How to choose travel insurance for Russia and the world

How to choose travel insurance for Russia and the world

As shown by a survey conducted on our website, more than half of tourists who go on vacation abroad do not buy health insurance. Someone thinks that nothing will happen to him, someone - that this can be saved, and some do not know anything at all about medical insurance abroad.

But as practice shows, everyone who at least once got into a situation when they had to use the services of medical care abroad the next time they always purchase an insurance policy. Why all the same a tourist should buy it and what to look for when buying - this will be discussed in our article.

Is it worth buying

On the one hand, insurance is most likely not useful to you. Hope for "maybe" we love, like nowhere else. The main mistake our tourists make is underestimating the change in climate, nutrition and rhythm of life. When assessing risks, most people think something like this.

"Well, what is the chance that I will break my arm if I lie like a fish on the beach?" or "I will not go in for extreme sports, so there is no need to insure"

Now let's turn to the official statistics of accidents:

The most common insurance events in winter are:

  • colds - 36% of all clients of the company
  • soft tissue and joint injuries 19-20%
  • inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - 14%,
  • fractures - 8.5%
  • viral infections (8%),
  • ear inflammations (5%).

Statistics also prove that in hot countries there is less risk of a fracture, but a higher probability of poisoning or stomach problems. So 80% of insurance claims are not related to injuries that can be received while practicing extreme sports. You can just dive into the hotel pool and emerge with the local virus.

Contacting a doctor at the hotel is always paid. Moreover, you will have to pay about $ 50 (he does not just sit there, but he earns money!). If hospitalization is required, the hospital stay costs from 300 to 800 dollars (depending on the country), add here the cost of medicines and possible examinations.

Limiting yourself and the whole family from unnecessary spending is within the range of 10-16 dollars per person. Not much compared to how much you will spend on vacation. You can calculate the cost of the insurance policy below.

Types of travel insurance

Today I will talk about one of the main documents for every traveler - travel insurance abroad. What kind of insurance is this, where to buy it and at what price, how to get paid for it, and much more - you will learn about all this in my article today.

The best services for buying insurance

Be sure to compare prices for everyone, they may differ.

What is travel insurance for those traveling abroad

Travel insurance is a travel document that covers financial and moral damages during the trip. An insured event can be a sudden illness, injury during sports or driving, an accident, flight delay, loss of luggage and any other circumstances. An insurance policy will provide you with monetary compensation in all of these situations.

You can take out travel insurance before and during your trip, it is also necessary to apply for a Schengen visa and to travel to a number of countries, for example, Thailand.

Depending on the insured event, the following types of insurance are distinguished:

  • medical insurance is a compulsory type of insurance that is included in the basic insurance for traveling abroad;
  • against an accident - covers additional costs for treatment and transportation; <
  • cancellation insurance - guarantees coverage of damage in case of trip cancellation or long delay of the flight;
  • baggage insurance - guarantees coverage of financial damage in case of loss or damage to baggage, which can be insured for any amount;
  • green card - a necessary document for traveling abroad by car, reimburses expenses in case of damage to the vehicle or getting into an emergency;
  • insurance for sports - is issued with additional increased risks associated with the occupation sports, active leisure: diving, mountaineering, extreme sports;
  • pregnancy insurance - guarantees additional medical care and expenses for health problems during pregnancy.

What to look for when buying

Where to buy travel insurance

You can buy it at the office of any insurance company or online, which is much more convenient and saves you time.

You can buy insurance online on the website of a particular insurance company. To do this, you must fill out a form and provide the following data:

  • country,
  • insurance period,
  • the number of travelers and their age (we also buy for children),
  • coverage amount,
  • all types of insurance (basic health insurance only or with additional options),
  • your contact details.

Travel insurance at Medexpress is one of the activities of the insurance company, which is in demand among those who decide to leave the country and go to travel and get acquainted with other countries of the world. If the price of the policy is already included in the cost of the trip from the tour operator, then when organizing the trip yourself, you need to take out insurance yourself.

