketing and analytical processes are built. In the further development of an advertising campaign, reliable data about competitors helps to save not only time, but also money.

Marketing in medicine and its types

Based on the specifics of the medical business, we distinguish 5 types of marketing for promotion in the healthcare sector. Based on them, you can build your own effective marketing plan. The types into which we divide marketing in medicine:

Marketing Organization. Promotion of the entire healthcare facility as a holistic brand. This is the most common type of advertising activity. However, in some cases, the effectiveness may be inferior to other types of marketing promotion.

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