Everything you need to know about treatment in Israel

Everything you need to know about treatment in Israel

/The quality of Israeli medicine is recognized all over the world. Israel is increasingly becoming the country of choice for foreign citizens for treatment. In turn, Israel is actively developing the field of medical tourism. Today, about 35,000 tourists a year come to Israel for treatment. Israel is the main destination for medical tourists from Russia and the CIS countries. Most Russian-speaking tourists go to Israel to receive high-tech assistance that is not available in their country or is too expensive.

Is Israeli medicine the right choice for you?

Israel is known throughout the world as a country with a well-developed system of high-tech medical care. Every year in Israel:

  • 28,000 in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles.
  • 23,000 lens replacement surgeries.
  • 16,000 coronary angioplasty procedures.
Israel not only widely uses, but also actively develops its own biomedical technologies. Every year, a huge number of clinical trials are carried out in the country, and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment are created. The most significant advances have been made in the following areas:
  • Infertility treatment. Israel ranks first in the world for the number of successful IVF cycles;
  • Cancer treatment;
  • Heart surgery;
  • Bone marrow transplant;
  • Spine surgery;
  • Neurosurgery.
Due to the fact that medicine receives significant support and control from the state, the cost of high-tech medical care in Israel is much lower than in the EU and the United States.

Modern technology is an important but not the only component of the success of Israeli medicine. Other key advantages of Israeli medicine are:

  • a well-developed network of multidisciplinary hospitals and specialized medical centers;
  • well-equipped hospitals;
  • provision of all necessary medicines;
  • high level of training of doctors;
  • productive cooperation with other leading countries in the field of healthcare.
All these factors explain why, according to international experts, the Israeli healthcare system ranks 4th in the world in terms of efficiency, ahead of the EU and the USA.

What does a medical tourist need to know about the structure of Israeli medicine?

Israeli Hospitals: Key Benefits

Israeli hospitals provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options, including specialized ones. There are now about 50 well-staffed and modernly equipped multidisciplinary hospitals in the country. One of the largest medical centers is the Rambam hospital in the north of the country (Haifa), which has over 4,000 employees and about 1,000 hospital beds.

As a rule, Israeli hospitals are also large educational and research bases. So, the Rambam hospital is the base of the medical faculty of the leading university in the country, the Technion (known for the fact that its employees were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2004, 2011 and 2013) and actively cooperates with the American company General Electric Medical Systems, a world leader in the development of medical technologies.

Thanks to cooperation with medical faculties and technology companies, Israeli hospitals can offer their patients modern high-tech medical care: CT, MRI, PET-CT, minimally invasive surgery using robotics, stents, prostheses, and much more other.

Israel has a well-developed pharmaceutical industry of its own, so hospitals are provided with the necessary medicines, including chemotherapy and targeted drugs for the treatment of cancer, the latest generation of antibiotics, effective and safe pain relievers. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company, is the world's largest generic pharmaceutical company. Leading hospitals in the country are located in large cities (for example, the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa), but from anywhere in the country you can reach the nearest medical facility within 1 hour.

The best travel experiences at no extra cost.

So, we have sorted out with you an approximate algorithm for an independent search for a worthy intermediary agency for the optimal solution of the issues of organizing treatment abroad ("medical tour"), see here.

However, as it turned out, there is some alternative to this laborious process. It turned out that there are resources on the Internet that do some of this work for you. Moreover, it's free. These are information portals for medical tourism.

Information portals What do they do?

  • Collect information about leading (real!) agencies
  • Collect information about the country's clinics and the possibility of providing medical services for various diseases
  • Publish materials on diseases and approaches to diagnosis and treatment in a given country
  • Publish various useful materials on existing methods of paying for services in clinics and agencies, on solving other possible problems

In general, they try to give full information to a person interested in the possibility of solving health problems in a given country. And they also perform part of the intermediary services: you can send them a request for your specific case, and they will redirect it to the optimal agency (or several at once) or directly to the clinic (if the question is not complicated).

Doctor Israel

While preparing a series of articles on medical tourism and looking through various Israeli sites in this direction, I came across a site with the symbolic name doktorisrael. At first I thought it was an agency website. But the more I understood, the more I became convinced that this was not so

What else impressed me and made me "sit" longer on this resource is the quality of articles in the sections on diseases and diagnostic techniques.

The fact is that it turns me down when medical articles are written by non-professionals - with terminological and semantic errors; authors rewrite from site to site, completely not understanding the meaning of the terms (and a mistake made on one site is replicated on dozens of others). The sites of many Israeli agencies are no exception: praise (practically unsupported), verbiage.

For example, I immediately lose confidence in such an agency (clinic). Will a potential medical tourist turn there in this case? Hardly ... And the saddest thing is that such unfortunate sites do not form a very trusting attitude to the system of providing medical services in the country as a whole - “if they write nonsense, the help is the same ...” - the logic is quite natural.

