How to open a sanatorium

10 best medical startups: from easy appointment with a specialist to pills with microcircuits

In recent years, the field of health care has become more and more attractive for financial investments. Medical startups firmly occupy the niche of projects that, being a promising business area, provide an opportunity to benefit society.

Features of medical startups

The market of medical services is very specific and in order to navigate correctly in it, it is necessary to answer the main question: who is the client, consumer of a product or service? Two persons are interested in new medical developments: the doctor and the patient. Most of the existing startups are focused on the latter.

One of the actively developing areas is related to tele- and mobile medicine. Enthusiasts see a future in which traditional visits to a hospital are replaced by communication with specialists through communication devices, as well as monitoring the patient's health status using a variety of devices. Already, there are sensors for monitoring pulse, breathing, and even detecting the approach of an epileptic seizure or stroke.

An important layer among medical startups is the development of various programs aimed at optimizing the quality of medical services. These can be both bases for the accumulation of information about patients, translation of written documentation into electronic format, and systems for assessing patient satisfaction with the activities of a particular medical institution.

There are a number of separate sites, the purpose of which is to make it more comfortable for patients to find the right doctor, whose authority is confirmed by a special rating system and ratings. At the same time, often, in order to get and stay in the base of this project, doctors need to pay a "membership fee" on a regular basis.

Do not forget about such a relatively simple idea as the creation of sites for posting medical content and communication of visitors. It can be a platform aimed both at patients, with the possible consultation of specialists, and at attracting doctors to improve their professional level and discuss topical issues of medicine.

The above are startups that are in one way or another related to the IT market, but do not forget about the possibility of providing offline services. Such projects include such newfangled trends as deciphering the individual genetic code, the development of unique pharmacological preparations and test strips.

top medical startups

In 2018, according to the global news portal Business Insider, the following successful medical startups determine the direction of the industry:

Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health - special microcircuits are built into the tablets of this manufacturer, which, when ingested, send a signal to the application informing about the patient taking the required dose. In the fall of 2017, the first drug for the treatment of schizophrenia was approved.


  • 1 How to open a sanatorium from scratch: a step-by-step business plan
  • 2 The financial plan of the sanatorium
  • 3 Marketing plan: how to attract clients to the sanatorium
  • 4 Registration and execution: what documents are needed to open the sanatorium
  • 5 Equipment for the sanatorium
  • 6 Staff for the sanatorium
  • 7 How to get around competitors: business chips
    • 7. Sanatoriums in the South
    • 7. Mineral springs sanatoriums
    • 7. Sanatoriums in the Moscow region
    • 7. Who is more profitable to work with: a private client or a corporation?

Sanatoriums appeared in Russia in the era of socialism: they practically have no analogues in the world, because on vacation, attention is mainly paid to the rest itself, in extreme cases - to cosmetic procedures, but not to health improvement. Now in Russia there are about 1900 health resorts, not only in the southern regions, but also in Siberia. This is a powerful industry with a turnover of 119 billion rubles a year. If you enter it in the near future, then you can hope for support from the state and high earnings in the future.

The environmental situation is getting worse every year, especially in megacities. Many people, due to heavy workload, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, are prone to various diseases, including chronic ones. They need constant treatment. For them, the sanatorium becomes a good opportunity not only to relax, but also to maintain their health.

How to open a sanatorium from scratch: a step-by-step business plan

If you decide to open your own sanatorium, follow this plan.

First step. Start by choosing a room that must meet certain requirements. Without this, you will not be able to obtain a medical license to operate. Doctors' offices and treatment rooms should be of adequate size. The building can be built or rented. The main thing is that there are no roads or industrial enterprises nearby. Potential clients will prefer a sanatorium next to a reservoir, in a picturesque and conveniently located place, so that they can quickly get to the nearest settlement - for example, by train.

It is beneficial to open a sanatorium in small resort towns. In the season, with good advertising and high-level service, there will be no end of customers. So a sanatorium in a small town is a good idea, but only if the town is already promoted as a resort area.

The second step is choosing the direction of the institution's activities. Your establishment may be of a wide profile, but first it is better to focus on specific diseases, for example, cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases. Much will depend on the location of the sanatorium itself.

Third step. You need to register your activities with the Federal Tax Service. This must be done in order to run your business without problems.

The fourth step is the purchase of equipment and furniture. They need to be purchased based on the profile of the institution and taking into account the convenience of future visitors. It is good if, in addition to the living area and treatment rooms, the sanatorium will have a beautician's office, a swimming pool, a gym, a playroom for children, a cozy dining room with a varied menu.

The fifth step is staff recruitment. The sanatorium must employ qualified doctors and nurses with appropriate diplomas, medical books. It is necessary to conclude an employment contract with each employee.

Sixth step - license. All the previous steps are essential for obtaining a license. It is necessary, because without it there can be no question of opening a sanatorium. The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development is in charge of issuing such a document. Having paid the state duty of 6,000 rubles and having completed the relevant documents, you will receive a license in 45 days.

The seventh step is advertising. While you wait for a license, start an advertising campaign. Advertisements can be placed in the media, at industry exhibitions, on social networks. It is better to post posts with a link to your site, where you need to post as much information as possible for visitors. Beforehand, it is better to come up with packages for different categories of clients: couples without children, families with children; old people.

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