How to get to Cyprus from Russia now

How to get to Cyprus from Russia now

The island state of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean not far from the coasts of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East. Looking at the image of Cyprus, it can be seen that the island is quite small (the third largest in the Mediterranean), arid and has a pointed tail towards the northeast.

However, looking at the political map, you will understand that Cyprus is not as simple as it seems. In fact, since the 1970s, Cyprus has been divided into the slightly larger southern side of the Greek Cypriots and the northern side of the Turkish Cypriots by a demilitarized 180 km line from Paralimni to Kato Pyrgos, known as the "UN buffer zone"; which has 7 checkpoints. In addition, in the south of the country there are two small British-administered areas called Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

How many areas in Cyprus today

The country is divided into six regions:

  • Kirenia,
  • Famagusta,
  • Nicosia,
  • Paphos ,
  • Limassol ,
  • Larnaca

with two of them blocking the buffer zone, which makes the political geography of Cyprus even more complex.

Is Cyprus safe?

The crime rate in Cyprus is very low, making it a very safe and ideal travel destination in the sunny Mediterranean.

How many people live in Cyprus?

The country's population is just over a million people.

Do I need to buy health insurance for short-term trips to Cyprus?

Unlike most European countries, when making provisions for Cyprus, compulsory medical insurance with a set limit of coverage is not required. And you leave its registration at your own peril and risk. Of course, you can decide that nothing bad will happen and you will not need the help of a doctor, but after all, it is better to spend 15-20 euros (the cost of insurance for 10-14 days) than later phoning relatives and friends in panic in search of the necessary funds.

Medicine in Cyprus

Medical care in Cyprus is comparable to the cost of doctors' appointments and treatment in commercial clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, a regular visit to the doctor will cost 50 euros, the cost of one day of hospital stay (without treatment) is about 150-200 euros.

Childbirth in Cyprus

For many years now, "mother tourism" has been popular in Cyprus. On a "voucher", the expectant mother arrives on the island, spends here 1-2 months before giving birth and about a month or two after. During this time, both she and the baby enjoy excellent climatic conditions, and the mother herself "feeds" the unborn baby with sun and fruit.

Maternal Tourism in Cyprus

Most are interested: how much does a childbirth cost in Cyprus? This largely depends on the choice of the clinic and the program of stay. But on average, you need to consider the following costs:

3-4 days stay at the clinic during childbirth - about 2'000-3'000 euros;

tests that must be taken in the last stages of pregnancy and after childbirth, incl. Baby ultrasound - about 1500 euros;

pediatrician services (presence of a doctor at childbirth and subsequent 6-7 consultations) - about 400-500 euros.

Thus, childbirth in Cyprus will cost you on average 4000-5000 euros plus the cost of accommodation, meals, etc. Also, within a certain period after giving birth, you should check the baby's hearing - this service is free for both local residents and foreigners.

Charity and Social Responsibility

The proportion of people with disabilities, according to the first official report on disability (The Guardian), is constantly growing and by the end of 2014 it amounted to one billion people - this is almost a sixth of the world's population.

At the same time, the attitude of the state and society as a whole towards people with disabilities, various disabilities or developmental disabilities, as well as people with disabilities demonstrate the level of democracy, tolerance and social responsibility in the country, and also characterize the protection of all citizens without exception and guests.

From this point of view, Cyprus stands out favorably against the global background and occupies, perhaps, a leading position in Europe in terms of comfort for disabled people who require special attention to stay in the country. The general mood in Cypriot society is traditionally characterized by humanism and mercy towards their less healthy comrades.

The island's authorities are making unprecedented efforts to create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities, freedom of movement, the opportunity to play sports, participate in recreational activities, visit monuments of historical and cultural heritage and just live under the professional care of specialized medical institutions.

Disability is part of human life

The World Health Organization resolution states: “Disability is part of human life, almost all of us will be temporarily or permanently disabled at some point in our lives. We must do more to break down the barriers that isolate people with disabilities ”(Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General).

In turn, the Cyprus Guides Association, together with the European Affordable Tourism Network (ENAT), picked up the main thesis of the resolution and successfully implements a plan to attract disabled tourists to the resort areas of the island, primarily based on increasing the level of accessibility and participation in activities for people with disabilities by optimizing infrastructure.

The Association's statement reads: “Millions of tourists with health problems or elderly people would like to travel, have fun and get to know new places, there are more and more such tourists, therefore tourism services on the island should become more accessible for such people ".

