In the minds of many Russian tourists, Cambodia is a state where hostilities are still continuing. Probably, a certain fear plays a significant role in this, which causes the name of one of the former leaders of the country, Pol Pot, in people. / p>" /> In the minds of many Russian tourists, Cambodia is a state where hostilities are still continuing. Probably, a certain fear plays a significant role in this, which causes the name of one of the former leaders of the country, Pol Pot, in people. / p>"> In the minds of many Russian tourists, Cambodia is a state where hostilities are still continuing. Probably, a certain fear plays a significant role in this, which causes the name of one of the former leaders of the country, Pol Pot, in people. / p>">

Do I need to buy travel insurance to travel to Cambodia

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In the minds of many Russian tourists, Cambodia is a state where hostilities are still continuing. Probably, a certain fear plays a significant role in this, which causes the name of one of the former leaders of the country, Pol Pot, in people. But now the country is more or less calm, moreover, it is open for travel and is considered an interesting and fairly safe place. But given the peculiarities of local medicine, tourists are not advised to go there without insurance.

By the way, there is a special attitude towards vacationers from Russia in the country. Once there was a close connection between the Soviet Union and Kampuchea, Soviet specialists came to work in the country, and echoes of this cooperation can still be found. There are even Russian restaurants in Cambodia.

Why is Cambodia interesting?

Cambodia has many historical monuments. The most famous of them is the Angkor temple complex. It is the former capital of the ancient Khmer state. There are dozens of palaces and temples on its territory.

There are famous buildings in the current capital of Cambodia - Phnom Penh. People travel to the eastern part of the country to get acquainted with the local way of life, which has not yet undergone any significant changes after meeting with European culture. The south-west of the country has very picturesque nature. There is also the Bokor National Park, which is considered one of the most attractive corners of Cambodia, which generally has a rich flora and fauna.

Water lovers will also be pleased with the trip to this country. The beaches of Cambodia are not worse than in Thailand. However, many people may not like the quality of local roads - you need to prepare for the fact that passengers and drivers will be very shaken in any trips by car. However, the roadbed has recently been renewed at an accelerated pace throughout the country.

The advantages of a vacation in Cambodia are inexpensive prices for almost everything. For a couple of dollars, a tourist can order a hearty lunch at any restaurant.

What to fear?

The crime rate in the country is quite high. Most of all, you should beware of crowded areas where pickpockets occur, as well as dark alleys and gateways, where robbers can also expect tourists. The number of serious crimes is quite small, usually attackers claim only the material property of their victim. The leader in terms of crime is the capital, Phnom Penh. When traveling around the country, it is advisable to avoid lonely walks in the cities at night, and also to monitor the condition of pockets and bags.

However, the majority of the country's population is very friendly towards tourists. Cambodia is a Buddhist country where moral qualities of a person are highly valued.

Shells and mines, unexploded since the times of several wars that shook the country in the second half of the last century, pose a great danger. Although the country is looking for and neutralizing such a "legacy", it is still not uncommon for someone to be blown up by stepping on a mine. Usually, tourists are limited to acquaintance with the recommended sights for viewing, where the land has long been carefully examined. There is no threat to them. But those who like to walk in forests and fields need to be careful. Such travelers should be aware that various gangs are still lurking in the Cambodian jungle. However, their places of deployment are usually located in places where it is difficult to reach even the military. So, only the most restless researchers should be afraid of meeting with the current "Khmer Rouge".

The country occupies one of the leading positions in Asia in terms of the number of HIV-infected. Local drug traffickers are also a huge problem for the country. Every year, a large number of cases of death of tourists due to overdose or poisoning with narcotic substances are recorded in the country.

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Cambodia Holidays

Southeast Asia is full of beauties, both natural and man-made. A striking example is a small country, which attracts crowds of tourists every year. We are talking about Cambodia. This country has a lot of features, for which it is appreciated and loved by travelers from all over the world. For example, here you can wander around the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, which was built during the times of the Khmer Empire and has miraculously survived to this day in its original form.

