Insurance of tourists traveling abroad

How to apply for a VHI policy for foreign citizens and what is needed for this

How nice to think about upcoming excursions, exciting trips, about the sea ...

But it is much more important to think about the guarantor of a good vacation. For a Russian tourist, such a guarantor is an insurance policy for traveling abroad (VZR). Unfortunately, sometimes the rest is overshadowed by unforeseen circumstances that can begin at the airport at the place of departure.

Many are frivolous about those "pieces of paper" that are handed out along with tickets and vouchers. Meanwhile, these pieces of paper can protect against a large number of misunderstandings.

What is the TCD policy for?

An insurance policy for those traveling abroad is one of the most important documents a tourist needs on a trip. It allows you to get rid of the problems associated with obtaining medical care in a foreign country, with the loss of luggage and other difficulties.

Insurance of tourist activities is provided by the law of the Russian Federation "On the basics of tourist activities in the Russian Federation". According to this law, the travel agent is obliged to insure tourists in case of sudden illness or accident.

Tourists from Russia mainly purchase basic insurance covering low-cost treatment or transfer to their home country.

For entry into some Schengen countries, the presence of an insurance policy is a prerequisite, and for some countries of mass departure of tourists (Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria and others), insurance is rather conditional.

You shouldn't save on insurance, since the TCD policy is not such an expensive purchase if you compare its cost with the cost of the tour. But at the same time, the policy is sometimes crucial for customers.

The insurance policy provides for the reimbursement of all treatment costs to tourists in the event of an insured event in the host country. The insurance is issued in Russian and in the language of the country where the tourist is traveling.

The cost of the tour includes insurance, transportation and transfer services, so the travel agency is obliged to notify the insurer and insurance rules for citizens who travel abroad.

When concluding an agreement with a tourist, the travel agency is obliged to inform the tourists of the addresses and phone numbers of insurance organizations where they can apply.

Main types of insurance for tourists

In order to receive high-quality and full-fledged medical care on a free basis while in the Russian Federation and abroad, it is necessary to obtain international medical insurance in one of the Russian ICs providing the relevant services. A citizen needs to clearly understand what the MMC insurance will protect against, on the territory of which countries it will operate and what to do in the event of an insured event.

What MMC gives

Within the framework of the international health insurance policy, the insured person will be provided with all the necessary medical services in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician in the event of an insured event in the insurance territory, which, depending on the specific conditions of the contract, may be:

  • the whole world;
  • or only selected foreign countries.

What expenses are covered

The key difference between international insurance and all other types of medical insurance (compulsory medical insurance, voluntary medical insurance, VZR) is the presence of a huge number of covered insurance risks.

Of course, the insured person has the right to claim compensation for the cost of all basic medical services:

  • emergency assistance, including the arrival of the team and the provision of first aid at the place of occurrence of the insured event;
  • outpatient assistance (including oral consultations, laboratory and instrumental examinations , physiotherapy and exercise therapy, vaccination, etc.);
  • inpatient care provided in a day hospital.

  • transportation of the insured person from the place of occurrence of the insured event to a medical institution (including transportation of accompanying persons, if necessary);
  • payment of the price of medicinal drugs necessary for the treatment of the diagnosis;
  • provision of medical devices (prostheses, hearing aids, implants).

Important! But the most important thing is that the international insurance policy covers high-tech medical care and treatment of all types of serious diseases, including oncology and AIDS.

Everyone knows about compulsory health insurance, or compulsory health insurance, but when mentioning voluntary health insurance, voluntary health insurance, people have a lot of questions.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of insurance, is it worth making a choice in favor of the VHI program?

Benefits of voluntary health insurance

What does the voluntary health insurance program include?

There are a lot of pluses, as you can see.

The level of service and the quality of work of the personnel in such medical institutions is an order of magnitude higher than in state and municipal ones. Hospitalization will be a complete treatment, not a bullying of the patient.

Find out how to properly issue a VHI for children, how to properly issue a policy and what documents are needed, who can purchase a VHI policy.

Perhaps here you will find out what VHI is for newborns, what is needed to issue a VHI policy? The cost of the insurance policy and which program you can choose.

Is there a disadvantage to the voluntary health insurance program?

