Do a facelift for 3000 euros and save

Do a facelift for 3000 euros and save

Cancellation of visas to Belarus for tourists from 80 countries will affect the development of medical tourism. Who comes to Belarus for treatment? What procedures can be done in five days? What does medical tourism lack for development? To these questions TUT. Y got the answers from the experts.

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"Many procedures in Australia have not even been heard of"

Tatiana Davydova, English teacher and educational consultant, has lived in Australia since 2002. On her last visit to her native Minsk, she decided to spend time on cosmetic procedures. Although Tatiana went to expensive Minsk salons, compared to Australia, she still saved a lot: laser procedures and injections are two times cheaper here. So Tatiana was very pleased.

- There are a lot of various services in Belarusian salons, and in Australia, many procedures have not even been heard. In Minsk, doctors advise more confidently, give the client more knowledge. Maybe they have higher qualifications? In Australia, I met two extremes: either young "specialists" who have a minimum education and do not work in the salons of a very high quality, or experienced, but very expensive professionals.

The only drawback that Tatyana found in beauty salons in Minsk is the "Soviet" service in communicating with the client. But she is still going to come to Belarus again and undergo other procedures here.

In 2015, about 158 ​​thousand foreigners from 121 countries of the world were treated in Belarus. The export of medical services then amounted to $ 33.2 million (this is 3.7 times more than in 2010). And in January-May 2016, the capital's healthcare institutions earned more than $ 4 million from the export of services.

After the abolition of visas with Israel, the flow of tourists doubled

What has changed in medical tourism in recent years? The fact that Belarusian medicine is no longer advertised as cheap.

- It was at the dawn of medical tourism in Belarus, - explains Vladislav Androsov, director of MedTravelBelarus.

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We often work with medical companies, but for me personally, the most memorable project was the promotion of the Podserdtsom medical clinic - the Center for Maternal and Fetal Health, specializing in fetal ultrasound. The leading specialist of the Center is Elena Nikolaevna Porozova, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences.

How do you remember it? First of all - the difficulties that have arisen before us. And, of course, the efforts that had to be made to achieve the stated results. But first things first.

Features of medical clinic promotion

To begin with, let me remind you what are the features of promoting medical services on the network. The most basic is the restriction on advertising in the YAN. You can advertise only on sites of the relevant topic, so 90% of traffic from networks can be cut off immediately.

In addition, both Yandex and Google have restrictions on the titles and text of ads, on the address where the site is located, on the images used. Of course, additional papers are required to prove that the advertised clinic can actually provide the promoted services.

In general, the main thing is not to offend anyone's feelings. And this is certainly correct. But he adds a lot of additional headache when promoting us ... However, the rules are the same for everyone, you have to follow them.

Promotion Strategy

The cooperation began with the development of a Marketing Growth Strategy. I will try to outline its main provisions in a few lines.

Target audience. Women from 25 to 45 years old, for whom it is important to live a full and happy life. They make decisions on their own, they have well-developed professional skills.

Key pain is the need to guard against fetal health problems as early as possible. The main fear is to get an incompetent and unprofessional doctor.

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