Living standards of immigrants in Israel

Living standards of immigrants in Israel

Israeli clinics treat very well. The modern Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center uses the latest treatment methods, and the doctors are of the highest qualifications. Patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, where more and more people prefer to be treated abroad, where high standards of healthcare and quality medical care.

The main argument for applying to Israeli clinics among residents of Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries is the low level of quality of treatment at the place of residence. Patients from the USA choose our center because of the relatively low cost of treatment abroad with a very high quality, which is not inferior to American medical institutions.

Israeli clinics have a high rating in the global healthcare system. The multidisciplinary nature of the medical center allows solving the most complex clinical problems, both in technological and organizational terms.

The best clinics in Israel Reviews

The Israeli doctors from Tel Aviv CLINIC are now highly trusted internationally by the global health system. The Israeli clinic conducts many clinical studies of new medical technologies and drugs, international medical management programs, including training for doctors and consultants.

Due to the convenient geographical location of the country, you can easily come to us from the CIS countries within 3-4 hours, while for patients from Russia and Ukraine, an entry visa is not required, and residents of Kazakhstan receive a visa within 24 hours, if there is an invitation for treatment in the best clinics in Israel.

The International Office serves patients and their families to ensure deep integration of the healthcare program, taking into account the ever-changing needs to support and further advance scientific advances in the field of medicine. The focus is always on affordable cost, the responsibility of the medical staff and the high quality of healthcare.

Tel Aviv CLINIC Medical Center is now part of a system that unites several specialized institutions into one powerful structure, in which we can better provide the benefits of modern technology and the knowledge of doctors - word of mouth speaks about this.

Israeli clinics represent some of the best healthcare facilities in the world, and where people do not receive the medical care they need, for many reasons, they use the services of medical tourism providers.

A multidisciplinary approach to the organization of the process of diagnosis and treatment in an Israeli clinic provides the result that meets the expectations of patients who come to us with the hope of recovering.

Our center offers a unique combination of personalized health care based on the patient's general health, treating each patient as a person, respecting their culture and unique needs, regardless of origin or religion.

Israel is a country of four seas in the Middle East. The ancient land still attracts tourists and immigrants from the CIS countries. A better healthcare system, a decent standard of living, accessibility to citizenship, starting a business, and other opportunities are the keys to relocation. The state ensures social protection of the population, its development and security. Is it so? We will be helped to evaluate this choice, to learn about the pros and cons of life in Israel for the Russians by the testimonials of eyewitnesses. As well as details about living and working conditions, requirements, cost of food and housing.

Immigration Availability

The influx of tourists from different parts of the world is mainly based on the abolition of visa entry to the territory of the historical land. Within 90 days, there is an opportunity to see all the sights, to penetrate into the local mentality and culture.

The issue of immigration and citizenship is solved now faster and easier than before.

First way

It is officially approved that the migration policy is based on the return of indigenous people and foreigners with Jewish roots to their homeland. Therefore, an affordable way to emigrate to Israel is to restore citizenship based on confirmation of belonging to the Jewish culture.

This point is legally spelled out in the draft on repatriation.

Also in this country is the "Right of Blood", which applies to the whole family up to the 3rd generation. Therefore, for a quick and reasonable move, you will need to collect documents to confirm family ties.

Second way

Visa for work, which will give you the opportunity to find a job there. The method is known among Russians due to the fact that experienced, knowledgeable and capable specialists are highly valued there. In this case, the paperwork will be handled by the state or company.

Teaching children on a student visa often leads to their further employment and, of course, obtaining citizenship in the future.

Third way

Israel is popular among tourists from all over the world, because there you can visit many historical and cultural monuments, bask in the sun, swim in the sea. But the country is also considered one of the leaders in healthcare and medicine in the world. After all, medical institutions are equipped with modern equipment, and experienced professionals take on the treatment. Why is it worth going to Israel for treatment?

Quality of care

The state occupies a leading position in the world in the invention and production of medical equipment, while a huge number of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals operate on its territory. It is important to consider that TEVA is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

At the same time, the highest level medical and diagnostic methods are used in the process. In Israeli clinics, specialists are ready to take various types of tests, conduct absolutely all examinations and diagnostic procedures that are practiced in modern medicine.

