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Innovative treatment without intermediaries in leading clinics

Currently, a country like South Korea occupies a leading position in the medical market in Asia, since all the services provided by clinics are of a highly professional level, and the entire healthcare system in the country is the best among the world systems. Today, treatment in a country like South Korea is becoming an increasingly promising and demanded area among world-class medical services.

The most modern methods of treatment in all areas of medicine, proposals from the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, whose drugs are subject to tests to identify side effects - these are all the principles of Korean medicine. Very strict and serious state control over medical care in the country allows only the best specialists to obtain a doctor's license, which must be constantly confirmed by participating in international seminars, forums and conferences in order to keep abreast of all the latest discoveries and achievements in world medicine. Both clinical and diagnostic equipment meets international standards. The government of South Korea provides significant assistance in the development of modern medicine in the country. Thanks to high-quality treatment, a high level of professional medicine and diagnostics at an early stage of diseases, the life expectancy in the country exceeds 80 years, which is one of the best in the world today.

Such areas of medicine as oncological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infertility, osteochondrosis, plastic surgery (the highest number of operations in the world) are among the priority areas in the country. South Korea maintains the highest percentage of successful surgeries, which can only be compared with the indicators of the best European medical centers, while the cost of services is much lower than in the United States or Japan and is more likely to approach the level of prices for medical services in Singapore and Thailand.

Speaking of the medical industry in South Korea, one cannot do without words of the superlative: "outstanding", "best", "highest", because everything about medicine is really excellent here. The country constantly organizes a variety of internship programs for students and medical personnel from developing countries, a huge number of works on medical topics are published in international publications.

All medical centers in the country use both traditional Western treatment technologies and Eastern techniques. Traditional medicine is also in demand in Korea, and drugs are used in the treatment of even rather serious diseases.

High level of service for foreign patients

Recently, the Korean government has successfully promoted the development of medical tourism in the country, through advertising campaigns, supporting medical institutions and clinics, improving the level of service and treatment of patients, and increasing the professionalism of doctors and all personnel. Thanks to purposeful work in this direction, the demand for medical tours to this country has significantly increased and is constantly increasing. Everything is quite simple and well organized in travel agencies offering such tours.

All tests and examination results of the patient and his medical history are preliminary sent to a Korean clinic, where all documents are carefully studied by specialists and the course of treatment is determined. Usually there are several hospitals and several treatment options to choose from, from which the patient chooses the most suitable one. Its convenient geographic location also plays an important role in choosing Korea as a country convenient for treatment. You can get here without problems from almost any country, wherever it is.

Services offered by Korean medical centers include:

  • Computerization and PACS system, which save time not only for doctors, but also for patients. The use of such high-tech methods can significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment
  • Special center conducting examinations of foreign patients
  • Accelerated screening for cancer
  • General diagnostics in the field of dentistry, cosmetology , plastic and aesthetic medicine

Evidence-based medicine, created in the tradition of the best American standards, has been created and is successfully operating in the country. Evidence-based medicine as a separate medical field was formed back in the 1980s and very quickly attracted the general attention of medical professionals, as well as patients. The basis of evidence-based medicine is to test the safety and effectiveness of diagnostic, treatment, prevention and clinical research methods. Evidence-based medicine implies the conscientious use of the results obtained from clinical trials for better quality medical care for all patients without exception.

An internship in Korea for many Russian students is a great chance to significantly improve their language skills, gain knowledge in a particular profession and broaden their horizons. Over the past 5-7 years, the number of students seeking to study in South Korea has grown significantly.

This is not surprising, because the country, located on a small eastern island in Asia, is famous for its well-preserved traditions and at the same time actively developing technologies.

They want to get to study in South Korea not only because of obtaining language practice, although the number of such students still prevails, but also because this country is considered to be an advanced country in the field of innovations and IT technologies ... Korea is the home of esports and one of the leaders in robotics, telecommunications and shipbuilding.

In addition, applying for an internship in this country is much easier than in the UK, USA or Canada, if only because its cost is much lower. Almost all Korean universities offer budget-funded places to foreign students, pay them scholarships, provide them with housing, and can get a part-time job or full-time work after graduation.

Types of internships

New students and those who already have some experience in their field of activity can come to South Korea. Common areas for internships in this country: robotics, IT industry, including telecommunications, metallurgy or chemical industry, political science.

Robot manufacturing and telecommunications can be distinguished separately, since they are the main areas of internship.

As already mentioned, South Korea is performing well in the global robotics market. Take, for example, the Korean KIA car plant in Kwasung, where industrial robots are used throughout the production line.

This is what the KIA plant in Kwasung looks like

According to the National Association of Robotics Market Participants (NAURR), Korea is the leader among other countries in the world in robotic density. There are 531 production robots for every 10,000 industrial workers.

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