Dental tourism: important points and benefits

Medical tourism in Belarus: inexpensive and beautiful

Meanwhile, the beauty of the modest Belarus deserves considerable praise and the most enthusiastic epithets. The inhabitants of this wonderful region themselves call their country blue-eyed, indicating a large number of picturesque lakes and rivers located on its territory. The largest and most famous among them are the Pripyat, Neman and Dnieper rivers, and the lakes Naroch, Svityaz, Osveyskoye, Drivyaty. The wonderful nature of the country creates excellent conditions not only for recreation, but also for treatment.

Prospects of medical tourism in modern Belarus

Agritourism is actively developing in Belarus, and many residents of megalopolises have already been able to appreciate the benefits of recreation in a country estate in the bosom of nature. Fresh air and enchanting birdsong have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and the national cuisine with dishes cooked in the oven from ecologically clean and fresh products has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines.

Rest in a Belarusian estate is a health improvement in itself, and its main advantage is a relatively low price.

At the moment, these estates can accept a small number of guests, but every year there are more and more such quiet corners for relaxation. The government of Belarus is already starting to deal with the development of tourism, including medical tourism, so it is quite possible to talk about the prospects of the tourism industry in the country.

Belarus is a beautiful country!

Medical tourism and recreation in Belarus: popular sanatoriums

The sanatoriums of Belarus founded several decades ago or recently built are very popular. All of them are characterized by good service and comfort of living.

Perhaps the most famous are such large health resorts as Yaselda, Svityaz, Alesya, Svitanok. In almost every region there is a sanatorium called "Sosny" or "Ozerny". In all these institutions, not only Belarusians, but also Russians, Ukrainians, as well as residents of other CIS countries rest and undergo medical procedures. The list of procedures available to guests of Belarusian health resorts is quite solid: these are various kinds of baths, showers, physical procedures, saunas, therapeutic massages, electrotherapy, laser therapy, herbal medicine, etc. pleasant experience.

Treatment in one of the sanatoriums of Belarus

The digestive organs, female genital organs, the nervous system (sanatoriums "Belorusochka", "Berezka", "Berestye", "Borovoe"), skin diseases (sanatorium "Berezina", children's sanatoriums "Nalibokskaya Pushcha" and "Rainbow").

There are also special children's sanatoriums in the country, where children from different countries can also rest.

Dental tourism is a type of medical tourism based on the fact that people who need full dental treatment go to another city or even a country where dental services are provided to them on more favorable terms than in hometown. Such tours are usually called dental, and tourists are called dental travelers.

Development of dental tours in Russia

"Late start" of this type of tourism in Russia is due to the fact that the USSR pursued a foreign policy, in which it was impossible to use the services of a dentist in another country.

After the borders were opened, the Russians went not for more affordable prices, but for the latest high-quality services. This became the main difference between domestic dental travel and those accepted in the rest of the world.

At the same time, domestic dentistry began to develop actively. The availability of modern equipment and the latest materials, the opportunity for specialists to participate in world-class symposia or any seminars, and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues have prepared the basis for the full promotion of private dentistry in the Russian Federation. An increasing number of patients in public clinics are choosing comfortable treatment in a private dental office.

The demand for private dentistry is growing day by day. More than 9,000 masters - graduates of 2 dental institutes and 44 faculties that functioned in the country before the collapse of the USSR, chose to get a job not in state, but in private dental clinics, or started their own business.

Traveler Goals

The main goal of a dental tourist is to save money on treatment. However, when choosing a tour, quality is not the last thing. People choose those clinics in which the price of dental services is more affordable, and the quality characteristics are at the same level of services in their hometown.

Travel geography

This type of tourism is widespread both in Russia and abroad. If we take our country, then the phenomenon is most popular among residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. So, the most popular places within the country:

It is in these cities that they provide quality services for treatment, whitening, insertion of new fillings and other operations related to teeth.