Of course, any insurance program has both pros and cons. Therefore, citizens who make a choice in favor of voluntary health insurance must be aware of the difficulties that may await them in order to prepare in advance.

So, the first and most important difficulty is the lack of a fixed fee for the VHI policy. Since the price depends on many factors, it cannot be predicted in any way.

For each citizen, the cost of the policy is set individually, and even when different citizens choose the same conditions.

The policyholder may lose the benefit. Yes, this is also possible, and although conscientious citizens have absolutely nothing to fear, it is imperative to know for what reasons payments under the agreement are not made:

Despite the word “voluntary” in the acronym for insurance, it becomes almost mandatory for those entering the country. The VHI policy for foreign citizens belongs to the list of mandatory documents that ensure the legality of stay on the territory of Russia.

Voluntary health insurance policy

According to the law, every foreigner draws up a policy in the first three days from the moment of entry into the Russian Federation, and the purpose of entry does not matter. Ordinary workers and tourists should theoretically issue a VMI for foreign citizens for the entire period of stay in the country. The question of obtaining it, more often worries those who come for the purpose of work, since its registration is required to start receiving a number of papers allowing to work.

There are two systems of policies - compulsory and voluntary insurance. But only those who permanently live in the Russian Federation and work here have the right to compulsory medical insurance. For those who temporarily live on Russian territory, VHI is offered for foreign citizens. The policy will be required when the time comes to file a patent for the work.

Medical services without a policy

A foreigner without insurance can count on a minimum of medical assistance, which includes:

  • Calling an ambulance and using its services.
  • In case of a threat to life and acute pain, go to the hospital.
  • Using medical vehicles when driving to the hospital.
  • Transporting the body home in case of death.

Such a set of types of assistance does not allow receiving full-fledged assistance, therefore, at least a typical VHI is drawn up.

Design Features

Citizens temporarily staying in the Russian Federation purchase VHI for foreign citizens. At the same time, the range of services included in the list of available ones is negotiated. There are insurance programs for children, adults and pregnant women. Depending on the scope of services and the insurance period, the price of such a policy fluctuates.

Timely and especially emergency medical assistance may be needed not only by a citizen of the Russian Federation, but also by everyone arriving from abroad. The provision of qualified assistance is one of the most important tasks of the health authorities of any state. Citizens of other states can receive medical and polyclinic services free of charge or on a commercial basis. How to get a VHI policy for foreign citizens?

VHI policy definition for foreigners

The country has two health insurance systems. One of them is compulsory insurance. Under this system, certain types of medical care are received by all citizens of the Russian Federation, and some categories of citizens of other countries. All costs for this policy are borne by the state. Certain categories of persons can apply for an insurance document to receive free healthcare services:

  • foreigners with a residence permit;
  • foreigners who have applied for temporary asylum (TD);
  • specialists who arrived to work by invitation.

You can also read about the types of insurance in Russia at the suggested link.

In the latter case, members of their families are also insured. Those who arrived in the country and who do not belong to these categories must issue a document on voluntary insurance. For a while, until a foreign citizen has drawn up a policy, he can count on the provision of emergency assistance. Such services are provided free of charge.

Every resident of another country arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation must, as soon as possible, start drawing up an insurance document. Moreover, this must be done on the very first day of your stay in the country. If, when checking, a resident of a foreign state does not have an insurance document, he falls under article 18/8 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation. Under this article, he can be fined up to seven thousand rubles.

If a citizen of another country is fined twice within a year for not having an insurance document, he may face a ban on entering the country.

A policy in the VHI system is issued for a time not exceeding 30 days. For this period, the citizen will be issued a certificate, which is a temporary analogue of an official document. Foreign citizens who have a VHI policy are not served in ordinary clinics and in case of illness, they should contact the insurer, which will indicate the medical organization that is included in the service agreement. Usually, along with an insurance document, a list of medical centers in a given region is issued.

The policy is issued to any citizen of another country, except for persons included in the following list:

  • people with disabilities of groups I and II;
  • citizens over a certain age;
  • drug addicts.

In different insurance companies, the age of the recipient of the VHI policy has its own limitations. This is usually an interval between 60 and 75 years. In addition, there are a number of diseases for which the insurance policy is also not issued. These are the following diseases:

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