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Treatment in Lithuania

Lithuania is an independent sovereign state located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Clean sandy beaches, warm sea, vivid landscapes, mineral springs and a historical landmark - this is modern Lithuania!

Treatment in Druskininkai

Druskininkai is one of the largest and oldest resorts in Lithuania, which today is one of the ten best European resorts. The resort is better known as a center for treatment and rehabilitation.

On the territory of the health resort there are several healing mineral springs, therapeutic mud, many conifers. The mild climate allows the Druskininkai resort to operate all year round.

One of the advantages of the Druskininkai resort is that it is located in an ecologically clean place, and within a radius of about fifty kilometers there are no industrial facilities, only coniferous forests, small lakes and the Neman River.

One of the most famous sources of the Druskininkai resort is the so-called source of beauty and health "Grozis". Scientists claim that in one liter of water from this source, there are more than fifty grams of mineral salts, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

The doctors who work in the sanatoriums and health resorts of Druskininkai should be mentioned separately. All medical personnel have extensive experience and diplomas from leading European universities. In Druskininkai, you can safely entrust the care of your health to real professionals!


Birštonas is one of the most popular resorts in Lithuania, located in the place where the Nemunas forms bends of unique beauty. It has a mild and unique climate that tones the body and makes the immune system function normally. A large number of mineral springs make it possible to fight diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to treat pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Almost all health resorts in Birštonas use waters for balneological procedures, which contain a large amount of bromine, which is useful for treating skin diseases, improving the functioning of the circulatory system, and metabolic processes in the body.

According to the latest data from the Swedish Research Institute, the level of medical care in Lithuania is one of the best in Europe, while the combination of price and quality makes this country attractive for medical tourism not only in the eyes of Europeans, but also Asia ...

Medicine in Demand

The most powerful and, as a consequence, the most popular in the post-Soviet space, branches of medicine in Lithuania include: cardiology, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, nephrology, endocrinology, allergology and dentistry. The high level of qualifications of doctors, the availability of modern high-tech equipment, comfortable clinics and friendly medical staff help to achieve excellent results in the treatment of almost any disease. And the prices for all medical procedures in Lithuanian clinics are several times lower than for similar services in any other country of the European Union.

Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums and balneological resorts in Lithuania, including the legendary Druskininkai, are especially popular among tourists from all over the world. Here everyone will be able to combine wonderful rest and the widest range of health and recovery procedures. The most popular medical services among tourists in Lithuania are dental services. Many tourists combine rest and treatment, since the prices for services in Lithuanian dental clinics are much lower than in other European countries, while the quality of any dental procedure meets the highest European requirements.

Almost all private dental clinics in Lithuania are equipped with the most modern dental equipment, and the materials used as dental composites are manufactured in the USA, Japan, and Germany. The same materials are used in dental clinics and in more progressive European countries, which once again confirms the high level of dental services in Lithuania.

Dental Aspects

One of the most famous dental clinics among medical tourists in Lithuania is the St. Christopher's clinic, which is located in the very heart of Vilnius. It provides a full range of dental services for adults and children, including professional oral hygiene, prosthetics with all types and designs of prostheses, oral surgery, periodontal treatment, dental implantation, orthodontic treatment, modern teeth whitening with a laser, aesthetic filling, and much more.

The advantages of the St. Christopher Dental Clinic are that all work is based on a team principle. Thanks to the close-knit team that was formed more than fifteen years ago, all patient problems are solved in a comprehensive manner, in one clinic. Absolutely every patient receives rational, comprehensive, highly effective and scientifically based dental treatment. And to achieve longer results, the patient is provided with an individual plan with a treatment schedule, as well as complete information on oral hygiene methods.

An important role in achieving a positive result during treatment is played by the temperature and humidity level in the room. To maintain an optimal balance of temperature and humidity, all rooms of the St. Christofor's Dental Clinic are equipped with a modern ventilation system with recuperation and air conditioning. Hotel booking, obtaining a visa and meeting at the airport are provided at the request of the patient.

Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with plastic surgery, and according to the latest statistics, almost every tenth person at one time or another uses the services of plastic surgeons. Plastic and aesthetic surgery helps not only to significantly improve the appearance, but also to eliminate pathological deformation of tissues and organs, and to rehabilitate their functional features.


Plastic surgery in Lithuania is one of the first among other European countries. Microsurgery methods in Lithuania began to be used in the early eighties of the last century. It was their introduction that marked the birth of Lithuanian plastic and aesthetic surgery, which every year became more and more perfect and of high quality.

At the moment, all the most advanced modern techniques in the field of plastic surgery are very quickly mastered by Lithuanian doctors. Every year, more than five thousand plastic surgeries are performed here, of which more than two thousand are performed in Vilnius alone, which speaks of the vast experience of the country's practicing plastic surgeons. And this fact attracts a huge number of foreigners who want to use the services of Lithuanian plastic surgeons. Russians, Americans, Scandinavians, Israelis, British and many others prefer inexpensive but high quality plastic and aesthetic surgery in Lithuania.

