How to properly organize a trip for treatment abroad

For treatment abroad for the first time: how to organize and what to expect

The pandemic has taught Russians to value their own health more. According to experts, treatment abroad will become one of the trends in outbound tourism. You can take care of such a trip in advance: a special service will help you choose a country for treatment, choose a clinic or even a doctor.


Before the pandemic, about 30 million people worldwide traveled abroad for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation. The Russian market was one of the most dynamic: over the past few years, the number of our compatriots who underwent medical treatment abroad increased by 15-20% per year. Russians went abroad to treat diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver and musculoskeletal system, cancer and gynecological diseases.

According to experts, against the backdrop of a pandemic, the need for treatment abroad will grow: the effect of deferred demand will affect, the prospect of combining treatment with rest. In addition, some complex operations in our country are either not performed or are more expensive.


When organizing a trip for treatment on your own, there are risks to spend more: when organizing accommodation, when translating documents, on transport in the country where the clinic is located, etc. Not to mention the fact that with the wrong choice of clinic, the bill may turn out to be unreasonably high.

Medilooker is an independent service to help you avoid unnecessary costs and get the best quality treatment at a reasonable cost. The combined experience of the Medilooker founders in organizing medical treatment abroad is more than two decades. The service works directly with several dozen hospitals and clinics in four countries: Germany, Austria, Israel and Turkey. In these countries, it is possible to organize the treatment of any disease in accordance with an acceptable budget for the patient. All clinics have international accreditation certificates.

The best clinics in the main medical destinations

Thanks to the convenient Russian-speaking interface of the Mediloker service, you can pick up the clinic and the attending physician abroad in 20 medical directions: from autoimmune diseases to endocrinology. Including a wide selection of medical institutions in such basic directions like oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, gynecology and cardiology.

For example, the MEDILOOKER database contains more than two dozen best medical institutions of Israel, Austria and Germany specializing in cancer treatment. Thus, the Medical Center Shiba in Israel, one of the most successful in the field of treatment of cancer, entered the top ten world hospitals of 2020 according to Newsweek magazine.

How does the service

MEDILOOKER service is as informative as possible, it is also useful and effective. For all declared areas of medicine, a list of clinics is provided with an indication of the year of their foundation and location, specialization, the number of beds and working specialists.

For each of the clinics, it is possible to obtain the cost of treatment, leaving the online application indicating its contact data and a description of the problem on the institution page.

16 million people go abroad per year to pass medical procedures, and many of them do it for the first time. We have prepared an article so that you make sure that treatment in another country is not as scary, as it may seem at first glance. This is not only Germany or Israel - options are much more. You will learn what secrets of medical tourism patients do not speak, as well as how to organize their trip to the clinic abroad to get the best quality at a loyal price.

facts about treatment abroad, which are not told

  • the fame of the clinic is not the main thing for recovery. Another country is not going to be treated in a medical center, which is "on the hearing", but in order to solve its problem from an experienced doctor.
  • more than half (56%) of people who go to the clinic abroad, seek quality inaccessible at the place of residence. Foundation centers with large hospitals around the world work on new methods and drugs. They do not immediately become available in the CIS (if they become at all), and in the meantime, local hospitals use outdated protocols.

  • treatment abroad is cheaper than at the place of residence. This primarily concerns those procedures that in the CIS are just beginning to carry out - if abroad they are already delivered to the flow, prices in the overseas clinic will be significantly lower. This is also true for branded drugs that have not yet been registered with us - it is safer and cheaper to buy drugs officially abroad.
  • Approaches to treatment abroad and in the CIS may not differ in theory, but in practice there is a difference for patients. for example, both there and there are prescribed radiotherapy for cancer. Devices of the latest generation abroad allow for fast and safe irradiation: 1 session takes only 10-15 minutes, and the accuracy of the procedure reaches 0.5 mm. Hence, the side effects are minimal. For comparison, the error of radiotherapy on old installations, which are used in the CIS, is a few centimeters, and the duration of a session is 30-60 minutes.
  • It is not always cheaper to organize a trip yourself (and often vice versa). When looking for a medical center, there is a risk of encountering unscrupulous intermediaries who inflate the bill. On the Bookimed platform, we select the best clinic for a specific case out of 340+ presented on the website for free and organize a trip. At the same time, bills from hospitals are direct. In some cases, we provide discounts available only to Bookimed patients.
  • Where to get treatment abroad?

    Germany keyboard_backspace

    Photo: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    • Top directions: oncology, hematology oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, ophthalmology, surgery, vascular surgery
    • Visa: required for residents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, for residents of Ukraine with a biometric passport is not needed, with an ordinary passport you need to get a visa
    • Popular cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Leipzig

    Many patients want to be treated in Germany because they have heard about the quality of German healthcare. 255,000 foreigners visited the country's clinics in 2018. Germany ranks 1st in Europe in terms of public spending in the field of medicine, thanks to which medical centers regularly update equipment, and doctors undergo advanced training.

    Every year German clinics publish reports on the success of the treatment. Based on these data, as well as patient reviews and doctors' opinions, the authoritative Focus magazine annually compiles a rating of the best medical centers and doctors in Germany.

    In some cases, German hospitals require a deposit prior to travel. This is a guarantee that you will be assigned a date for your appointment.

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