Effective use of health insurance in Bulgaria

Working in Bulgaria: in-demand vacancies

Using medical services abroad can save significant money

If you can afford to go to a good dentist in Russia, then you can afford a trip to Bulgaria for treatment, and for the same money you can also relax! The increasing prices for dental services every year contribute to the development and strengthening of the practice of dental tourism. Especially often, the possibilities of treatment abroad are considered by those patients who at least once overpayed for treatment at home, but the quality of treatment received did not match the price. And there are many other reasons for this. The so-called dental tourism is not only dental treatment abroad. This is an opportunity to get an exceptional combination of high quality and service, while saving a significant amount of money. And the key feature of this combination is largely hidden precisely in the cost savings, since the prices for medical services in many cities of Russia are very high.

Therefore, Russians usually choose European countries for dental treatment, where the cost of medical services is much lower, but the quality meets high international standards. A comfortable stay, ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment for consumers are equally important. Also, rest and treatment are made comfortable by sincerely hospitable people who speak foreign languages.

Based on the listed positive aspects, it becomes clear why an annually increasing number of people, both from Russia and from Western Europe, choose Bulgaria for the treatment and restoration of the dentition. Here, in the best clinics, the quality of dental services meets European standards, and prices are several times lower. And in addition to material benefits and health benefits, this type of tourism also brings tremendous moral satisfaction from visiting this picturesque country.

Why choose dental tourism:

Varna is a favorite place

Varna - the summer capital of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has long been known as one of the most attractive tourist countries, which is famous for its good climate, beautiful nature and hospitable people. The bright sun, azure sea, beautiful beaches, a wide selection of hotels, an abundance of fruits and vegetables make tours to Bulgaria popular among millions of Europeans and Russians as well. And given the good service and high level of service in the resorts of Bulgaria, the cost of a tour to Varna is pleasantly striking in its low cost.

For many people, Bulgaria is associated with the city of Varna and the Golden Sands resort. And this is no coincidence, because Varna is known as the summer capital of Bulgaria. It is a wonderful city with its own history and amazing architectural structures. Not only the sea and the mild climate give visitors the pleasure of relaxing, but walks around the city bring guests a lot of unforgettable impressions. It is possible to spend an excellent vacation in Bulgaria in any season, but it is the summer resort vacation that is usually the key - once guests come here, they return next year. The dreams of the guests of Bulgaria about a comfortable sea vacation come true at the famous resorts. Both lovers of quiet, unhurried rest, and those who crave entertainment and chic nightlife - everyone can find a resort to their liking, in the vicinity of Varna.

For family and more intimate holidays, the resort of St. Constantine and Helena is becoming a frequent choice. A natural park with cypresses and fig trees in a wooded area, a relief seashore, small quiet bays, peace and tranquility, healing mineral springs, a magical combination of the sea breeze at an altitude of 25 m above sea level with forest coolness and the aroma of age-old trees - taken together, make relaxation light and truly relaxing. There are so many mineral springs there that some of them drain directly into the sea, making the coast warm and welcoming even in winter.

Background information

Medical insurance sold in Bulgaria to foreigners, according to the regulation on the conditions of compulsory health insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria, allows the insured person to contact any medical institution in Bulgaria and the possibility of subsequent payment of expenses by the insurance company. It is convenient - you can go to the clinic that suits you, pay and receive insurance benefits. But, in this case, you need to get ready to spend time and effort to receive compensation under the insurance contract. This article will give you the information you need to help you avoid difficult situations and make the most of your insurance.

Brief information about insurance companies we work with

Insurance company "Armeets" works through the international assistance "Coris" and in the event of an insured event and compliance with the rules of the insurance company, the company pays the costs directly, but this does not guarantee getting rid of the need to deal with paperwork to reimburse costs in some cases.

Bulstrad Life and Unica Life insurance companies have direct contracts with many clinics, but there are many cases when the insured person had to pay the expenses on his own and then submit documents for restoration. Unfortunately, the list of clinics is not publicly available. In this regard, we cannot guarantee the relevance of this or that agreement at the moment.

