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How Belarusian medicine attracts foreign tourists

How foreign citizens are attracted by domestic medicine, and what is the potential of medical tourism in Belarus, read the material ProfiTravel

Every year Belarus is visited by about 150 thousand tourists for the purpose of health improvement and treatment. Exports of medical services in 2018 amounted to $ 41 million in monetary terms, and this figure is growing every year.

What attracts foreign citizens to domestic medicine, from which countries they come to Belarus the most, how this type of tourism works, and what is its potential, Profi. ravel learned from medical tourism operators in Belarus: director of MedTravelBelarus Vladislav Androsov and director of LLC Belmedtourism Alexey Achapovsky.

V&V Medical LLC was registered in the Republic of Belarus in 2010. MedTravelBelarus unites more than 50 medical institutions in the republic: narrow-profile private medical centers, city and regional clinical hospitals, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center and the Republican Clinical Medical Center of the Administrative Department President of the Republic of Belarus.

Belmedturizm LLC was registered in 2016. The company has a number of partner clinics in Minsk and regional centers of Belarus, providing package tours, from buying tickets and booking accommodation, ending with choosing a clinic and the optimal treatment program.

Every year about 150-160 thousand foreign citizens come to Belarus for health improvement, of which 40-50 thousand people go for medical services.

According to MedTravelBelarus. om for 2017, the TOP-10 countries whose citizens visited Belarus for the purpose of medical tourism included Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Israel, Poland.

Today, Belarus exports medical services for citizens of 138 countries of the world. In Minsk alone, the increase in the export of medical services is about 20% per year.

“I would like to see medical tourism as a full-fledged industry that accumulates a large financial flow. The average checks that individual foreign tourists bring in medical tourism are high - no other type of tourist, including in the business segment or educational tourism, leaves so much money in the country. Therefore, I would like to attract more attention of our departments to medical tourism, so that the promotion of this segment is more active, ”said Vladislav Androsov.

Vladislav Androsov, Director of MedTravelBelarus:

- The current health care system of the Republic of Belarus, in my opinion, is optimal against the background of other CIS countries. In some respects, it is more attractive even in comparison with Eastern and Western European countries. At the same time, no health care system can be perfect.

From the point of view of adaptation of domestic health care to the needs of medical tourism, here, in our opinion, there are certain gaps. After all, we are dealing with a new, little-studied industry. Market expertise has not yet reached the level to effectively lobby for competent legislative initiatives that will have a visible effect on increasing the volume of exports of services.

On this page you will find a list of the 40 best Star Media TV series, rated 7 by KinoPoisk. Happy viewing!)

Romanovs ()

  • Year: 2013 (1 season)
  • Country: Russia
  • Episodes duration: 60 min.
  • Director: Maxim Bespaly
  • Genre: history, documentary
  • Starring: Andrey Shibarshin, Alexander Gorelov, Elena Alexandrova, Vladimir Frolov, Vladimir Egorov, Alexandra Platonova , Konstantin Shelyagin, Irina Zheryakova, Yuri Konovalov, Dmitry Antimonov
  • Age: 12+
  • Cinema Search Rating: 8.92

A project, unique in form, timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the accession of the Romanov dynasty in Russia, which combines elements of both fiction and documentary films, information graphics and animation. The story will tell about what the Russian autocracy was like as a system of government, what are its disadvantages and advantages, what role the monarchs of the house of Romanov played in the events of Russian and world history. With the help of graphics, the most historically accurate picture is created, which immerses the viewer into the atmosphere and sense of time and allows you to see the king through the eyes of contemporaries.

Titanic ()

  • Original title: Titanic
  • Year: 2012 (Season 1)
  • Country: UK, Canada, Hungary
  • Episode length: -
  • Director: John Jones
  • Genre: Drama
  • Starring: Peter MacDonald, Stephen Waddington, Glen Blackhall, Ruth Bradley, Georgia McCutchen, Antonio Magro, Perdita Weeks, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jenna Coleman, Linas Roach
  • Age: 12+
  • Cinema Search Rating: 6.76
  • The new Titanic project is a version of the tragic events that took place in the North Atlantic in 1912. The Titanic disaster is the most famous and large-scale shipwreck in the history of navigation. The ship, built in 1912, embarked on its first and last voyage from Southampton, England to New York.

    It was the largest passenger liner at that time, on board of which more than two thousand people were easily accommodated. The designers claimed that due to its design, the ship was practically unsinkable. On board were present as millionaires, famous actors and aristocrats, and ordinary people who rode on the lower decks in cramped conditions.

    From the moment of departure until the disaster, life on the ship proceeded in the usual rhythm for that time. All the blessings of civilization were at the services of wealthy passengers, and ordinary people were forced to spend almost all their time in stuffy cabins on the lower deck.

    And only when the ship collided with an iceberg and began to sink, it became clear that in the face of imminent death, everyone is equal - both millionaires and ordinary workers ...

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