Features of Lithuanian tourism: from agriculture to SPA procedures

Features of Lithuanian tourism: from agriculture to SPA procedures

Lithuanian resorts are distinguished by their picturesque nature. This country is a paradise for tourists, because nature has created everything here for recreation: pine forests, clean lakes, sandy beaches with a wide coastline, the cleanest sea. For history buffs, historical sights are available in the form of modest old estates. On the territory of Lithuania, holidaymakers will be pleased with a large number of first-class hotels, medical sanatoriums and a well-developed infrastructure.

Climatic conditions in Lithuania

Some, however, will say that Lithuania cannot claim the status of a resort, because it rains here even in summer, which makes it cool. But this also has its advantages. The sea air saturated with moisture, mixed with the aromas of pine needles, creates all the prerequisites for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Breathe easily and freely in the Baltic resorts of Lithuania. Favorable natural factors prevailing on the Baltic coast have led to the emergence of sea and balneological resorts.

The climate in the country is transitional: in the eastern part and in the center it is continental, in the coastal regions it is mild. Winter in Lithuania is also mild, as a rule, the temperature practically does not drop below -5 ° C, and freshly fallen snow melts quickly. It is not hot here in summer either, and even in July, the thermometer rarely rises above + 20-25 ° C.

The Lithuanian climate is ideal for the elderly and children: the sun does not burn the skin even at noon, and the breeze from the sea and the sea water ideal for swimming are the factors that make the resort suitable for relaxation and recovery. But the off-season is not suitable for this. At this time, there are prolonged rains here, which makes it cool and uncomfortable.

Treatment in Lithuania

The country has everything for a health-improving holiday. In addition to the forest and the sea, Lithuanian resorts have healing mineral springs, the water from which is used in balneology. In this article we will consider which spas in Lithuania are the best and what is being treated here.

Lithuanian Resorts on the Baltic Sea


The oldest resort in the country is Druskininkai, which existed even before the appearance of the Soviet Union. It accepts patients with metabolic disorders, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. For wellness procedures, mud applications, medicinal baths with herbs and minerals, massages, galvanotherapy and much more are made.

Probably for this reason thousands of people come to this corner of Lithuania every year. Indeed, besides the fact that here you can have a good rest in a sanatorium with treatment or a spa hotel, guests are offered to go on an excursion to local attractions.

In the photo: Resort Palanga Lithuania

One of the most popular resorts in the country is Palanga, the history of which is associated with touching romantic legends. The resort stretches for 24 km along the coast of the Baltic Sea and provides everything you need for a quality holiday.

VILNIUS, 15 Apr - Sputnik. The next meeting of business representatives of Lithuania and Latvia took place at the Lithuanian embassy in Riga.

The meeting was held among representatives of the tourism sector of entrepreneurs, more than 50 people took part in it, including about 15 representatives of the Lithuanian tourism industry.

The highlights of Lithuanian rural tourism

Diana Dubatauskiene, project manager of the Rural Tourism Association, spoke about the development of this direction in her country.

Lithuanian agritourism is developing very rapidly. Today, 200 thousand fans of village recreation are involved in it (20 years ago, when it all began, there were only 20 thousand).

Among the directions of agritourism there are many different directions, including agriculture, culinary, gastronomy, wellness tourism and others.

The most in demand are the organization of family holidays in the countryside and a friendly attitude to nature.

Kristine Beinorite, from the Anyksciai Tourism Center, spoke about the possibilities of recreation in the region where the 2002 lakes are located, as well as the mass of interesting sights of the eastern region of the country in Molėtai, Ignalina, Utena, Anyksciai.

Among them are such interesting objects as the Museum of the Narrow-Gauge Railway, the Museum of the Horse, the Museum of Angels and others.

Vilma Daubarienė, Project Manager of the Tourism Information Center "Go Vilnius", spoke about interesting tourist places that may interest the guests of Vilnius.

According to the latest data, the largest flow of tourists to the capital of Lithuania comes from neighboring Belarus (120 thousand tourists in 2016), followed by Poland (80 thousand guests), followed by Germany and Russia. Latvia was in fifth place (50 thousand tourists).

Russians applying for a visa to Lithuania increasingly indicate the purpose of their trip as “medical tourism”. Not so long ago, only Israel and Germany were the talk of the town, where Russian stars and nouveau riches were treated. However, the rapid pace of development of the medicine of our closest neighbors - in particular, one of the Baltic countries of Lithuania - makes its own adjustments to the usual routine. Only at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius - the first center in Lithuania, which was awarded the TA Code of Practice certificate in the field of medical tourism in 2012 - over the past two years, the admission of foreign patients has increased significantly.