ZHZI Insurance Company works by recovering expenses within 15 days from the date of filing an application for reimbursement of expenses.

On weekends and outside working hours, many insurance companies (except for "Armeets") - support services do not work. In this case, you must call on the first working day. Also, it is important to know that insurance companies tend not to transfer reimbursements to bank accounts outside Bulgaria

How to act in the event of an insured event in Bulgaria

General and Local Recommendations

In order to avoid the hassle of an insured event, we recommend taking the time and taking the following steps in advance:

  • Find out about clinics near your holiday or residence. Contact these medical institutions and find out which Bulgarian insurance companies they work with. Alternatively, call the insurance company and find out which clinics will serve you according to your insurance policy, referring to the fact that you know that it is impossible to get through to the insurance company on weekends.
  • In the event of an insured event, when contacting the insurance company, try to find out the number assigned to your case and keep it for future inquiries on this matter.
  • If an insured event occurs and you pay for medical services yourself, open a bank account in Bulgaria to receive funds in the name of the insured person or guardian.

Warm climate, clean sandy beaches, inexpensive resorts make rest and treatment in Bulgaria pleasant and affordable for Russians. Mountain and sea air, curative mud and healing mineral springs of various temperatures help tourists to maintain their health, get rid of chronic diseases or significantly alleviate their symptoms.

In addition, many Bulgarians are fluent in spoken Russian, so communication with the staff of medical centers, clinics, sanatoriums, as well as with local residents will not cause any difficulties for Russian tourists.

Resorts and health resorts in Bulgaria

The most popular are the Bulgarian sanatoriums located on the very coast of the sea, as well as sanatoriums with treatment, where patients can undergo a full course of treatment for the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, as well as cure skin diseases.

Health resorts in Bulgaria offer their patients therapeutic procedures using the waters of healing springs, which have the following advantages:

  • Fluoride water: used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system, the springs are located in Sandanski Velingrad.
  • Siliceous waters: effective for skin diseases, hypertension, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the springs are located in Hisar, Velingrad, Sandanski, Kyustendil.
  • Radon waters: located in Hisar.

All the healing springs of Bulgaria, which are located on the seashore, are famous for their high content of iodine and bromine.

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system

Treatment of the musculoskeletal system is carried out at the most famous mud resort in Bulgaria - Pomorie. Local muds of the Pomorie Lake contain green algae, which enrich the water of this lake and the mud itself:

  • Biologically active substances.
  • Mineral elements.
  • Hormones.

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It is wrong to save on health only if this savings is due to the quality of services. And if the quality remains excellent, but the price drops by half, then it is simply a sin to ignore such offers.

How to save money on medicine and cosmetology in Bulgaria?

In general, in Bulgaria, from time to time, some surveys are offered in different cities at half price, or even free of charge - for everyone, not only for the happy owners of permanent residence or permanent residence, not to mention citizens. And many people use these services. One problem is that such promotions are not held very often. Alternatively, you can use coupons. We have already written about using coupon sites like grabo. g, here. There periodically there are proposals of a medical nature. If you are only interested in medicine, then you can use the site ofertomat. g. Of course, you will not be completely cured, but on the other hand, you will be able to pass tests, undergo examinations and receive expert advice - and this is already a lot. If you constantly monitor discounts, then taking care of beauty and health will cease to be an expensive pleasure. The principle of operation is the same as that of other coupon sites. You buy a voucher for a symbolic price, print it out (sometimes you just need to write down the number), go to the necessary medical facility and get everything you need, with a big discount or even free of charge. It is possible to subscribe to services in your city. And if you are not only thinking about your health, but also about the well-being of your beloved guinea pig, then the site ofertovet is at your service. g, which works the same way. True, there are several times fewer offers there, and almost all are in Sofia. But back to Ofertomed (the site is called that way, and not at all Ofertomat, as one might think). This is an easy-to-use page. There are several sections:

  • • Current offers. You can choose from the most popular, newest, expiring, and even completely free.
  • • Offer offer. Subdivisions - for children, women, men, prevention, laboratory tests, rehabilitation, dentistry, medical products, nutrition, various types of examinations.
  • • Cosmetic offers. Procedures, plastic, food, dietary supplements, sports.
  • • Price listings. Discounts (usually small).
  • • Novini. Here you can read all sorts of articles and news.

