Going to the doctor in China

Features of Chinese medicine

Despite the existence of the communist regime, medicine in China was not available to the entire population for a long time. But the health care reforms launched at the beginning of the 2000s have significantly improved the situation. And today any resident of the country can use medical services.

Thanks to positive changes, China has also been able to win the trust of foreign patients and has now taken one of the leading positions in world medical tourism.

What is being treated in China

Chinese clinics use the latest achievements of world medicine. New drugs, treatment methods, equipment are undergoing clinical trials and, if approved, are immediately put into practice. Thanks to this approach, specialists successfully cope with the most complex diseases.

Highly developed:

  • treatment of blood vessels and heart, including surgical methods;
  • therapy of neurological diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, joint pathologies;
  • dentistry ;
  • treatment of oncological pathologies;
  • plastic surgery and cosmetology

Also, many patients are attracted by oriental medicine, the effectiveness of which has already been proven by European experts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The history of TCM is more than 3000 years old. The methods described in ancient sources are still successfully used for treatment, rehabilitation after diseases and injuries, and general recovery. In many clinics, they are used along with modern methods of therapy.

The most popular are:

1. Vacuum therapy is a massage with cups. Carrying out it strengthens the immune forces. The procedure improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes edema.

2. Acupuncture and moxibustion - during treatment, the doctor acts on active points, each of which is associated with a specific organ. Manipulations relieve pain and spasms.

Need dental care? Have you heard out of your ears about dental tours to China? Why has it become so popular, and why China? Read carefully if you want to know all the details.

Why China?

Due to the high cost of dental services in Russia, the popularity of dental tours to neighboring countries is increasing every year. China has become one of the most popular destinations.

The Celestial Empire, known for its technologies, has also reached significant heights in dentistry. It is not only practitioners who treat here. Clinics often receive patients from leading scientists and professors who are implementing advanced treatment methods in hospitals in the country.

Chinese Dentistry Fundamentals

To lie under a drill is an unimaginable torture for many. Many doctors only fuel the fears of patients with poor-quality work and painful executions.

Chinese dentistry is based on a completely different approach:

After the Chinese dentists, you will no longer be afraid to treat your teeth.

What are dental tours to China?

Tours to China for dental treatment are organized trips for small groups of people who need qualified dental care to nearby border cities of the Middle Kingdom. A tourist group can be from one city or from different settlements. The purpose of the trip is usually prosthetics, treatment and even dental filling.

How does this happen?

Dental tour to China includes the following steps:

You can ride alone or with your family. Even if other family members do not need medical help, in your free time from the clinic, you can take a walk around the city and have a good time with your family.

Chinese Medicine Gynecology

Gynecology and Gynecological Surgery in China

The female body is like a fragile and sensitive musical instrument. He is sensitive to many factors. And, unfortunately, there are a very large number of reasons that can cause disturbances in the work of a woman's genitals.

Modern gynecology can already help a woman to cope with a significant number of ailments and diseases of the genital area. However, the state of health of a woman often depends not only on objective physiological indicators, but also on psychoemotional factors. In addition, diseases of the genital organs are sometimes associated with disturbances in the work of other body systems. Official medicine is often not able to apply a comprehensive approach to women's diseases that would be most effective.

Gynecology in China: an integrated approach to solving the problem

Modern medicine in China, including gynecology in China, lacks many of the shortcomings of official medicine in European and other countries of the Western world. Now the leading clinics of this country successfully combine the use of new high-tech equipment and the ancient methods of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine considers gynecological problems of women in a complex, that is, as diseases of not one internal organ, but several, which, possibly, are aggravated by psychoemotional disorders. In the gynecological departments of hospitals in China, patients undergo in-depth diagnostics, after which an individual puncture of treatment is drawn up for them. It includes not only directly eliminating a specific problem, but also thoroughly cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, normalizing nutrition, optimizing a lifestyle, using traditional Chinese methods of herbal medicine, acupuncture (acupuncture), acupressure (acupressure), heat puncture (moxibustion).

Treatment of women's diseases is a popular area of ​​medical tourism in China

Successes in the treatment of female diseases in China are increasingly attracting patients from foreign countries to the country. Gynecology and gynecological surgery can now be called one of the priority areas of medical tourism in China.

Assistance with travel arrangements, as well as comprehensive support during treatment in China is provided by NewMed Center, which has been cooperating with leading medical centers in China for several years.

It is known that at present the clinics in China are equipped with modern equipment, and also have a highly qualified medical staff, which makes it possible to achieve significant success in the fight against common female diseases, as well as rare clinical cases. The huge population in the country has made it possible to accumulate tremendous experience in the treatment of uterine fibroids, diseases of the pelvic organs, endometriosis, human papillomavirus, reproductive disorders, cancer of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and vagina, as well as other disorders.

Modern methods of diagnostics of gynecological diseases in China

There are few professions without which it is impossible to imagine the life of modern society. One of them is a doctor. Good doctors are appreciated in every country, their names are remembered, their contact information is shared, remembered in heart-to-heart conversations, and they wish to be among their friends.

In China, many foreigners treat local doctors ambiguously, and if they manage to find a doctor among their compatriots, they are sincerely and endlessly happy. So, to the delight of everyone and to our own pleasure, we present to you the Russian otolaryngologist, oncologist and surgeon Mikhail Litvinov

- Mikhail, have you always dreamed of being a doctor?

I am a fifth generation doctor. My father is an oncologist, my grandfather is a traumatologist, my grandmother is a sanitary doctor, my great-grandfather is a military surgeon. As a child, when other children played with toy cars and pistols, I played with tracheotomy tubes and surgical instruments, and I learned to read from Sinelnikov's atlas of anatomy. So, to be honest, I never had any special questions or doubts about my career choice.

- Are you an only child?

No, I also have an older sister who, by the way, is also close to the medical field. She works in the radiation department of oncology as a radiological engineer.

- What university and what specialty did you graduate from?

I graduated from the Ryazan State Medical University. Academician I. Pavlova, specializing in “doctor, general medicine”. After university, I completed my residency in otolaryngology. After working for a year in this specialty, he took up postgraduate training in oncology and surgery at the All-Russian Scientific Center named after V.I. Blokhin. Then he started to practice at the Moscow Oncological Dispensary No. 1 in the Department of Head and Neck Tumors.

- Why didn't you continue your career in Moscow, in connection with which and how long did you end up in China?

One of the main reasons for my move is related to family matters. The fact is that my wife came to China about 5 years ago. For about three years we lived apart, pulling each other to different ends of the world. We can say that she pulled me over, as a result I moved to Guangzhou.

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