Dental tourism: welcome to St. Petersburg

Dental tourism: welcome to St. Petersburg

Dental tourism (or "dental vacation") is a type of medical tourism. These are trips of people in dire need of dental treatment, most often to cities (or even countries) that provide better or cheaper dental services than in their hometown (country). Dental tourism has recently been gaining popularity all over the world, this allows "developing countries" to provide dental care of no less quality than in advanced countries, but much cheaper. Nowadays, there are even entire dental and medical tourism agencies. They work in almost the same way as "classic" travel agencies, only instead of interesting sights they offer their clients the most suitable dental clinics around the world.

Kind of tourism - dental

While dental (dental) tourists may travel for a variety of reasons, their choice is usually driven by financial considerations. Countries and cities with cheaper medical services are selected for travel.

Pricing, quality and procedures

Much of the debate about dental tourism and medical tourism in general focuses on the question of whether low prices affect service quality. Another challenge is whether large-scale dental procedures can be safely completed abroad or in another city in a relatively short period of time, such as a two-day trip?

Another issue affecting this debate is the lack of an independent inspection committee for dentists, similar to the Joint International Commission for Physicians.

Dentistry is simply not suitable for a normal pricing assessment: the price for each treatment will vary, and the exact price cannot be determined until an examination is carried out. Therefore, price lists are not a guarantee of final costs.

Obviously, when performing extensive dental procedures abroad or in another city, even taking into account travel expenses, the treatment can be significantly cheaper than the same procedures performed at home. For example, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, practice trains for the purpose of dental treatment in St. Petersburg, which is unofficially called the capital of dentistry. It is here that there is a large association of dentists, which has extensive experience working with both nonresident patients and patients from other countries. Prices and qualifications of doctors can be viewed through the clinics' websites or by contacting dentists directly.

Location is another important factor. If you travel far enough to have your teeth healed, then you need to take into account the fact that during the trip back something may go wrong, for example, a filling will fall out and it may take a long time to go back and fix the problem.

Therefore, it is better to choose cities with developed transport links, or those that are located at a relatively short distance. Because procedures often require multiple steps or follow-up checks, the patient may have to return to the same doctor who previously treated.

For example, for a tooth implant, a minimum of two trips are required. During the first, the base and temporary crown will be installed, during the second - the permanent implant itself.

Attractiveness of St. Petersburg in terms of dental tourism

St. Petersburg has a rich dental history! Not so much the price, as the experience and dental history, are attracting more and more "dental tourists" here. In the dental clinics of St. Petersburg, perhaps, one of the best conditions on the territory of the Russian Federation, there is the possibility of both individual and group escort to the place of dental work. A trip to this city allows you to combine a trip or a planned meeting with family and friends with high-quality and inexpensive dental treatment.

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