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Medical education in Belarus

Medical tourism is a rapidly developing industry all over the world, which annually brings fabulous sums to the budgets of many countries. Israel, the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany more than a decade ago put on a stream the reception of foreign patients, who are offered a huge variety of services in all branches of medicine. Belarus is trying to keep up with its giant counterparts and is developing this lucrative economic industry with slow, but rather confident steps. But what exactly is the "blue-eyed" ready to offer to its guests and who should definitely visit the hospitable neighboring country? We will tell you in the article.


Three decades ago, the first private dental clinics began to open on the territory of Belarus, and already at the beginning of the 2000s, the enterprising masters of luxators and elevators put fillings and braces to foreign citizens with might and main. Of course, the main flow of clients is immigrants from the CIS countries and former Belarusians, who have become proud owners of overseas passports, but not overseas extravagance. Since that time, little has changed. Europeans rarely go to Belarus for treatment, despite the high professionalism of doctors and affordable prices for services. The reason lies in visas and the language barrier, which are still the main constraints for the more rapid development of this industry. But there are no obstacles for guests from Russia. You do not need a visa, and the prices for treatment, prosthetics and surgery are indeed several times lower than at home.

Gynecology and IVF

Many foreign citizens come to Belarus solely for the sake of operative gynecology and IVF. Of course, most often the reason lies in the lower cost of services. The artificial insemination procedure costs foreigners about $ 2,500. Many European countries cannot boast of such prices, so people go to Belarus for IVF to save money. As for operative gynecology, everything is much more complicated. For example, in Poland it is becoming more and more difficult to resort to the abortion procedure, since the government does not support such an initiative, so many Polish citizens come to Belarus for this very purpose.

Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery

In recent years, plastic surgery in Belarus has been developing at a frantic pace. An increasing number of clinics are opening on the territory of the country, which are ready to accept tourists dissatisfied with their appearance in the tenacious arms. The most popular procedures are invariably:

  • eyelid reshaping;
  • circular facelift;
  • augmentation breasts.

Although the correction of the shape of the nose and ears also occupies a leading position in the top. Hundreds of foreigners choose Belarus for its notorious value for money. The cost of the same mammoplasty in Minsk will be several times lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Moreover, the Belarusian government strictly controls the medical sector, so the probability of a failed operation or fraud is reduced to hundredths of a percent.

Cosmetology services are also quite popular among patients who come to the republic. We are talking not only about cosmetic cleansing, massage and other care procedures, but also about "beauty injections", which in the capital and regions of the neighboring country will cost much less than in large cities of Russia. At the same time, the quality does not suffer at all.

As a child, many want to become doctors or veterinarians. The dreams of some children are crumbling on high admission requirements, some still try to master such a difficult profession. But what do you still need to know about medical education? How is it represented in Belarus? Is it worth it? We have already answered all these questions in this article.

Medical colleges in Belarus

You don't have to have a medical degree to save people's lives. Nurses, paramedics and pharmacists are trained in 14 universities. Applicants with a general secondary education are accepted to medical colleges in Belarus, so after the 9th grade it will not be possible to enter there. So look at the specialties, study the admission numbers and passing scores.

The admission rules in each of the universities are different: in some, the competition is held on the basis of the average scores of educational documents, in others it is necessary in addition to bring the results of the CT in biology and language (Russian or Belarusian). In all specialties, the term of study is 1 year 10 months, with the exception of "General Medicine", where they study for 2 years and 10 months.

Medical Universities in Belarus

To enter the university, you need to pass the CT in biology, chemistry, Russian or Belarusian languages, have a high average mark of the certificate.

Belarusian State Medical University

BSMU trains specialists at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Military Medicine;
  • Faculty of General Medicine;
  • Faculty of Medicine and Prevention;
  • Faculty of Pediatrics;
  • Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.

The Minsk Medical University trains future specialist doctors, pediatricians, dentists, military doctors and pharmacists. Every year, outstanding students undergo practical training in Poland and Germany.

On the university website you can find all the information of interest for students and applicants. Those wishing to move into the hostel should contact the dean's office of their faculty (room 224A). Write an application and attach the following documents: certificate of available benefits, certificate of income of family members for the current year, certificate of family composition.

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