Articles on "doctoral Israel" are written professionally, without water and praise; read a few. In addition, the articles highlight the features of treatment or diagnosis that are characteristic of Israel. A person can immediately find out whether he needs to go to Israel and if he does, then exactly why. And then here and figure out how to do it (if you go).

By the way, one reader wondered if she should think about treating her mother abroad for varicose veins; I give a link from this site on this issue; I think it will be possible to contact the contact form on their website for additional clarifications.

The Meir Medical Center offers comprehensive services for the organization and implementation of treatment in Israel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Benefits of contacting the Meir Clinic

The main advantage of the medical tourism department of our clinic is the organization of treatment without intermediaries. Patients seek medical help directly at the clinic, which contributes to significant savings in time and financial resources.

When contacting the Meir Medical Center, you can be sure that there will be no overpayments for examination and treatment. The clinic staff will help to quickly and efficiently organize the arrival and stay of the patient in Israel.

By contacting Meir Medical Center directly, you get a number of advantages, including:

  • Highly qualified staff of the best Israeli specialists;
  • Diagnostic procedures and treatment are carried out using modern medical equipment;
  • Affordable cost of treatment;
  • Medical and administrative staff speak Russian, which significantly improves communication with patients;
  • Payment for all medical services is made directly through the cashier of Meir MC.

simple steps when contacting the Meir clinic

The organization of your visit to receive diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation at the Meir Medical Center is carried out in the best possible way and consists in the following actions:

  • The patient fills out the contact form on our website.
  • The consultant of our medical center, who speaks Russian, calls the patient back to the phone number he left and suggests the optimal way of treatment at the Meir MC. Also, the patient is provided with all the necessary information about the organization of the arrival and the approximate cost of medical services.
  • If necessary, the medical officer may ask you to provide him with any medical documents. These can be the results of tests, examinations, pictures or extracts from the medical history. These documents will help to obtain additional information about the condition of your body and will be later passed on to a doctor specializing in this disease for review.
  • Prior to your arrival in Israel, on the basis of the data received, an individual program of body examination, treatment or rehabilitation will be developed with an approximate price determination for all medical services.
  • Thanks to the representatives of the tourist operator of MC "Meir", in addition to medical services, you can receive the whole range of tourist services.
  • After the completion of all examinations, treatment or rehabilitation, you will be issued with medical documentation translated into Russian.

Cost of medical services at Meir Hospital

Over the past decade, treatment abroad for many residents of the post-Soviet space has ceased to be an unaffordable luxury. The active development of medical tourism in Israel, Germany, China and other countries has significantly expanded their opportunities. This also applies to early high-precision diagnosis of diseases (for comparison, in CIS hospitals, about 40% of diagnoses are made with delay or errors), and the availability of innovative therapeutic agents, and the chances of recovering from pathologies in which domestic medicine was powerless. Add to this first-class service and quite reasonable prices for services, and the benefits of treatment abroad become even more obvious.

According to the International Medical Tourism Association, Israel is one of the three leaders in this industry, and in terms of the level of technical equipment and quality of service to medical institutions of the Promised Land, there is no equal in the whole world. Every year, more than 30 thousand patients from abroad come to Israeli clinics for treatment, and this applies not only to our compatriots. Medical tourism in Israel is also popular among residents of countries such as Germany, USA, Switzerland: statistics indicate that their choice in most cases is due to lower prices for services than in their homeland. Not the least role is played by the ability to combine treatment with rest. The time spent on the coast of the Dead Sea has the most beneficial effect on health, and in case of some diseases, as the practice of Israeli specialists shows, its healing resources are capable of working miracles.

Medical Tourism Association Clinics

The Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) is committed to providing international patients with the highest quality services. That is why strict requirements are imposed on clinics applying for entry into it. First of all, this is the observance of the "Law on the Protection of the Rights of Patients." Every patient can count on highly qualified medical care and guaranteed complete safety in Israeli hospitals. Second, continuous improvement in service. The clinics of the Promised Land cope with this 100%: they buy ultra-modern medical equipment, introduce progressive methods of therapy, and increase the level of comfort in hospital wards.

Another important selection criterion is the prestigious international JCI certificate, which confirms the highest quality of the services provided. In Israel, many clinics have it:

  • Ichilov Medical Center (Sourasky).
  • Assuta Clinic.
  • Sheba Medical Center.
  • Rambam Medical Center.
  • Medical Center. Rabin (Beilinson Hospital).
  • Meir Hospital.
  • Kaplan Medical Center.
  • Soroka Hospital and some others.

Thanks to the work done by the Medical Tourism Association, Israel has been able to take a leading position in this industry. This public non-profit organization strictly controls the medical care sector in the country and does everything to ensure that foreign patients can receive highly effective care.