Medexpress Rating

Examples of payments to the Insurance Company "Medexpress"

If your trip is from 1 to 7 days (for example, 6 days), and you conclude an agreement on Health Insurance for the amount of insurance USD 30,000, the cost of insurance will be as follows:

54.00 rubles (cost of one day of insurance) * 6 days = 324.00 rubles

TOTAL: Insurance for departure for a period of 6 days will amount to 324.00 rubles.

Having concluded a trip cancellation insurance agreement, you need to add 4% of the cost of your air ticket and tour to the above rates in the first table. Suppose that the cost of your air ticket is 30,000 rubles, and the tour you have chosen is 80,000 rubles.

We get the following: [54.00 rubles (cost of one day of insurance) * 6 days] + [30,000 rubles * 4%] + [80,000 rubles * 4%] = 324.00 rubles + 1200 rubles + 3200 rubles = 4724.00 rubles

TOTAL: upon concluding a contract for a period of 6 days for Medical Insurance ($ 30,000) and Trip Cancellation Insurance for, the total amount will be 4,724.00 rubles.

If your trip is from 1 to 7 days (for example 6 days), and you visit a country from WW (Whole World) territory, and you conclude a medical insurance contract for the amount of insurance EUR 30,000, the cost of insurance will be next:

Most of us have already realized that international health insurance is an integral part of everyday life during a long stay or stay abroad.

Global insurance is important for two main reasons: avoiding the financial hardships of expensive treatment and providing immediate and appropriate care.

Many companies offer favorable conditions to protect the health of the entire family, but not every policy is able to provide the flexibility of insurance based on your personal preferences.

International Health Insurance: Who Are Health Programs Available For

International insurance policies are an excellent option for those who prefer private health insurance or are having difficulty finding quality services in the country in which they temporarily or permanently reside.

International insurance is a great option for those who wish to have one policy that works without borders!

Who is the healthcare program for?

The policy is ideal for athletes, employees of companies operating around the world, as well as for individuals living abroad with their families.

International Health Insurance: How the Personal Protection Program Works

Health insurance allows you to pay for the costs of a doctor's consultation, hospital stays and medication if you are injured or sick while traveling outside your home country.

The cost of the policy is an additional and important expense to consider when moving or traveling, but in exchange for this premium, the insurance company will pay all covered medical expenses while you are away.

Another important point that must be taken into account, foreign doctors and clinics will not be able to provide quality treatment or consultation if there is no proof of your ability to pay for their medical services - therefore, your policy serves as a confirmation of your ability to pay.

Extended Travel Insurance is a medical policy that includes extended options. Due to this, both the amount of insurance and the cost of the service increase, sometimes significantly. Despite the increased price, such a policy protects against financial losses in case of possible risks, which outside Russia can amount to tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How big are the risks?

In 2018, about 6 million Russians visited Turkey alone, and Thailand - 1.6 million. The largest percentage of claims for insurance compensation falls on Turkey - 47% of the total. This is due to the number of Russian citizens who go on vacation to this country, and the risks.

Reason for contacting:

  • Viruses and colds - 40%;
  • Fractures, craniocerebral and other injuries - 20%;
  • Intestinal diseases and poisoning - 17%;
  • Burns, cuts - 7%;
  • Cardiovascular diseases - 5%.

For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to provide a medical policy. In many countries, in order to obtain a visa, this document must be submitted. The applicant is trying to save money by choosing the cheapest option with insurance coverage of € 30t. This is a wrong approach.

This amount will be enough in Belarus or Kazakhstan, in Ukraine. But being with an attack of appendicitis, for example, in Poland, this amount is enough to pay only half of the service. The remaining € 20-30 tons will have to be paid out of your own pocket. Therefore, it is recommended to provide an insurance amount of € 50-100 t.

As a rule, the basic medical policy includes:

  • Unscheduled outpatient and inpatient treatment;
  • Surgeon and dentist services;
  • Medical consultation;
  • Free receipt of medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • Repatriation of a corpse (in case of death of a tourist during the trip);
  • Travel to a medical facility is free.

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