Accessibility of travel and transport services for people with disabilities in Cyprus

Russia-Cyprus - legal options. Conditions to be met. How to fly and how much it costs. Formalities and Medical Requirements. Caveats

The channel already had an article on this topic in July of the crown of a hopeless year (link at the end). There were two stories. One is about how people who paid for the direct flight Boryspil-Paphos and had every reason to return to the island were simply not allowed on board Ryanair. The second, about how people, who unwittingly became hostages on the island with their children, a cat and a dog, had to get from Larnaca with two transfers via Athens to Belgrade, then to Moscow. When flights were canceled at the junction and they had to buy and buy new tickets, pay extra for luggage and excess weight.

There were even more exciting stories. Some of my friends used to get to Poland on the checkpoints, then a flight to Minsk, then a taxi to the border with Russia, the transition "on their feet" and again a taxi - already to Moscow.

Now it would seem that there are more options, but the situation is changing so rapidly that what is described below may not be feasible at any time. Therefore, I ask in advance to be ready for this and not to blame the author. If you want to keep abreast of the current situation, you will have to monitor several telegram channels at once, links to which will be at the very end.

If you would like to discuss in person - you are welcome to the group chat

In any case, the sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • please rate whether you are in one of the categories eligible to fly to Cyprus
  • estimate a possible route, taking into account the amount of luggage, the composition of travelers and your physical condition. Decide if it is worth it, literally and figuratively
  • buy tickets
  • complete all the formalities in order to be put on a paid flight, not fined and/or deported upon arrival.

Are you ready for all this? Then you can read on.

Who has the right to fly to Cyprus

Russia from the beginning of the pandemic to this day continues to be on the European lists of countries with epidemic problems. Therefore, you will have to forget about a tourist trip to the island of Aphrodite. Cyprus from Russia accepts only citizens of the Republic, citizens of third countries who have the legal right to reside on the island or have received the so-called Special Permit. The latter can be obtained by relatives of the 1st line of those who legally reside on the island and some other categories.

Medical services in EU member states are expensive. But the price of a doctor's appointment and standard procedures directly depends on the region and the economic situation in the state. In some cases, EU citizens even choose to travel to neighboring countries to have an examination or to have their teeth treated.

Medicine in Cyprus is considered one of the best in the region in terms of quality and price. A wide range of private and public clinics is an indicator of the high level of development of medical services. But the prices for them turn out to be favorable only for the citizens of Cyprus and the EU. Tourists will have to pay several times more. In order not to end up in a foreign country without funds, it is better to arrange insurance in advance for those traveling abroad. In this case, the insurance company will cover all costs for the treatment.

Medicine in Cyprus: pros and cons

Each country has its own characteristics. Cypriots are known for their lack of punctuality and slowness. Therefore, even in an emergency situation, help can be expected for a long time. The quality of the services provided differs from clinic to clinic. However, there is no guarantee that a private hospital will provide the best care. Doctors who work in public hospitals are in no way inferior to their colleagues from expensive clinics. The medical staff usually speaks English well, sometimes speaking Russian and German. Many doctors have been trained in other European countries: Germany, Great Britain, France. Due to this, their methods and drugs used comply with modern international standards.



Popular clinics in Cyprus

Clinic Name Clinic Address Nicosia General Hospital Lemesou, Strovolos, Cyprus Aretaeio HospitalAndrea Avraamidi 55-57, Strovolos 2024, CyprusApollonion Private Hospital Lefkotheou 20, Strovolos 2054, CyprusHippocrateon Private HospitalPsaron, CyprusHippocrateon Private HospitalPsaron, Egkomiğeari UniversityNikomi University , Cyprus

Clinic Name Clinic Address Evangelismos Private HospitalVasileos Constantinou XIII 87, Paphos 8021, CyprusIasis Private HospitalVoriou Ipirou, 8, Paphos 8069, CyprusPaphos General HospitalAchepans 5, Paphos, CyprusElpis Medical CenterAgapinoros 68, Paphos, CyprusSaint St. Venizelou, Paphos, Cyprus

The name of the clinic klinikiAdres Saveco Health CentreEvanthias Pieridou 11 Larnaca, Larnaca 7101, CyprusPhaneromeni Private HospitalGeorgiou Griva Digeni 19, Larnaca, CyprusΣυνέσειο Ιατρικό ΚέντροRafael Santi 15, Larnaca, CyprusPoseidonia Medical Centre47a Eleftherias Avenue, Παύλου Λιασίδη, Larnaca 7102, CyprusLarnaca General Hospital Pandoras, Larnaca, Cyprus

Medicine in Cyprus without insurance

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