Karelia has failed in the health care rating

Syamozero as a diagnosis

Sanatoriums of Karelia with treatment have long been worthily competing with many world resorts. The popularity of this domestic recreational complex is quite understandable and natural.

Firstly, a unique, patented treatment is carried out here by means of shungite rock.

Secondly, therapy in sanatoriums is carried out in a comprehensive manner. And it is aimed at various areas of diseases, in particular: gastric, cardiac, nervous system. There are specialized techniques for solving medical problems in the field of gynecology, musculoskeletal system and many others.

Thirdly, a huge number of medical centers, with a varied field of medical services, level of comfort, pricing policy, allows you to choose a health resort in Karelia with treatment of such a level that would fully meet everyone, even the most demanding requirements of vacationers.

Among all the variety of options offered, such sanatoriums are especially praised among tourists.

Dvortsy Medical Complex

It is located not far from the capital of Karelia, in a quiet and cozy corner, completely surrounded by forests and mountains. It was here that the monarch Peter was the first to order the construction of the first healing resort.

The complex operates all year round. It provides a wide range of medical services related to almost any disease. The list of performed procedures exceeds 20 points. Here you can get mud treatment, apparatus physiotherapy, baths, shungite and much more. The cost of the voucher is from 2100 rubles per day.

Sanatorium "Kivach"

An equally popular vacation spot combined with treatment. The sanatorium provides a variety of treatments aimed at improving overall health. In addition, the treatment of nervous disorders, varicose, gynecological diseases, endocrine disorders and much more is carried out here. The sanatorium is famous for its wide methodological base of treatment. In particular, the specialists of the complex carry out physiotherapy, mud therapy, water therapy and much more. The cost of the voucher is from 1,700 rubles per knock.

Sanatorium "Marcial Waters"

One of the most important appointments in the new team of the Acting Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov is the replacement of the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy. Now Larisa Podsadnik, who previously worked in the parliament of Karelia and held the post of rector of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education, will be responsible for this area of ​​work. The social sphere includes: education, health care, culture, social support for the disabled, pensioners, and the poor. That is, the whole range of problems that directly affect every inhabitant of the region and with which, as a rule, people are unhappy. At the same time, the social sphere has to be “pulled” with a constant and chronic budget deficit. How the new appointee will cope with this situation, AiF-Karelia learned from Larisa Podsadnik herself.

People live hard

Andrey Vorobyov AiF-Karelia: Larisa Anatolyevna, a personal question - why did you agree to this proposal? The previous work as a deputy in the Legislative Assembly is good for everyone: position, salary, benefits, almost no responsibility. And the post of Deputy Prime Minister for "social services" in the conditions of our meager budget - it is "firing squad" ...

Larisa Podsadnik: I wouldn't put it that way. The position is really troublesome, very responsible, but not "firing squad". Why did I accept the offer? Probably because I am an active, creative, not indifferent person. The deputies, of course, also have levers of influence on the situation in the region, but the executive branch, of course, works directly with people on the ground. At the same time, I know the social sphere well - first I carefully studied the realities of Petrozavodsk, working as deputy head of the city administration, then, already being the secretary of the regional department of United Russia, I traveled all over Karelia, communicated a lot with people and I have a good idea of ​​how the provinces live. And many people live - it's hard, hard, and the state is obliged to help them. At the same time, I will not say that some wonderful changes for the better are possible that will happen right tomorrow, and you are absolutely right, recalling the Karelian budget deficit, but there are problems that can be solved without special financial investments. You just need to apply strength, soul and energy. It is clear that the social sphere in the region directly depends on the state of the economy, and as Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs, of course, I will stand up for the fact that the costs of health care, education, culture are not reduced, but at the same time we have opportunities to attract additional money to the region. First of all, I am talking about various federal programs that operate, in which we do not take part as often as we would like ... And the "feds" have money.

- Is there an example of such a program?