On a global scale, there is a certain division of geographic directions. It should be noted that in foreign countries dental travel is popular mainly among people of retirement age. Depending on the place of residence, patients choose the following directions:

  • retirees from Austria, Germany and Britain travel to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland) to correct their teeth;
  • Americans prefer traveling to Canada, Costa -Ricu and Mexico, as inside the US the cost of treatment including health insurance is much higher;
  • Australians, Japanese and Chinese travel to Thailand;
  • Uruguayans choose Argentina for themselves;
  • destinations of the former USSR (Ukraine, Belarus) and countries such as Turkey, UAE, Israel are also popular among Russian tourists.

We do not divide clients into important and not very important. Every person who contacts our company is important to us. We will listen carefully to your problem and wishes. And we will make every effort to achieve your goals during your stay, treatment, recovery or recreation in Belarus.

Your opinion about our work is important to us. It will allow us to improve and work even better.

All reviews are submitted by our customers and published with their consent. We will be glad to see your feedback on this page. Just give us a call and we will help you organize your trip to Belarus! We will do our best to make you satisfied with the result.

Tadeus Tankevic, Ireland

Published: October 22, 2019

Hello. I had to use the services of this company. I will tell you one thing, guys of the highest class! I flew to Minsk to insert implants, I didn't have a lot of time, but in such a short time the guys managed it. I was very pleased with the result. Many thanks to the staff of the dental center "Dental Symphony", professionals in their field. Thanks to the Surgeon Andrey Lyubetsky and his assistant, as well as a huge thanks to the sculptor Darevsky, I called him that. Thanks for the new teeth. Many thanks to Dmitry, the boss, for organizing my treatment and for the Nesvizh-Mir tour, I was delighted with the tour. I am also grateful to his assistants, including Eugene. So if people decide to get treatment in Belarus, contact them. Thank you Med-belarus.

Maxim, St. Petersburg, Russia

Published: 12 July 2019

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Med-Belarus portal. Dmitry Vladimirovich for help in choosing a clinic and numerous professional consultations, to the guys Olga and Eugene for the warm welcome and caring attitude. Without your help, I would not have dared to travel. Next year I plan to come again and use your services. Thanks again

Giunta Fabio, Italy

Published: June 30, 2019

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Following the development of technologies, the Dental Center "Medstar" leaves unchanged the priority principles of its work - an individual approach to the patient and the professional level of each employee. Combining affordable prices, quality assurance and many years of experience, the center offers a full range of dental services using the most modern equipment and materials!

Medstar is one of the few dental centers in the capital where a therapist provides free consultations. The specialist defines the problem in detail, offering its effective solution, if necessary, an orthopedist is involved in the consultation). Such a meeting between the patient and the doctor makes it possible to draw up the most effective plan for subsequent treatment, which, by the way, is possible for a wide range of services offered by dentistry:

therapy, professional oral hygiene, ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, whitening, treatment of all forms of caries and its complications with modern filling materials, aesthetic restorations, artistic restorations on fiberglass shifters, veneers);

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Digital X-ray diagnostics deserves special attention - one of the most modern methods in diagnostics. "Medstar" is equipped with a digital radiovisiograph, which favorably differs in a number of parameters from conventional devices. However, the main advantage is the minimum dose of radiation when taking pictures, which makes dental X-rays completely safe for the patient, the dose of radiation exposure is reduced by 90%). In addition, all the necessary information is immediately displayed on the computer monitor, which gives the specialist the opportunity to detect the smallest changes in the structure of the tooth by enlarging or reducing the image.

"The best teeth are natural, given by nature!"

Adhering to this principle, the specialists of the dental center take good care of each problem tooth, trying to preserve it thanks to new progressive solutions in dentistry, as well as conducting a four-handed reception with the help of qualified assistants. For Medstar, modern, high-quality and painless treatment is not a “price point”. Moreover, the cost of procedures in the center is slightly lower than the average in the capital for a similar list of services. The emphasis is on the priority - the maximum possible result.

Dental Center "Medstar": Your smile is our concern!

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