Emirates Hospital Dubai

Emirates Hospital Dubai

The ATOR Vestnik correspondent, who arrived in Dubai, filmed the process from getting off the plane to passing the COVID-19 test in this emirate of the United Arab Emirates, told about the nuances of flying with children and the timing of the results. Watch the latest video from Dubai Airport. Bonus - some useful tips for tourists.

When planning a trip to Dubai, you need to start preparing in Russia. To do this, you need to get a certificate of a negative PCR test, which was handed over no earlier than 96 hours before departure.

We flew with 2 adults + 1 child (5 full years). Everyone passed the tests, including the child, received certificates from the laboratory in Russian and English. Important: you need the original blue-stamped certificates.


These certificates are needed not only in Dubai. They are also checked at the registration desk in Sheremetyevo. Transit passengers present their certificates when boarding.

Also, before the flight, you need to download the COVID-19 DXB application to your phone (available in the AppStore and GooglePlay) and register in it.

There are restrictions on the plane to Dubai (we flew on an Aeroflot flight). A face mask is required throughout the flight (except for meal times). This is constantly reminded over the speakerphone, stewardesses can approach the passenger and ask, for example, to pull the mask over the nose (according to the rules, the mask should fit snugly to the face, covering the nose and mouth).

Lunch and drinks are provided as usual. However, children's kits, magazines and blankets are no longer issued - all these are now "measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus." Therefore, do not rush to check in your jackets. It can be very cold in the aircraft cabin.

The board starts to be heated only when passengers board the plane. As the flight attendants explained to us, this is also due to the orders of Rospotrebnadzor and the non-proliferation of coronavirus.

Otherwise, the flight is going the way we are used to it and before the pandemic. Also, as usual, passengers leave the plane upon arrival.


After leaving the aircraft, all passengers are sent for PCR testing. Airport employees are actively involved in the distribution of queue flows, so everything happens very quickly. It is worth noting that Dubai Airport is now relatively empty. Therefore, all procedures take place without a long wait.

Coronavirus tests in Dubai

A week ago, we told here on the channel how things are with medical care in Russia now, during the epidemic. Personal story of our parents, one of whom suffered from covid.

After the article (who is interested, I give a link at the end), some readers sarcastically asked: in the Emirates, what, an ambulance will come to your home, also free of charge?

I'll tell you how it happens in the UAE.

Relax and not go broke

November, December is the peak time for tourists in the UAE. There is no longer the heat that was in the previous six months, but the sea is still warm and comfortable. And there is no cold wind.

If any of you, despite the global situation, are still planning a vacation in the Emirates (especially with extreme ones), think about insurance. This is not an advertising post, this is common sense. The desire to save a couple of hundred can cost tens of thousands in the end, God forbid that ...

The fact is that medicine is very expensive for foreigners in the Emirates. Public hospitals treat free of charge exclusively to UAE citizens. Residents and tourists can only rely on private clinics and hospitals, where they will be treated either for their money or with insurance. Most hotels have doctors who, of course, will help and even send them to the hospital, if necessary .. But for foreign citizens, even emergency assistance will be paid for. The only question is whether you pay out of pocket or an insurance company.

Therefore, if you need a doctor, immediately contact your insurance company, whose phone number must be indicated on the insurance policy. The insurance company will tell you which health center or hospital to go to. An ambulance in the UAE (Ambulance) is called by calling 998 or 999.

If you are reading our channel, you could have seen more than once that the list of mandatory documents for entering the UAE now includes insurance for the entire period of stay. Now she has to cover and treatment for covid.

For tourists arriving in the UAE with Emirates and Etihad airlines, covid insurance is automatically included. More about this is in one of our materials, the link is at the end of the article.

How much does it cost to get sick

In February 2018, the Dubai Ambulance Service (DCAS) introduced emergency assistance charges. The law was approved by the Sheikh of Dubai. Estimate the numbers and decide for yourself which is cheaper - maybe or insurance:

First-hand news

Part of the well-known Emirates Healthcare Company group of clinics in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Hospital accepts many patients from abroad.

The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at its disposal, including CT and MRI scanners. There is also a radiological department here.

The clinic has a modern catheterization laboratory, fully equipped for complex procedures such as ablation, angiogram, angioplasty and implantation of pacemakers.

