How to make money traveling: 21 working ways

How to make money on a travel site

You can make money on a travel site even with a modest attendance. As it grows, so does income. It also grows from a competent approach to monetization, which consists in combining various sources, as well as constant experimentation. This article examines the options for earning money on a travel site and provides figures from practice.

How much travel sites bring

There is no formula to predict earnings based on attendance. The profit depends not only on the quantity, but also on the quality of traffic and the tools used. For example, when collecting traffic for selling queries, earnings for the CPA model are greater than for informational queries. How and what products are integrated into the material also affects. This is why it is so important to experiment with placement.

For an example of ways and amounts of income, consider a record-breaking travel blog about the United States. Reporting period: June 1 - September 30, 2019. During these 4 months the site was visited by 190,000 people:

During this time, the site brought the owner 106,999 rubles. Structure:

SourceIncome (rubles) Travelpayouts57 603Adsense36 854Direct advertisers5,000Doubletrade0Sales links4 720Admitad2 825Total106,999

Travelpayouts and other CPA networks

The Travelpayouts affiliate program operates on a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) model. This means that partners are rewarded when the attracted user has taken an action. For example, I bought a ticket or booked a hotel. Other networks operate according to a similar model:

  • Doubletrade;
  • Admitad;
  • And others.

The owner of the travel site integrates the products into the materials on the site. Then he attracts traffic to his own project. Some readers use partner tools, and when the booking of a product or service is completed, the webmaster receives a commission for this.

Through Travelpayouts, tools are available to make money on air tickets, hotels, insurance, tours and other travel services. Download our free guide "7 Ways to Make Money with Travelpayouts" to learn more about the system and income options.

Tourism as a business is considered one of the most profitable industries. Cash receipts from the development of tourism go to the renewal of the city and increase the economic component of the area where there is a greater influx of tourists. In Russia, revenues from international tourism are in the billions. A tourism business plan needs to be developed carefully in order to understand what profit is expected in the future.

Main activity

Cruises and travel are in demand. In the online office of fireflies. om you can order ski offers or choose apartments. You can also order a transfer from the airport or car rental. Various cultural events and excursions are offered. There is no need to contact a travel agency. You can independently choose a country, define a pricing policy and fly with one of the vouchers.

Instructions on how to open and what is needed for this

How to make money on tourism? In order to use the portal fireflies. om, you need to purchase this service for $ 300. There are such packages:

  • Basic (about $ 520);
  • Smart (about $ 1500);
  • Life (about $ 3600).

By purchasing the Life package, you can recruit and send a group on a trip up to 15 people. The Life package includes 7 vouchers for 2 years, which can be used at a reduced price. The Smart package offers 3 vouchers to be redeemed within 1 year.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

To work in the online office, it is enough to conclude an agreement and become a distributor. The Swiss tourism business has long been legally established and only an agreement is concluded with each new participant.

Stage - room search

No space required when opening a web office. You can work from any device: mobile phone or laptop.

Watch programs about tourism, admire the beauty of distant countries, but not be able to visit there. Sad, isn't it? But everything is easy to change - you just have to learn how to make money on travel and your life will never be the same again! For the overwhelming majority of people, their whole life follows one predetermined scenario - school-university-work/home. Only occasionally is it possible to go on a trip, to go on vacation. Strict framework. Boring schedule. Longing and dependence on the environment. There is not even a sense of freedom, let alone real freedom and independence. Most likely, you are here because you are tired of the routine of life. The monotony and dullness of days. Look for a real opportunity to change everything. Perhaps you even think that it is simply impossible to get out of the vicious circle. Even reading travel blogs, you yourself dream of giving up everything and starting life over again. But something is holding you back. Perhaps you just don't know how to make money traveling? Do you think this is unrealistic? Then my next article is just for you! I have selected the best and most effective, proven and working ways to earn money. Check them out - I am sure that among them there is not even one, but several directions at once that are right for you!

How to make money for a traveler: freelancing, remote work, permanent work

In the beginning, I will not talk about specific specialties, professions. I propose to consider three areas - freelance, remote work, permanent work.

They are somewhat similar to each other, but they also have a number of distinctive features. This information will help you in the future with the choice of a specific direction of activity.


It is generally accepted that freelancers work for themselves. This is not entirely true. Freelancing is essentially a cross between being employed and self-employed. Yes, a freelancer can work in any convenient place, he chooses projects for himself. However, he still has a "boss", an employer - the person who gave him the order, who hired him to do the job.

  • work from anywhere in the world - it is enough to have a laptop and access to the Internet;
  • the ability to independently form your schedule - only you decide at what time to start working day, how much to work and when to finish;
  • selection of projects - you have the opportunity to choose tasks that are of interest to you, which of the customers to refuse;
  • your development depends only on you - there is no boss, which, on a whim, will "crush", hinder your growth;
  • and the level of earnings depends only on you - there is no strict rate set by the bosses. Hard work, development, training will allow you to achieve higher performance.

Pay attention! The undoubted advantage of freelancing is that you can start from scratch in any field - by making efforts, working hard and working, developing, reach heights and a high level of earnings. But at first you will have to take on penny projects.

Among the negative aspects stand out:

  • lack of stability - there are times when there are simply no orders, and sometimes there is so much work that you cannot sleep normally;
  • high level of competition - to find a customer (all the more permanent) is not so easy, like a good high-paying project;
  • the difficulties of self-organization - going on a free voyage, not all people are able to control themselves, to work in an organized manner.

Pay attention! Despite the high level of competition among freelancers, many customers complain that it is extremely difficult to find an adequate person who completes tasks on time. Many irresponsible, unscrupulous "people" come across - they take on a project, even receive an advance payment and ... disappear, do not respond to messages. A few weeks later, they appear, but they hand over completely the wrong work that the customer needs.

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