- Among those implemented are the construction of sports facilities in Karelia with the participation of Gazprom, and the Children's Sports program, within the framework of which gyms in rural schools are being refurbished. This is not a lot of money, on average such renovation of a sports hall and updating of equipment costs 2 million rubles, and already in 40 rural schools such renovated halls have appeared. And this is important not only for the children who study in them, but also, for example, for adults in these villages, who can also gather in the evenings or on weekends, play sports, play football, basketball. With sufficiently small infusions, but made pointwise and wisely, we achieve a very serious and long-term effect. Another example of effective interaction between regional and federal authorities is the construction of a long-awaited school for 300 students in the village of Ledmozero, started with federal funding. And now we are negotiating with the federal authorities to continue this work and build new schools in Karelia and Petrozavodsk.

Build schools and kindergartens

- It's good that you mentioned rural schools. In general, in Karelia, not everything is simple with the education system, for the last ten years the number of schools has been constantly decreasing.

- I'll correct: not the number of schools, but the number of educational institutions. Schools are merging into single institutions, and this happens for a number of reasons. The objective reality is that there are fewer and fewer schoolchildren in the villages, townships and small towns of Karelia. There is a kind of redistribution of people throughout the republic. Young people move to Petrozavodsk, where there are good, competitive universities, more jobs, opportunities to organize leisure activities, and so on. And, as a result, in the capital of Karelia there is now a situation in which we need to build new schools, new kindergartens. And we will do it. When I worked in the administration of Petrozavodsk, we were able to conduct a comprehensive audit of the former kindergartens, which in the 90s were given to various state and commercial structures, and achieved the return of some of these premises to municipal ownership. It was an important job and a big undertaking that allowed us to reduce tension in the social sphere of the city. And this is another example of how critical problems can be addressed.

Stop falling

By what principle are instructors recruited to children's camps and what mistakes should be taken into account by all leaders of such camps after the Karelian tragedy? sports tourism, honored traveler of Russia.

Into the storm without preparation

Elena Plotnikova, AiF: Sergei, last weekend in Karelia there was a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided by observing basic safety rules. What do you think exactly led to such consequences? And what should be done in the future so that this does not happen again in any Russian children's camp?

Sergey Mindelevich: Firstly, the state of emergency was caused by the complete irresponsibility of the leaders of the base. A lot of complaints were received against her, there were even checks, fines, which, in fact, did not correct the attitude of the camp leadership to their case. I'm not even talking about all the outrageous things that happened in the camp (according to the standards there were more people than it should be, poor food, wet tents and sleeping bags).

Second, of course, ignoring the storm warning. It was not for nothing that both the children and the instructors were afraid to go in bad weather. In fact, the instructors were forced to go out on the route, having set a condition: either you are expelled from the educational institution, or you go on a hike according to the plan, no matter what. This camp leadership alone should be tried!

Thirdly, it was not professional instructors who worked with the children, but ordinary students. Yes, they knew how to behave on a hike, but they, like children, did not know how to behave on the water, and even more so in such conditions. They themselves were driven out on a water trip with children unprepared and untrained. Moreover, the students were sent to the camp as counselors, they were formalized as curators of the groups, and they were forced to work as instructors. And these are three different professions! And these instructors themselves became victims of the camp leadership, "whipping boys." Why were they detained by the Investigative Committee?

- What should an instructor do in such situations? Maybe notify the Ministry of Emergencies?

- The camp management was supposed to immediately notify the Emergencies Ministry that the group did not arrive at the destination within the target date. According to rumors, one of the camp staff phoned the camp director in Moscow and told her about this, to which he received the answer that no services need to be disturbed and in general it is better not to do anything at all.

If the Ministry of Emergency Situations had known about the disappearance of a group of children on Saturday evening, the rescue work would probably have begun much earlier. And so many children might not have died. After all, they did not drown, but froze, having spent many hours in cold water. All those washed ashore survived despite the cold weather. These children had a chance, but those who swam did not have a chance to escape without help.

The death of children on a lake in Karelia | Photo gallery

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