How to get to Israel for treatment quickly and without problems

Treatment abroad in Israel from Samara

Samara is one of the largest cities in Russia with a population of over a million people. Medicine in Samara, by Russian standards, has a fairly good level and the overwhelming majority of people are treated in both public and private clinics.

There is a separate category of city residents who prefer to travel from Samara to receive medical treatment abroad. These services are organized by local travel agents and medical tourism companies. The easiest way to find them on the Internet, if you search according to the words: treatment in Israel Samara, treatment abroad Samara, treatment in Germany Samara, medical tourism Samara.

People also find our clinic using a similar search and the only difference is that a person from Samara is treated in Israel without intermediaries and is much cheaper. Below are the reviews of our patients who decided to share their impressions with other people.

My father was treated for a long time for prostate cancer in Samara until metastases penetrated into the bones. How many hospitals we visited and how much time we wasted is scary even to imagine. Then they decided to turn to Israel, where they immediately prescribed a course of treatment with the radioactive drug Xofigo. This is where we saw the difference - there is a completely different approach to people and to the organization of treatment.

I accompanied my father throughout the entire period of treatment, and I want to separately note the sensitive attitude of the medical staff not only to patients, but also to their relatives. And the doctors managed to bring his father back to life, the pain is gone, he serves himself and is even going to his favorite fishing trip. If just recently someone had told us that this could be, we would not have believed it.

I accompanied my mother to Israel with her second degree breast cancer. In our hospital, they immediately warned that there was only one treatment option - to cut off the breast. We decided not to make hasty decisions. After examining all the information, I learned that in Israel at stage 2 cancer, a tumor is excised without removing the breast. So we decided to go there.

As promised, the tumor was removed, and during the operation, the mammary glands were also irradiated, so chemotherapy was required to prevent relapse. If our doctors tell you that there is no hope, do not listen to anyone. Everything depends on you. Go abroad, of course, if you have the means. Personally, we are not disappointed for a second.

My wife Ksenia became seriously ill, a tumor was found in the cervix. At first I decided that the operation should be done in Samara, because our oncologists have extensive experience in the treatment of cancerous tumors. However, the wife refused. Although she was very worried, she did not panic.

Her friends advised her to contact Israel, and as a result, very soon we ended up in Tel Aviv CLINIC. Ksyusha underwent a sparing operation, saved the uterus, while in Samara the doctors insisted that the uterus would have to be removed. And we are still young, although we have one child. And now we want to have another child. Thank you for everything!

I have a bad heredity: my grandmother, grandfather, aunt all died of cancer. Therefore, I am familiar with this disease firsthand. I regularly went for examinations and was sure that even if something happened, I would cope with it. But all the same, the diagnosis just fell on me like a snowball on my head.

Russian doctors diagnosed me with a second degree of intestinal cancer and managed to instill a feeling of complete hopelessness. If my daughter hadn't insisted on going to Israel, I probably wouldn't be writing this review now. But thanks to Israeli doctors, I want to tell everyone: cancer is curable. When specialists get down to business, the cancer simply recedes.

Recently, my father was diagnosed with a tumor in the lungs - the third stage. Our doctors refused to do anything, saying that it was too late, nothing could be helped. But I firmly decided that I would try to do everything that depends on me. I decided to go to some foreign clinic. Many options were considered: Austria, Germany, Israel. We stopped at the latter, since medicine is cheaper there, and the representatives with whom we talked there seemed more professional.

There are many examples confirming the not very high level of medical services provision in the CIS countries. Alas, the qualifications of doctors, and the level of equipment of hospitals, and the methods of therapy used in clinics in the post-Soviet space leave much to be desired. There are times when the only chance to regain health or avoid disability is to travel abroad for treatment. Until now, many people think that it is very difficult or very expensive to organize treatment in Israel. In order to dispel these myths, we have compiled a detailed description of the actions of a person who decided to entrust his health to Israeli medicine.

Leading clinics in Israel

Stages of organizing treatment in Israel

If necessary, you can organize a trip quickly and efficiently, much faster than waiting in line for an appointment with a specialized doctor in your city.

  • Choosing a clinic

If any of your relatives or friends have already been treated in Israel, they will certainly recommend a specific clinic, doctor or intermediary company. If not, you can independently find the sites of Israeli clinics on the Internet and analyze the information provided there. It is important for the patient:

  • Does the clinic have a department that treats the required disease?
  • Does it accept foreign patients?
  • What are the statistics of successful treatment in this medical center?
  • What technical base does the clinic have?
  • What level of specialists work in it?

Experienced medical tourists recommend choosing several clinics or contacting an intermediary company that will monitor and provide several options to choose from and tell you how to get to Israel for treatment as soon as possible.

  • Sending an application

On the website of any Israeli clinic there is a button “send an application. In the form, it is important to indicate your coordinates, diagnosis, attach electronic copies of extracts from the medical history, conclusions about the diagnosis. It is better to send applications to several clinics.

  • Administrator consultation

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