It would be an unforgivable omission to buy a tour to Cambodia and not devote time to walks along the luxurious lakes and beautiful national park. Nature has really endowed this corner of Southeast Asia with amazing beauty, so hiking is one of the most favorite types of outdoor activities.

Where should you go first?

There are a lot of really interesting places in Cambodia that are worth visiting, but a few months will not be enough to absorb the originality of this country entirely. However, local guides organize fascinating excursions that allow you to get acquainted with the most beautiful places in this country.

Cambodia attracts with sandy beaches, beauty of landscapes, vacation in Cambodia can be planned for any month, summer reigns here all year round. In terms of comfort, the country's resorts are inferior to Thailand or Vietnam. But the popularity of tours to the kingdom is growing all over the world. Thanks to the low prices, you can significantly save your holiday expenses. In Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kepe, you can spend time comfortably, enjoy excellent beaches, and a variety of entertainment. This country has unique sights, amazing corners of nature that are worth paying attention to.

Activities in Cambodia

The vast majority of tourists go to Cambodia for a beach holiday. The picturesque seaside is covered with soft, soft sand, surrounded by tropical palm trees. Excellent conditions for a pleasant pastime are created by a comfortable temperature, a large number of clear, sunny days.

Not only beach lovers are attracted to Cambodia. Holidays in this country can be diversified with numerous excursions. There are many interesting cultural, historical, religious sites that are worth visiting to expand your horizons, get an unforgettable experience. There are also beautiful corners of nature in the country that allow you to experience vivid emotions and take wonderful pictures.

Sightseeing Cambodia

The property of Cambodia, a well-deserved source of pride is the city of Siem Reap, which houses the unique archaeological park of Angkor. The first settlements in these places were founded in the 9th century, but the popularity of Siem Reap came much later. In the 19th century, researchers from France drew attention to it. They were attracted by the amazing Angkor temple complex, which is now visited by thousands of tourists.

Ruins of ancient buildings, numerous temples can be seen while visiting the city of Battambang. It is the largest city in the country that has managed to preserve its original atmosphere. She also attracts travelers who want to get acquainted with the traditions of Cambodia.

Noteworthy is the small town of Banlung, located on the border with Vietnam. The beautiful Virathei National Park originates in its vicinity, where you can see waterfalls, lakes, visit the crater of an extinct volcano. On the territory there are several villages in which the tribes of the mountain Khmers live. Until now, there are partisan units in these places; you should not go on a tour of the park without a guide.

You can see many beautiful places in the Bokor National Park. There are waterfalls, mysterious mountain caves, amazing valleys with exotic plants, rice fields.

Beach Vacation in Cambodia

Rest in Cambodia for many tourists is primarily associated with Sihanoukville. This town cannot boast of an ancient history; it was built in the last century. Initially, the city was planned for a resort vacation, all conditions were created for a comfortable pastime. It will delight you with equipped beaches, comfortable hotels, a variety of entertainment, numerous bars, restaurants that offer enchanting shows, discos and parties at night. The resort has several beaches, differing in the degree of equipment and cleanliness.

how to live happily

Cambodia Holidays - Potential Threats

Cambodia is an amazing country that you can dream of for a long time, and then pack up and go. There are beautiful wild, almost deserted beaches, affordable food and lodging and almost no tourists, in a word, a paradise for those who are tired of the bustle of the city. However, every paradise has its own problems, somewhere there was a Tempting Serpent, and the rainforest of Cambodia is full of all kinds of snakes, they may not tempt, but they are also very dangerous. About the possible dangers of Cambodia, I just want to write.

Let's start in order, from the worst evils to the smallest.

Firstly, what everyone who wants to go on vacation to Cambodia should remember is Asia, where the white person is considered as the main source of income, so they will definitely try to cheat you, in addition, in Cambodia it is easy to run into to scammers. I once prepared several articles on this topic at once:

Secondly, Cambodia is a third world country, with a poor population, poor medicine, a weak transport system, lawlessness and unsanitary conditions. This means that every tourist while vacationing in Cambodia takes a certain risk associated with the above-described inconveniences, therefore it makes sense to get insurance and take with you a tourist first-aid kit, the approximate composition of which I described in the satya:

Finally, Cambodia is a tropics, which means constant heat, in which everything deteriorates very quickly, which means you need to watch what you are going to taste. In addition, as in any tropics, vacationers in Cambodia are always happy to meet insects, snakes, and other poisonous and not so inhabitants, they will be discussed in this article.