Inpatients are provided with large, bright rooms with private bathrooms, telephone and staff communication system, additional places for accompanying and visitors.

Emirates Hospital Dubai: excellence in healthcare

Emirates Hospital Dubai is a general hospital located in a major residential area of ​​the city, Jumeirah. The clinic is part of the large-scale medical group Emirates Healthcare, which is one of the leading providers of medical services in the region.

The hospital accepts both local and international patients.

The hospital provides high-quality medical care using modern medical technologies and is one of the leaders in its industry. The hospital is JCI certified.

international quality certificate

Emirates Hospital Dubai wide range of medical services for patients

The high quality of patient care at Emirates Hospital is guaranteed by its employees: the staff here are internationally accredited doctors who use an electronic system for recording and storing data. The hospital has the latest medical equipment to carry out the most complex procedures and operations.

Breast augmentation is no longer the most popular surgery

Social media allows plastic surgery in Dubai to really thrive. Moreover, in some cases, to such an extent that patients become obsessed with plastic surgery. This statement was made by local surgeons meeting at the annual professional summit of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Dubai. Dr. Bander Al Aytan, Saudi Arabian Plastic Surgeon at Bella Roma Center for Medical and Aesthetic Surgery, says:

“Women are increasingly being influenced by social media. This is especially evident in North America, but recently the trend has reached our countries as well. Ten years ago, we did not have a tendency to do operations that are popular in Western countries. This has changed in recent years thanks in large part to the influence of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. "

Gluteoplasty is very popular in the UAE

Doctors talked about a sharp increase in demand for buttock augmentation with implants, a significant increase in the number of male patients and requests for skin tightening after dramatic weight loss. Gluteoplasty (surgical augmentation of the buttocks) has overtaken even breast augmentation in popularity, as many women strive to achieve the "Kardashian effect".

By some estimates, Dubai has more plastic surgeons per capita than any other city in the world. Dr. Al-Aytan complains that he has to deal with inadequate wishes of patients:

“We have unusual and inadequate requests, for example, women wanting to have huge breasts. We tell the patient that, despite the possibility of carrying out such an operation, it is inappropriate and may negatively affect human health. If I understand that the operation will harm the patient, I refuse to do so. We also try to advise patients on what is appropriate for their ethnicity.

Dubai has more plastic surgeons per capita than any other city in the world

Many women now want to show off their curvy buttocks - this trend came to us from South America. Plastic surgery is flourishing and buttock augmentation is now more popular than breast surgery. "

Popular non-invasive procedures

In the ranking of the most popular non-invasive procedures for men and women, botulinum therapy remains the most popular. This is followed by contour correction with fillers for women and laser hair removal for men.

The hospital is located just 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport and can provide emergency helicopter services for critically ill patients.

The clinic has spacious waiting rooms with access to wireless Internet. In the lobby there is a gift and flower shop, a cafeteria, a pharmacy, an ATM.

All inpatient wards at American Hospital are single beds. Upon a separate request of the patient, it is possible to provide a VIP apartment.

Investing in innovative technologies, the hospital regularly purchases modern medical equipment. The diagnostic department has the latest Toshiba Aquilion One Genesis CT scanner.

American Hospital Dubai: International Medical Services

American Hospital Dubai is the first private hospital in the Middle East to receive JCI accreditation. It is committed to providing exceptional, patient-centered care, expanding its services in line with the growing demand for private healthcare in the UAE and the region.

The hospital has a large territory and annually receives hundreds of foreign patients.

The hospital is a high-tech modern medical facility that provides a wide range of services to the local population and foreign patients. The hospital is part of the Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, and its laboratory is the first in the private sector in the region to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

JCI accreditation confirmed

International Quality Standards at American Hospital Dubai

To ensure the highest standards of care, the American Hospital has implemented the Superior Service Program and its Clinical Education Department offers multidisciplinary educational programs for its medical staff. The Clinic's Life Support Training Center was the first private hospital in the UAE to become the American Heart Association's (AHA) International Training Center. The hospital is also a member of the prestigious Mayo Care Network.

American Hospital is the first medical facility in Dubai to purchase the fourth generation da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system.

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