We save on medicine in Bulgaria: instructions

Actually, nothing complicated. First, go to the site. Choose the service you are interested in - at least in some section, at least you browse everything in a row. Above, by the way, there are windows for search and city selection. If you do not plan to go to the other end of the country for analysis, we recommend using. After choosing a suitable offer, you can see the details - validity period, regions, what exactly is offered, whether an entry is required, etc. Choosing the most interesting offer. The larger the discount, the more interesting it usually becomes. Click on it. We read the details. On the right, the voucher validity period and conditions are indicated, for example, it is written about the need to pre-register or print the voucher. If everything suits you, click "buy a voucher" at the top of the page. If you are registered, then enter your profile. You can also log in with Facebook or Google +. Or you can just choose a payment method and register. There are several payment options:

  • • Izipey cash. No commission, you will receive vouchers immediately.
  • • ePay. Same.
  • • Using a bank card. Getting it right away.
  • • Via an ATM. Vouchers will be sent immediately.
  • • Bank transfer. You will receive vouchers in 2-3 days.
  • • Using PayPal. For amounts over BGN 30 only.

You will receive vouchers by e-mail. In most cases, you will need to print them. Now you go (having registered in advance, if necessary) to the indicated address, not forgetting the printed voucher. There you give the coupon, pay extra as much as you need, receive a check - in general, everything is as usual. In this way, we passed analyzes in the Ramus laboratory. Since we passed them on our own initiative, for prophylaxis, Zdravna Kasa did not pay for anything. And we paid half as much - thanks to the use of vouchers. By the way, the employees of the laboratory clearly saw the voucher for the first time - either the service is unpopular in Dobrich, and only we are so advanced, or they were simply inexperienced. In general, we had to wait a couple of minutes for the girls to call the central office and find out how to pay. But then everything was very quick and simple. Blood test results are ready the same day and can be viewed on the Internet. And if you need information on paper, then you need to go to the laboratory and get the same results, but on a beautiful letterhead and with a seal. How beneficial is it? At the time of this writing, the following sentences were among the most popular:

  • • Cardiologist's examination + blood test + blood pressure measurement + ECG - 30 instead of 66 BGN, -54%.
  • • Removal of tartar + polishing with air flow - 16 BGN instead of 100 BGN, -84%.
  • • Rhinoplasty (whole nose) - 3900 instead of 6000 levs, -35%.
  • • Study of TSH and T4 - 15 instead of 28 levs, -46%.
  • • Ultrasonic face cleansing + moisturizing therapy + oxygen spray + cryotherapy - 30 BGN instead of 60, -50%.

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Work in Bulgaria is in demand among Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. A country with a good climate, picturesque landscapes and warm sea attracts many migrants. Besides, with comparatively good salaries, food is cheap here.

But how to find a job in Bulgaria in 2021? What are the requirements of employers for a potential employee? And what documents are needed for employment? Read about all this in a new article on the website of Migrantu Mir.

Attitudes towards Russians

We have already talked about the pros and cons of living in Bulgaria. Our compatriots are attracted by the warm and mild climate of the Black Sea coast, as well as low food prices. However, the expensive communal apartment and the deplorable state of medicine are repulsive.

At the same time, Bulgarians were very loyal to Russian workers for a long time. However, the 2014 conflict undermined a long-standing relationship. Residents of Bulgaria now treat Russia with caution, although they do not take sides in disputes.

Russians are neutral. Photo: pixabay

At the same time, no manifestations of Russophobia, and even the usual domestic rudeness on national grounds, can not be found here. Most of the country's citizens are neutral towards migrants, hiring them if they can prove their professional qualities.

As a result, getting a job is easy. No conflicts or harassment will arise between colleagues.

In-Demand Jobs

The labor market in Bulgaria can hardly be called overcrowded - some industries experience a real shortage of qualified personnel. Foreigners are welcome here. If a Russian can work, moreover, work hard and well, he will be literally torn off with his hands.

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