Combining business with pleasure

“Ours” often go shopping to Lithuania. The capital Vilnius is compact as a city, the transport scheme is clear, most of the brand stores are located in three huge shopping centers. Accommodation prices are reasonable, and lunch in a restaurant and cafe is comparable to buying a set of products in Moscow for preparing similar dishes.

But these are not all the advantages that Vilnius is opening today! According to Lithuanian doctors, foreigners come to the country both for a simple preventive examination and for complex surgical treatment. Public and private clinics are trying to attract the attention of patients from abroad - Europe and the CIS countries. According to estimates, treatment in Lithuania is 3-5 times cheaper than, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Therefore, following the first sign - the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius on V. ribo street (V. rybo g. 32A, Vilnius) - some centers specially organize departments for working with patients from abroad. They have selected a staff of specialists who, in their native language (including Russian), accompany the patient throughout the entire process of health check-up or surgery. In the medical center on the street. V. Ribo has a well-developed support scheme: the patient is offered to write in advance by e-mail medtour @ medcentras. t and discuss a plan of treatment or examination, draw up an individual schedule, send in advance the tests and examinations already carried out, preliminary diagnoses, if the patient, in especially difficult cases, applies to the center to clarify the diagnosis.

“We have been working with patients from Russia for a long time, and recently the flow of Russians has increased several times. To make our patients feel comfortable, we made sure that all our staff speak Russian, so Russians feel good with us, '' Georgiy Popov, a manager in charge of receiving foreign patients, told us. “The patient can also receive an extract and the results of laboratory and instrumental studies in Russian, if desired.”

But first of all, patients in the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center are attracted by the quality, professionalism of specialists and the cost of services, which is noticeably lower than, for example, in Switzerland and the USA. In Lithuania, there are clear tariffs for the provision of medical services, medical institutions strictly adhere to them. Whether jokingly or seriously, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center published "7 reasons why you should opt for us." There are much more such reasons, in our opinion!

Currently, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center employs more than 160 qualified medical specialists. Among them - 40 doctors of medical sciences, professors, candidates of medical sciences, associate professors, - specialists in the field of medicine, recognized not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. This center became one of the first Lithuanian health care institutions to implement an integrated system confirmed by the Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

A modern multidisciplinary medical center of international class with a high level of vascular, plastic, abdominal and general surgery, including unique coloproctological and orthopedic operations, such as, for example, hemorrhoid artery ligation and natural regeneration of knee cartilage ... Such operations are performed only in the best clinics in Israel, Switzerland, Finland and several other countries. Huge experience has been accumulated in eye microsurgery. Laser eye treatment is carried out using the Visulas YAG III Combi (ZEISS) laser, which helps to solve the problems of the retina, glaucoma, secondary cataracts. A qualified medical team operates on urological and gynecological patients. The center presents the whole range of operations that are currently used in world practice: in addition to abdominal operations, more gentle ones are also performed - endoscopic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic (on the joints).

"Chek-up" - a program for the busy

Arriving in Lithuania with a tour, you can go through a full health check in just one day. If complex studies are included in the program with a result in 3-5 days, the answer may be sent to you by e-mail. The main idea of ​​such a program is to conduct all the research and get a diagnosis in one day! Conveniently? Definitely! A whole range of programs have been developed that meet the age, gender and needs of the patient, depending on the existing diseases.

In addition to 24 general programs, specialized programs have been developed to check the cardiovascular, respiratory, gynecological and genitourinary systems, digestive (with biopsy during gastroscopy), breast cancer, vision, thyroid gland, osteoporosis screening and even a program health checks for those who are constantly tired.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Clinic Overview

Cardiolita in Vilnius (formerly the Vilnius Heart Surgery Center) is a leading multidisciplinary private clinic not only in Lithuania, but throughout the Baltic states.

A range of services is available in a medical institution, from diagnostics to complex operations and rehabilitation in 45 areas of medicine.

In 2013, the Kardiolita Hospital Medical Center was the first in the Baltics and Eastern Europe to be awarded the top quality mark in medicine - the Joint Commission International certificate.

The accreditation received from such a respected organization in the world has confirmed the highest level of service, work efficiency, the availability of the latest generation equipment, the qualifications of employees and many other parameters important for the patient. Moreover, in 2017, the hospital was successfully re-accredited by JCI.

The Kardiolita Private Hospital has a polyclinic, 3 modern operating rooms equipped with modern equipment, an intensive care unit for 10 beds, an inpatient treatment unit with single, double and family wards.

In 2018, the clinic celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation. During this period, Kardiolita managed to gain recognition in the provision of effective medical care to foreign patients, officially confirming compliance with the Treatment Abroad Code of Practice for Medical Tourism standards. The staff of the medical institution speaks Russian.

Why Kardiolita Clinic in Vilnius is chosen by patients from the UK, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus:

At the hospital, 0 percent of the most common hospital-acquired MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection with associated deaths. In the world, this percentage is 8% or more.

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