Baby Health Services

Israeli specialists are ready to fight many childhood diseases. Patients with infantile cerebral palsy need special care and treatment, and doctors are well aware of this. Therefore, such patients are offered:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Adaptation of the socio-psychological direction;
  • Competent drug treatment;
  • High-quality prosthetics if necessary, etc.

According to experts, the diagnosis of a small patient and the course of treatment prescribed by domestic doctors are very different from the epicrisis of Israeli specialists.

Coping with complex ailments

Foreign professionals take on the treatment of such serious diseases as cerebral palsy, infertility, cancer. At the same time, the most complex surgical interventions are performed on the brain and heart of patients. Highly qualified doctors are ready to provide the necessary medical care with an effective result. Therefore, many cancer patients and patients with neurological diseases turn to Israeli medical centers.

Even residents of Canada, Australia and the USA come here, where medicine is also well developed. But it is in this country that they take on very difficult cases, carrying out unique operations on vital organs. Thanks to accurate and timely diagnostics, it is possible to determine the oncological ailment at an early stage, therefore, doctors remove tumors, preserving healthy tissues.

As in any field of human activity, sometimes during treatment in Israel they are deceived, here with the same degree of probability, as elsewhere, you can encounter various types of deception and fraud. People who make money on deception will not be stopped either by the fact that treatment is required for a sick child, or that the money for the trip was collected with great difficulty, or that a person who lost this money as a result of their fraud may not receive vital treatment. After all, they do not come to Israel for treatment with a banal flu.

The most common types of deception in treatment in Israel

What do you need to know and how to behave in order not to become a victim of deception for those who have chosen treatment in Israel? How do they cheat and what pitfalls exist when organizing medical treatment abroad? We will try to tell you about the main methods of deception common in this market and how not to be deceived.

Common gamble

Gross outright deception, in which a person transfers money for treatment, and does not receive anything in return - an extreme rarity in this market, but this does not mean that this cannot be. Having paid part or all of the cost of treatment according to the specified account, a person arrives in Israel, but finds that no one is waiting for him, and the contact numbers do not answer. The plot is very surreal, but one such case was covered in the press. As a result, the culprit was brought to justice.

It is quite simple to protect yourself from this type of deception - never transfer money in advance to unverified accounts, prepayment is required only in rare cases - when treating seriously ill children or when financing treatment by insurance or charitable foundations that will take care of that. so that the money reaches its destination and only to the hospital's bank account!

With friends like that, no enemies are needed

Another form of deception is random "helpers" who have been contacted through acquaintances, relatives, and former classmates with a request to help with treatment. For some reason, people get the impression that if a person lives in Israel, uses the services of insurance medicine, then he is the best expert in the field of medicine. We are sometimes approached by such "assistants" with a proposal to take part in the fate of their beloved "close friend" and not forget to pay them a "share". As a rule, we ask such people for the patient's contacts, and if we get a refusal, we send them to look for those who are ready to share their income with them.

At the same time, if the patient is calmer, so that a local friend accompanies him at all stages of treatment, this is always possible. The presence of one close person together with the patient at a doctor's consultation is an absolutely acceptable practice. If a healthcare provider doesn't agree to this, then they have something to hide.

A story from a life that happened not so long ago with our current patient. At home, she was diagnosed with metastatic bowel cancer, and local God doctors gave her a prognosis from three weeks to three months. Hearing this, a 45-year-old woman began rushing to various clinics, including the so-called "Israeli" ones in her city. One of her friends reminded her that their classmate lives in Israel. She naturally turned to her classmate. After six months of treatment, when the patient's condition improved significantly, she began to have questions. In order to dispel her doubts, she turned to us with a desire to receive quotations for her treatment in various hospitals in the country. When she received the offers, it turned out that, by friendship, she paid for all services in double the amount of their real cost! When she turned to a classmate for clarification, their friendship ended. By friendship, for six months of treatment, the woman overpaid over 10, 000 dollars; which she needed so much to continue therapy.

It is clear that such cases do not occur at every step and there are many people who are ready to selflessly help in trouble, but in any case, it is always better to check before arrival, at least in one additional place, whether the prices and qualifications are valid doctors correspond exactly to your ailment. And you should never rely on: "come, we will do everything in the best possible way." It usually takes less than a day to receive an additional offer from the hospital.

