Entry to Russia for treatment during the coronavirus period: how a medical tourist to get to the Russian Federation

How to get a tour operator license: procedure and conditions

Tourist activity in the post-Soviet space has received a large-scale development, which made it possible for our compatriots to go to the best resorts in the world and not worry about organizational issues. Licensing of tourism activities is of particular importance.

It is necessary in order to protect the interests and rights of tourists, as well as create security for the facilities of this industry. The concept includes two key areas - travel agency and tour operator work, as well as other phenomena related to the organization of travel for groups and individuals.

Tourism Certification Regulations

Looking at this document, it can be noted that it is a special permit for the conduct of tourist work, issued under the conditions established by law. Issuance of paper may be required by an individual or legal entity.

The main law, in accordance with which licensing in tourism is carried out, Federal Law No. 128, adopted in 2001. Also, Federal Law No. 132 “Fundamentals of Tour. activities in the Russian Federation ". The current law provides for the sequence of issuing this paper, as well as the basic conditions governing this work.

In addition, the process is under the competent regulation of the Regulation "Licensing of Activities" No. 95, adopted on 11.2.002. This regulation helps to predetermine the basic requirements and conditions that must be met in order to obtain this paper. Information about operators, agents who have obtained the right to license their activities are subject to the registration procedure within the framework of the official register.

Important! The agency activity differs from the operator direction in that in the first case, information is provided. As for the operator, he is also engaged in the formation of a product, including transport, transfer, accommodation, travel.

On the territory of our country, the state committee of the Russian Federation for physical education and sports, as well as tourism acts as a body authorized to license tourism activities. It is he who is responsible for issuing permits. On contractual terms, he transferred the options for the issuance of these papers to the tourist organizations to the regional authorities.

Since 2005, this organization has received the name of the Federal Agency for Tourism. Firms that managed to obtain permission are subject to registration in the state. registry.

Tour operator activity and liability insurance

Tourist travel in most cases is associated with the presence of property risks - an emergency during the flight, theft of luggage at the airport, theft of property in a hotel, infection with a dangerous disease in an exotic country. In this regard, an important role is played not only by the tour operator's license, but also by the insurance of its activities and liability.

It is the mandatory procedure that replaced licensing. The operation includes not only guaranteeing the provision of services, but also the financial security of the policyholder in a number of cases. So, the main task of the insurer is the obligatory coverage of damage caused to the traveler during a tourist trip.

Both the agent party and the operator can act as the policyholder, while the form of ownership does not play a role. Traditionally, the objects of the insurance process are the personal interests of a travel agent, an operator associated with compensation for damage caused. The cost of insurance work depends on the amount and the key rate of the insurer. The approximate price is 0.5-10% of this parameter.

Since June 2020, the Russian authorities have slightly eased coronavirus restrictions, as a result of which foreigners have the opportunity to enter Russia for treatment. True, there is no separate document that would indicate all the conditions for crossing the border on this basis. As a result, forums where people share their experiences have become an invaluable source of information. In the article, we further understand how to get to the Russian Federation using an invitation from a clinic or sanatorium, and whether it is worth resorting to buying "fake" certificates.

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Under what conditions do Russian clinics issue invitations

Order No. 1511-r, which allowed foreign citizens to enter Russia for treatment in local clinics, was published on June 6, 2020. Immediately after the release of the document, a stream of requests from citizens wishing to undergo treatment poured into the clinics. And at first, medical institutions actively issued information-calls. Only out of 10 people for whom an invitation was made, only one made it to the clinic.

“In August, we noticed that only one patient out of 10 who received a call-out certificate visited our clinic. And at the end of August, the number of requests increased sharply to 5-10 per day. Most of the requests came from Ukraine, Belarus and the countries of Central Asia, ”he told dp. u Vitaly Avaliani, chief physician of the I see St. Petersburg ophthalmological clinic.

As a result, many clinics have started to insure themselves. Some ask for additional medical documents: medical history, tests, photographs, etc. Others began to demand prepayment for treatment. Still others refuse to cooperate with foreigners at all.

Rules for the entry of foreigners into Russia for treatment

At our disposal, information on border crossing based on treatment is given in a rather concise manner. It only says that:

  • foreigners can get to the Russian Federation for treatment (it is not specified which clinics are suitable for this);
  • at the border, in addition to a passport and, if necessary , visas, you need to show the documents issued by the clinic (or their copies) confirming the invitation for treatment. At the same time, the documents must indicate the period in which the foreigner will be provided with medical services.
Extract from Order No. 1511-r on crossing the border of the Russian Federation for treatment

There are no other clarifications regarding border crossing by medical tourists, neither in the order, nor in any other official documents. The government did not provide explanations on this basis either. Therefore, foreigners learn about the nuances of entering Russia for treatment and the lists of necessary certificates from each other - through forums and groups in social networks.

We also dug into the discussions and found out the following information:

  • Any clinic is suitable - both private and public. A call certificate for entering the Russian Federation can be obtained, including in highly specialized medical institutions. But, as they write on the forums, according to certificates from dentistry, they may no longer be missed.
  • The clinic must be official, have the appropriate license (a copy of the license will need to be shown at the border).
  • Nobody will check whether you actually underwent treatment or not. They will not be fined for this either. The main inconvenience will be delivered only to the clinic, which will not wait for its client.
  • You can enter Russia for treatment, including by invitation from the sanatorium.
  • When you pass the border, the border guards can call the clinic/sanatorium and clarify whether you really received an invitation from the organization. They may check the accuracy of your story in other ways, for example, by asking you to show correspondence with a medical institution.

What certificates for entering Russia for treatment in the clinic need to be shown at the border

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