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Elisha Clinic is located in a beautiful area of ​​Haifa, a port city in northern Israel. The clinic offers a beautiful view of the famous Mount Carmel. Elisha is a private clinic, one of the most famous, with a reputation for being the most progressive and at the same time comfortable medical and diagnostic institution.

Elisha Hospital provides routine medical care to both Israelis and patients coming from abroad, without restrictions. Medical tourism is one of the priority areas of the clinic.

Elisha Clinic was founded even before the formation of the State of Israel, in 1935, and throughout its rather long history of existence has enjoyed an authority based on an impeccable reputation and respect both among patients and in the medical community.

Elisha Medical Center in Haifa is one of the largest private clinics in the country. The hospital is designed for 150 beds, plus 18 beds in the “Tsar David” department - VIP level.

Elisha Hospital Haifa

The hospital has 8 operating rooms, the permanent staff consists of 350 people, and another 200 doctors, top-level specialists, the clinic recruits as freelance workers. These are the doctors who work in public medical institutions in high positions, or teach at medical universities. A private clinic of such a level as Elisha, thus provides its patients with supervision by the best specialists, often with international recognition.

The Elisha clinic has its own fashionable hotel complex, a restaurant, two swimming pools (for adults and for children), where patients undergo rehabilitation, a sauna, a gym equipped with everything necessary for recovering from a serious illness and to keep in shape. There is also its own beauty salon and other services necessary to ensure a decent level of comfort.

Elisha is a multidisciplinary hospital, perhaps not having only one direction - the provision of emergency care, patients here receive planned assistance, whether it is examination, cancer treatment or rehabilitation, especially the rehabilitation of diseases of the osteoarticular system, one of the prides Elisha Clinic, there is everything you need to restore the most difficult cases in accordance with the most advanced techniques. Children with cerebral palsy are also successfully undergoing rehabilitation here.

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery is another area that has made the clinic famous. Elisha has been doing plastic surgery for over half a century, long before the plastic surgery boom. You can change your appearance for the better, remove gross age-related changes here, completely eliminating the risk to health.

All types of plastic surgeries using modern techniques, as well as hardware cosmetology in its newest version, are available to patients at Elisha Hospital. Diagnostics is something without which high-quality treatment is impossible; the clinic is also represented as widely as possible. On the basis of Elisha hospital, Check-Up examination programs, which are very popular, have been developed and put into practice.

One of the features of Elisha Hospital is that it always keeps up with the times, follows new methods of therapy and surgery, introduces innovations earlier than in other clinics, constantly updates the park of technical means, up to of how it manages to become obsolete.

This is the technical support of high-quality treatment abroad, but of course, it is even more important that the best doctors in Israel are accepted in the hospital. In combination with excellent care and a high level of comfort, this ensures a high rating of the Elisha clinic.

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Carmel Hospital - Carmel Medical Center is located in Haifa, Israel's northern sea gate. Accordingly, the entire northern region of Israel falls under the responsibility of the Carmel Clinic, and it also provides medical assistance to patients arriving in Israel for treatment from abroad. Carmel is a relatively new medical center; in its meaning of a large hospital, it has existed since the seventies of the twentieth century.

Over the years of its existence, the clinic has established itself from the best side, both in terms of the quality of medical services provided and in terms of the degree of comfort for patients, which earned high praise from both Israelis and foreign patients. Currently, Carmel Medical Center is one of the most popular Israeli hospitals involved in various medical tourism programs.

Carmel Clinic Israel

The hospital got its name from its location - the clinic buildings are located on the slope of the famous Mount Carmel. This is in all respects a good location, since in the upper part of the city there is much less gas pollution and, accordingly, the air is cleaner.

The patients of the clinic, as a "bonus" to the comfortable rooms, have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views of the Haifa Bay. About one hundred thousand patients are treated annually at the Carmel Hospital, of which approximately a quarter undergo surgery of the highest standards.