Why not sleep on Cambodia's beach?

Those who are lucky enough to get acquainted with the amazing beauty and emptiness of the beaches of Cambodia will remember them for a long time, trying to attach their exhausted body to the pebbles between garbage and a drunken company, somewhere in the suburbs of Sochi. Perhaps, of the entire Black Sea coast, only Crimea is able to compete with Cambodian sand. However, I advise beach lovers to read individual articles:

And now we're talking about why you shouldn't sleep on these marvelous beaches. On the wild beaches of Cambodia, beach or sand fleas that can darken the whole vacation are not uncommon guests, however, in other tropical countries, they also sometimes cannot do without them. The bite of this small creature is painful, in addition, "marks" remain on the skin, accompanied by local swelling, redness and severe itching. With numerous bites, intoxication with an increase in body temperature is possible, and the danger of a bite is subsequent infection with various infections. Even one bite can bring unpleasant sensations for a week, while combing the bite site is strictly contraindicated, because. it will take even longer to heal.

The simplest salvation is all kinds of sun beds and bedding, i.e. beach fleas do not jump high. There is an opinion that beach fleas do not tolerate the smell of coconut oil, however, in my opinion, it is much safer to stock up on special repellents, which are always sold in countries suffering from this small dirty trick. Antiallergic drugs (suprastin, etc.) help well from unbearable itching. The first thing to do with a bite is to disinfect the bite site. Then on a personal reaction: soothing ointments, antihistamines, but at least alcohol - the main thing to remember is that the bite cannot be combed! Well, don't sleep on the beach.

I wrote a very detailed article about beach flies and fleas while staying on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, which is adjacent to Cambodia. I recommend not just reading the article, but also taking note, and read about wintering in Vietnam separately:

Medicine in Cambodia is like a tape measure, and a visit to the doctor for a simple examination can cost like decaying Europe. I must say right away that getting sick in Southeast Asia is costly and unhealthy. Because for any ailment, a horse dose of antibiotics is prescribed, and if you survived after that, but you seem to feel unwell again, then you will need a follow-up visit to the doctor. And then how lucky. If Phnom Penh, then pump out, and if on the periphery. then most likely brilliant green and plantain. And also expensive.

An acquaintance yesterday decided to examine himself for kidney stones, do fluorography and at the same time pee in a jar. Going to the hospital every five years can sometimes be useful. And this is how it looks in practice and how much is a medical examination for the people.

Visit to the doctor

As in the states, Europe or in other developed countries, you can't just come and say at the registry, they say, take a picture of the lungs, play an ultrasound of the kidneys and here's a liter of urine, put it into components. And I will take the results and decipher/read/think about it myself at my leisure. Nope. First, see the doctor. And all body movements in a medical direction only through a therapist. He will look, nod sympathetically and direct you to the right offices, and charge you some $ 60 plus or minus. And for insurance, as much as $ 100 would have to be paid for a visit.

Procedures and analyzes

In all the offices you will be served quickly and they will not forget to add more money to the account.

Sympathy and a smile from the doctor as a gift.

We Russians do not deceive each other

Almost all Russian-speaking expats strive to find compatriots who do manicure, eyelashes, massage, haircuts, dumplings and of course those who treat. After all, there is no local trust, and the language barrier again hinders. And so everyone runs to Vasya/Lena and pours out their grief as if in spirit. And no one is interested in why such an outstanding and highly paid doctor works in, to put it mildly, in such a sad city as Phnom Penh. Perhaps this is the elite of our medicine, and here they are bringing light to the dark kingdom of Kampuchea. Well, okay, the main thing is that they would be treated and that without any special side effects.

Of course, this means hospitals that have the appropriate equipment and personnel. You can go to the village clinic, but that is a completely different story. It will be interesting to you, I'll write in a separate article.

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