Oncology treatment abroad is one of the most popular areas of medical tourism

Due to the low level of domestic medicine, unsatisfactory quality of service and insufficient competence of medical personnel in hospitals in the CIS countries, residents of the post-Soviet space increasingly prefer to be treated abroad, especially when it comes to such a terrifying diagnosis as cancer. Moreover, the most popular among them is medical tourism in Israel - oncology has reached the highest level of development here. In the clinics of the Promised Land, cancer is treated using the most progressive methods, and thanks to the promptness and accuracy of diagnostics, patients are able to defeat it even at the initial stages of progression. As for complex clinical cases, such as rare or advanced forms of oncopathology, it was the appeal to foreign specialists that allowed many residents of the CIS countries not only to save their lives, but also to significantly prolong it.

Germany, Switzerland, USA, China can also be highlighted among the popular destinations of medical tourism for the treatment of oncology. In these countries, as in Israel, there are the highest five-year survival rates for cancer patients, which is the main criterion for the success of the therapy. And if in domestic hospitals they hardly approach 50%, in foreign clinics such a result is achieved in 70-80% of cases (and for some types of cancer the figures are even higher - up to 95%).

How is the diagnosis going

The presence of ultrasensitive diagnostic equipment allows Israeli specialists to detect various diseases, including cancer, even at the earliest stages of their progression. As a result, patients not only have an increased chance of a full recovery, but also have the opportunity to get by with much lower costs, because the treatment of advanced forms of the disease always requires high costs. The second important point is the promptness of diagnostics. All studies in Israeli clinics are carried out as quickly as possible, in just three to four days. After that, an expert group consisting of multidisciplinary specialists is engaged in the analysis of their results. Such an interdisciplinary approach is an additional guarantee of error-free diagnosis, moreover, the patient gets the opportunity to immediately get a "second opinion" from other doctors.

The video consultation service is also being introduced everywhere in Israeli medical institutions. With its help, foreign patients can communicate in real time with an Israeli doctor and receive a written opinion from him. All that is needed for this is to send the results of the diagnostics passed at home to the selected specialist. During the video consultation on Skype, he will voice his opinion regarding the diagnosis and what treatment methods will be appropriate in this case. At the same time, this does not negate the importance of undergoing diagnostics in Israel. Due to the fact that all studies are carried out here by the most experienced specialists on ultra-modern equipment, the accuracy of their results is always 100%, which cannot be said about the situation in the CIS countries.

The key phrase for treatment in Israel without intermediaries is often searched for on Google, Yandex and other search engines - this reflects the natural desire of foreign patients to reduce their costs. Before making a decision: where to be treated and with or without an intermediary, it is worth getting several offers from different sources. Medical tourism companies use a variety of marketing techniques to attract patients, one of which is a discounted price quote.

Such suggestions should be taken with caution, as they are initially misleading (to put it mildly). The more information received, the easier it is to make a decision. Numerous phone calls and active persuasion of sales managers that you cannot trust anyone, but only they have all the best - you should be very skeptical - logic, common sense and professionalism should convince.

Currently, foreign patients are often interested in how they can be treated in Israel without intermediaries, and fortunately the Internet makes this possible. Israeli clinics represent one of the most popular areas of medical tourism for Russian-speaking patients.

Most people come to our medical center with the help of intermediaries who work in the field of medical tourism in the regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. Their functions include the initial preparation for leaving for treatment abroad, collecting and transmitting to us the medical information necessary in order to orient a person in terms of upcoming costs and the required hospitalization time in the clinic.

How to be treated in Israel without intermediaries

Organization of treatment in Israel without intermediaries in our medical center is easier and cheaper. At the initial stage, you need to send an extract of the medical history by e-mail. Depending on the type of disease, the documents are examined by a specialist doctor and draws up a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment abroad.

The Tel Aviv CLINIC International Department makes a rough estimate of the costs, according to which the patient can calculate their budget and financial capabilities. When a person decides to leave for examination and treatment at our clinic, he needs to send us a copy of his passport, as well as a copy of the passport of the accompanying person, if it is planned.

After determining the date of arrival, the patient sends us a copy of the ticket. After receiving all the documents, an official invitation is sent to the person, which he must print out and take with him. Sometimes at the airport at passport control they may ask about the purpose of arrival and then the answer is the presentation of an invitation. For citizens of those countries who need a visa to enter Israel, an invitation from the clinic serves as the basis for obtaining a visa.

Treatment in Israel without intermediaries in our medical center has another advantage, which is that the cost of diagnostics and treatment includes meeting at the airport, transfer to the place of residence, to the clinic and back, accompanying the patient by a Russian-speaking coordinator during medical procedures, translation of documents into Russian.

In the end, turning to our medical center for the purpose of treatment in Israel without intermediaries, foreign patients get the opportunity to save up to 10-15% of the total cost of treatment abroad, which is quite a serious amount, especially when it comes to is about expensive operations or procedures.

Send us any proposal you receive and it is likely that due to the absence of intermediaries and the correct optimization of the medical program, it will be possible to get more favorable conditions. The international department of the clinic will take over the organizational arrangements and ensure that the patient achieves the desired goal - to recover.

To draw up a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment in our clinic, as well as estimate the approximate cost, please fill out the contact form and send us an extract of the medical history.

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