The Carmel Medical Center consists of more than thirty divisions, the medical staff is more than 300 people, about 1,000 nurses and the same number of service personnel.

The medical staff is selected taking into account the strictest standards, the clinic staff speaks several languages, so there is usually no language barrier, and certainly it is absent in relation to Russian-speaking patients.

Carmel Hospital cooperates with the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, Israel's largest university located in Haifa. As a clinical base, Carmel Hospital is used for scientific work by university staff, many university teachers are attending physicians at the Carmel Medical Center.

The Carmel Clinic is multi-profile, that is, it specializes in all areas, from general therapy to such highly specialized ones as the treatment of cancer, heart diseases, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, etc. Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, it boasts highly qualified personnel, and the Center for Advanced Studies of Doctors is also located here.

Doctors at the Carmel Hospital have the latest tools and techniques for diagnosing and treating various diseases. The Carmel Clinic is equipped with the latest technology, and timely updates its fleet of diagnostic, medical and surgical equipment, thanks to which it is possible to provide treatment according to the most modern standards.

Treatment at Carmel Hospital is highly effective, deciding to entrust your health to the best doctors in Israel, you are taking the first step towards recovery.

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List of Israeli clinics and selection

Assuta - located in Tel Aviv. It is the undisputed leader, consistently occupying the first line of the list of private clinics in Israel. This is the largest medical institution equipped with state-of-the-art world-class technology. It provides unique diagnostics and treatment of various cardiological, orthopedic, neurosurgical, gynecological, urological and other diseases.

City: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Ra'anana, Rishon LeZion

Located in the vicinity of Tel Hashomer. He specializes in cardiology, oncological genetics, surgery and artificial insemination. Sheba has four specialized hospitals, hundreds of clinics and research laboratories.

Located in Haifa. It is Israel's leading emergency hospital and one of the world's leading trauma centers. The main areas of activity: cardiology, vascular surgery, artificial insemination, plastic surgery.

The second largest medical center in Israel, located in the center of Tel Aviv. Its distinctive feature is the broadest specialization. More than eight hundred doctors are leading specialists and practicing professors of world renown.

Hadassah - the clinic is one of the most reputable medical centers in Israel, recognized all over the world. Complex treatment of diseases is carried out here using ultramodern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Hadassah includes two campuses: Hadassah Ein Kerem - located on the outskirts of Jerusalem; Hadassah Har HaTsofim - Located on Mount Scopus.

Herzliya Medical Center is located in Herzliya, off the Mediterranean coast. It is the only private clinic that has received a special license for open heart surgery, transplantation of almost neurosurgical operations. Patients are offered all types of open and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Ramat Aviv is one of the largest medical centers. The highest quality of service, state-of-the-art equipment, and exceptional qualifications of specialists allowed the center to win the trust of the Ministry of Health.

Schneider is a children's medical center located in Petah Tikva. It is a national center for oncology, endocrinology, hematology, and childhood diabetes. It is Israel's leading clinic in the field of heart, bone marrow, kidney and liver transplantation.

Elisha is located in Haifa. It is a multidisciplinary hospital equipped with the latest medical technology. Collaborates with the best specialists. Elisha is one of the best medical institutions providing services to patients from other countries. All medical documentation is provided in Russian. During the implementation of the medical program, constant accompaniment by Russian-speaking staff is provided.

Located in Petah Tikva. It includes two multidisciplinary hospitals: Beilinson and Hasharon. More than 30,000 operations are carried out annually within the walls of the center. In addition to numerous departments of various profiles, the structure also includes independent medical units: Helen Schneider - a gynecological hospital, the largest center for women's reproductive health. Davidov is an innovative cancer center specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Felsenstein is the base for medical research. Recanati is a center specializing in hereditary pathologies.

includes 60 branches of various directions. The hospital uses innovative diagnostic and treatment methods in the field of cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, hemato-oncology, arthroscopic surgery.

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