Spring is time to travel

More than sixty percent of all patients of Lithuanian plastic clinics are medical tourists from other countries. According to the plastic surgeons themselves, the largest influx of patients is observed in March and April; many tourists try to combine plastic and cosmetic procedures with spa recovery in the best sanatoriums of the country.

Lithuanian clinic: price versus quality

As a rule, medical tourists who turn to aesthetic surgery in Lithuanian clinics are attracted by low prices. For example, rhinoplasty here costs three times less than a similar service in medical centers in the UK or Scandinavia. Many foreign patients become regular clients of plastic surgeons and try to do several plastic and cosmetic procedures in one visit, since this can significantly save money.

Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments

The most popular aesthetic surgeries are: liposuction - 20% (removal of fat from various parts of the body), breast augmentation - about 16%, rhinoplasty (nose correction) and blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) - about 12%. In addition, invasive methods of rejuvenation, such as mesotherapy, injections of botulism toxins and hyaluronic acid, do not lose their popularity.

Due to the growing popularity of Lithuanian plastic surgery among foreigners, many medical centers have opened their offices in various countries of the European Union and the former CIS. By contacting such a clinic in their city, everyone can receive qualified advice and, if desired, appoint a date for a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure in Lithuania. Often these clinics offer assistance in obtaining a visa, hotel reservations and other organizational issues.

The application will be processed shortly and a medical tourism specialist will contact you.

The Lithuanian resort of Palanga is one of the ten best resort places in Europe. In addition, UNESCO recognized Palanga as the most ecologically clean place in Europe today. The length of the coastline of Palanga is about twenty five kilometers. The unique combination of a temperate maritime climate and coniferous forests has provided the resort with its second name “Lithuanian tourist Mecca”. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually strive to visit this amazing place, where beach holidays and spa treatments are harmoniously combined. Thus, today Palanga is a balneological, climatic and mud resort.

Therapeutic factors of Palanga

Unlike most modern seaside resorts, Palanga is also a balneological health resort, where people suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract and ENT organs seek to get. Here everyone can receive effective treatment using all kinds of procedures, such as:

  • Radon baths.
  • Drinking mineral water enriched with trace elements and various salts.
  • Mud applications.
  • Peat mud wraps.

In addition to procedures, the climate itself has healing properties - fresh sea air, which combines essential oils of coniferous plants, walks in beautiful parks, which in their beauty and well-groomed, can be compared only with English ones, and swimming in warm sea.

Palanga sights

The Palanga resort is famous all over the world for its sights, such as Birute Botanical Park, Birute Mountain, Pier and J. Basanavičiaus Street.

Botanical Park Birute

Palanga Botanical Park Birute is considered one of the most beautiful parks in all of Eastern Europe. It was founded by Count Felix Tyshkevich back in 1897, and its area is more than one hundred hectares. Only forest plantations are more than 60 hectares, meadows account for about 24 hectares, reservoirs - about 1.2 hectares and flower beds - 0.5 hectares. One of the attractions of the park is the beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag certificate. Its length is about 1.5 km.

On the territory of the park is the residence of Count Tyshkevich, built according to the project of the German architect F. Schwechten. The building is made in the best traditions of neoclassicism, and is decorated with numerous sculptures and vases.

Every tenth patient of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center comes here from abroad. The clinic is fully operational with international clients.

The Orthopedics and Traumatology Center of the clinic specializes in the treatment of the entire spectrum of diseases and injuries in both adults and children. It uses innovative treatment methods such as natural regeneration of the knee joint cartilage, arthroscopic procedures, and joint replacement.

The center of excellence is the ophthalmology department of the clinic, where patients can undergo a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including laser vision correction.

The diagnostic department of the clinic has the latest high-resolution MRI machine (1.5 Tesla) Optima MR360 Advance (General Electric), as well as a GIOTTO IMAGE 3DL mammograph.

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius: the widest range of services

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center (SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo center) in Vilnius is one of the largest private medical institutions in Lithuania. It provides a wide range of services - from disease prevention to accurate diagnosis, effective therapeutic and surgical treatment and high-quality rehabilitation.

Hundreds of patients from abroad visit the clinic every year.

The center is the holder of several international quality certificates, including JCI accreditation, and provides a high level of patient service. The clinic has received recognition not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. Patients come here from both the CIS countries and the EU.

instrumental research every year

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius: comprehensive service for local and foreign patients

The Medical Center (MCDL) was founded in 1995 and today it is one of the leaders among private medical institutions in Lithuania. It was he who was the first in Lithuania to acquire a computed tomography scanner, and then received the international ISO quality certificate.

The following departments operate in the center:

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