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About "Dental tourism S-LAB"

It's no secret that the cost of dentistry services in different regions of our country can differ significantly - this makes residents of large cities look for more affordable places for dental treatment. Today, one of the most profitable options is dental tourism in Kovrov, where in the clinic "C_LAB" you can get high quality service at a favorable price. In professional terms, our staff is in no way inferior to their Moscow colleagues, and the technical equipment allows us to eliminate the most serious pathologies.

Why is a dental tour to Kovrov an advantageous offer?

The most popular destination for dental tourism is Kovrov. There are several objective reasons for this:

convenient location (only 260 km from Moscow);

prices for various dental services are several times lower;

Dental tourism in Kovrov: what we offer to our clients

Our institution employs some of the best Kovrov specialists who have the relevant experience to provide qualified assistance.

The use of the latest equipment from Europe and the USA allows us to solve the most complex problems in dentistry.

During treatment, imported drugs are used, so the patient does not experience any pain.

Treatment rooms are equipped according to the criteria of convenience and comfort, which simplifies the treatment process for both the client and the specialist.

-We provide a full range of dental services - from the prevention of dentition to prosthetics on implants.

How to properly organize a business trip

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a type of medical tourism. This is, in fact, a comprehensive dental treatment and a solution to any oral cavity problems outside your place of residence. This phenomenon came to us from the West - there every second person is obsessed with the health and beauty of teeth.

Agree, each of us often dreamed of "killing two birds with one stone." Namely - at the same time to relax and solve their problems. The UAE is the perfect place for this. It is here that all year round you can soak up the snow-white beaches in the sun baths and sparkle with a beautiful smile "for all 32"! It is not for nothing that dental tourism is also called “dental leave”.

Dental Vacation in the UAE Pros and Cons

Benefits of dental treatment in the UAE:

Dental Tours in Dubai, UAE

Combine business with pleasure: solve dental problems, and also visit Dubai - a city that is included in the TOP 10 most visited tourist destinations on the planet. He has already "overtaken" New York and Paris and is ready to break into the top five in the near future. This metropolis, the pearl of the Persian Gulf, is growing and developing every year by leaps and bounds - in every industry, including dentistry.

In big cities, competition in the dental industry plays a decisive role in the continuous improvement of the level of services. Our clinic is not limited to dental treatment only. We offer a wide range - from whitening and tooth extraction to “Hollywood smile” and complete oral cavity rehabilitation. You will also be able to receive any preventive services, which will allow you to no longer schedule visits to the dentist in the near future. And these are not empty words - by taking timely care of the prevention of the appearance and development of diseases associated with teeth and gums, which are the standards of professional oral hygiene, you can avoid the development of new diseases in the near future. But healthy teeth are the key to the health of the whole organism.

According to the analytical center of the medical journal Vademecum, dental clinics in post-Soviet countries raise prices twice/three times a year - by an average of 20-30%, explaining this by the rise in prices for imported consumables. There is no such problem in the UAE. Here the exchange rate has been stable for several years now, and prices for everything are constant and fixed.

There is a separate area in the Emirates - the “Dubai Healthcare City” medical town, where only “high-level” specialists tend to come to work. Medical institutions provide the most modern and diversified medical services, which testifies to the high level of development of the health care system. International diplomas in the UAE are not automatically accepted and are subject to the certification procedure in the Emirates, with the possible need to pass local exams. Also, knowledge of English is required for all certified healthcare professionals. Therefore, our advice to you: take a tour for healthy teeth in the UAE. You will be satisfied with the quality of services and the tourist places you see.

Why is it necessary to do dental treatment in the Emirates?

The main goal of dental tourism is economy. Such trips are made to those regions and clinics where prices for dental treatment and prosthetics are low, and the quality of services is higher than in the patient's country of residence. The UAE is a mecca of medicine, a leader in dental tourism in the Middle East. There is such a high level of professionalism per square kilometer that amateurs and amateurs are naturally weeded out. You don't have to worry about the level of service and quality assurance - we guarantee a positive outcome of treatment/prevention and always find a common language with patients. We promise an individual approach to everyone.

Business travel costs in large corporations run into millions of dollars. But even in small companies, they are quite tangible. Corporate travel agencies claim they can significantly reduce their clients' travel expenses by streamlining their travel policies.

UniDentArt is the only dental center in Moldova, which is an authorized clinic of the American corporation Dentsply Sirona.

The UniDentArt Clinic has not only the authorization of this corporation, but also the right to lecture, conduct master classes and master courses for dentists. The dental center is equipped with the most modern equipment and materials of the latest generation from Japan, Germany, and the USA.

The clinic uses highly effective sterility methods, they are approved in the USA and Europe. First-class materials, a wide range of services, qualified personnel, the latest equipment, a constant striving for excellence - all these criteria characterize the UniDentArt clinic.

At the clinic we were received by the head physician and founder - Doreen Istrati. Since 2007, Dr. Istrati has been an official physician consultant (opinian lider) of the Dentsply Sirona corporation (USA), and since 2009 the title of Densply Maillefer Educator. Successful practicing doctor, lecturer and participant of international seminars, associate professor of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry.

What do potential patients of the UniDentArt clinic need to know in the context of the topic "medical tourism"? What services does the clinic provide and how is it radically different from others?

Quite a few. Starting from the materials used and ending with high-tech equipment. After all, the same zirconium dioxide prosthetics can be of different quality. I will give a simple example from the world of cars - both Zhiguli and Lamborghini - cars, but the difference between them is significant, right? (Smiles.).

Which countries producing materials and equipment are your priority?

Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan. I can say without modesty that we work with the best of those on the market today.

Laboratory equipment, instrumentation, restorative and endodontic instruments and materials from our corporation Dentsply Sirona, e-max ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent, and zirconia from Japanese and German manufacturers.

Please tell us more about your employees

Since I am the opinian lider of Dentsply Sirona corporation, I have the right to lecture and give master classes on the subject of dental equipment, restorative materials, in particular on technologies in the field of endodontics. In addition, I teach at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry.

Therefore, all my employees are students of the UniDentArt clinic. My employees are continually developing and continuing to learn. I send them to advanced training in the most developed countries in the field of medicine and dentistry, in particular to Germany, France, Italy. In the near future, for example, our surgeon will go to China for specialization, where the congress will take place.

Who is funding these trips? Clinic or specialists themselves?

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