Small lies create big lies

Sometimes people who choose treatment in Israel are deceived by some medical tourism agencies who impersonate Israeli clinics or their structural units. The names of such companies contain the name of a well-known clinic, their sites practically do not differ from the official sites of clinics, for offices they rent premises on the territory of hospitals, sometimes they even issue medical reports to clients on their own letterheads, which have no legal force, and e-mail addresses contain surnames famous Israeli doctors who do not even know that they have such an e-mail.

Treatment abroad, and in particular in Israel, is now chosen by a huge number of people living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries. To organize treatment in Israel, most of them use the services of medical providers, and some people want to undergo treatment in Israel without intermediaries. Some want to do without intermediaries out of fear of being deceived, others seek to save money, believing that the services of an intermediary significantly increase the cost of treatment in Israel. For those who decide to trust Israeli medicine, the question - with or without an intermediary, becomes a difficult choice. Let's try to objectively describe the pros and cons of both treatment options.

Is treatment possible in Israel without an intermediary?

In order to undergo treatment in Israeli clinics, you can organize the entire treatment process yourself or contact the services of professional medical providers. Both options have their positive and negative sides. So, here are a few facts to help you choose your treatment option.

1. Most Israeli clinics work with foreign patients through intermediaries, and the competition in the medical tourism market is quite high. Doctors themselves also prefer to work with intermediaries, the best of whom are often in private practice and are officials in government clinics. But in state clinics, the choice of a doctor at the request of the patient is impossible, so access to a doctor with a name, experience and rank, as a rule, is through a private appointment.

2. The second fact is that treatment without intermediaries in Israel is possible, although it is fraught with some difficulties, and not all patients are ready to undergo them. Of course, knowing English or Hebrew, having good organizational skills, you can go directly to the clinic, take a turn to see a doctor and for diagnostic procedures. But it is not a fact that you will save money on this, but you will definitely spend more time. You will have to do all the work of organizing treatment in Israel without an intermediary yourself, and this is not easy work.

You will hardly be able to skip the line to the leading doctor of the required specialization, to quickly go through the whole range of diagnostic procedures. Relatives and acquaintances living in Israel will not always be able to help you, since for them medical care is fundamentally different from medical services for foreigners. And they will also not be able to understand where you are being deceived during treatment in Israel.

Contacting a clinic directly for treatment in Israel puts you on an equal footing with the Israelis, despite the fact that you will pay twice as much for the treatment. You will have to take upon yourself the solution of all the issues that a medical provider usually deals with - coordinating queues, communicating with doctors, solving household issues, organizing transport, finding an interpreter and many others.

3. Some large clinics have international departments that make the life of foreign patients easier by coordinating their actions in the hospital, but since the number of employees in these departments is rather limited, and there are hundreds of patients, one cannot count on an individual approach. In the best case, the staff of the international department will tell you what to do, where to go, where to take the queue, who is your doctor, however, and this is a lot. In addition, the international department of the clinic is interested in attracting patients to their hospital, while intermediaries will be able to offer you a more objective and wider choice from a variety of clinics.

Sometimes international departments of hospitals pretend to be intermediaries, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish spoofing. Those who include the name of the clinic in the name of the agency are deceiving that they identify with the clinic. Sometimes the international department at the clinic is also an intermediary associated with the clinic by a cooperation agreement.

4. Often, mediators are able to help a patient in an emergency situation. For example, a patient became ill on a weekend, when clinics accepting foreign patients are closed. As a rule, we are talking not just about a cold, because patients come to Israel with serious illnesses. Sometimes the only person in a foreign country may be an agency employee who is in touch with you around the clock, who, moreover, knows your native language and will be able to quickly ensure the arrival of an ambulance or placement in intensive care.

5. Basically, patients from other countries are not ready to spend time, precious in many ways, in hospital queues, they come to Israel for treatment with the best doctors in the country, and not with ordinary specialists and interns, they do not understand the specifics and structure of Israeli medicine, besides , they are still sick. And in order to organize the treatment process and all stay in a foreign country in the most optimal way, we need intermediaries who understand all the nuances of Israeli healthcare, know the price level, specialization of doctors and clinics, and most importantly - have the necessary connections, sometimes at the level of personal contacts. Unlike the international departments of the clinic, they are not tied to one clinic, they can offer patients the best clinic and the best doctor for treating a specific disease, because all the best doctors cannot work in one clinic.

Treatment in Israel without intermediaries - prices

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