Cuba is open to Russian tourists: what is required to enter

Cuba is open to Russian tourists: what is required to enter

Representatives of Cuban tourism commented on the information on the introduction of a sanitary tax from tourists from December 1 to pay for PCR tests on COVID-19. Russians arriving on vacation at the Cayo Coco resort will not be affected by this measure. Let's explain why.


In the Russian media, citing Cuban sources, information appeared that Cuba will introduce a sanitary fee of $ 30 starting from December 1. The new fee covers the cost of the PCR test for coronavirus, as well as the costs of other medical protocols when foreigners enter the country.

As the “ATOR Vestnik” was told at the Cuban Embassy in Moscow, the sanitary duty or biosafety tax is indeed introduced from December 1, but first of all passengers arriving in Havana fall under its effect.

As explained by Cuban diplomats, the Cuban authorities are negotiating with foreign carriers planning flights to Havana to include a sanitary tax in the air ticket price.

Thus, when booking a ticket for a regular flight to Havana, the traveler will see in the column "taxes and fees" a note that the price of transportation includes sanitary tax.

There are currently no direct flights between Moscow and Havana. Two Russian carriers Nordwind Airlines (tour operator PEGAS Touristik) and AZUR air (tour operators ANEX Tour and Intourist) operate flights to the Cayo Coco resort, where PCR tests are done to tourists upon arrival free of charge.


As for charter flights to Cuban resorts, including Cayo Coco, negotiations with foreign airlines on the sanitary tax have not started yet. As noted by the Cuban side, this will take some time and the conclusion of appropriate agreements.

There is no urgent need to speed up this process: Russians arriving in Cayo Coco have medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage, and if a coronavirus is detected, their treatment will be paid for.

In any case, as representatives of Cuban tourism emphasize, organized Russian tourists arriving at the country's resorts on chartered tour operators will not notice the introduction of a sanitary tax.

Cuba is ready to receive Russian tourists. On what conditions Russians will be able to enter Cuba, and how the island state will provide foreign guests with a safe holiday, read our material.


According to representatives of Cuban tourism, Cuba opened its borders to citizens of the Russian Federation from July 1. For Russians, a visa-free regime has been preserved; upon entry, our compatriots will not require a certificate for the absence of coronavirus. Nevertheless, there will be control over the health of foreign guests: all arrivals will receive thermometry and a free PCR test upon arrival.

A prerequisite for staying in Cuba will be medical insurance, which covers the cost of treating coronavirus. If the tourist has not booked such insurance in advance, he can purchase it at the airport or from local DMC operators. According to preliminary data, the cost of insurance will be $ 4-5 per day.

As a reminder, ERV's insurance coverage, from the most basic rates to premium products, includes treatment for coronavirus and its complications.

As explained at the Cuban Embassy in Russia, the insurance will cover the costs of hospitalization and related related services (transfer, meals, etc.).

“A tourist who is diagnosed with a coronavirus will be hospitalized immediately. He will receive all the necessary treatment until he fully recovers. Accompanying persons will remain under the supervision of the hotel's doctors. They are isolated in a separate sector of the same hotel, ”the diplomatic mission explained.


As the Cuban side emphasizes, Cuba has accumulated significant experience in the fight against COVID-19. So, 34 teams of Cuban doctors helped to eliminate outbreaks of coronavirus in Italy, Andorra, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Peru and African countries. In the country itself, all conditions have been created for the treatment of patients with coronavirus: there is no shortage of ventilators or beds in intensive care units in hospitals.

The Caribbean state is close to winning the coronavirus. Isolated cases of infection continue to be recorded only in Havana, which, like the popular resort of Varadero, is still closed to foreign tourists. In total, just over 2,400 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Cuba.


About two million travelers visit various resorts of the country every year. Tourism in Cuba is one of the main areas of activity of the local population. Favorable weather conditions and an abundance of beaches create a favorable environment for relaxation.

Cuba's exciting tourism

Gorgeous beaches and warm sea are what tourists come to southern resorts for. Tourism in Cuba is based only on passive pastime, but also on sightseeing. Romance, fanned by the smoke of cigars and the smell of rum, never ceases to attract tourists to the island of Cuba. The diverse landscape and the mass of natural attractions makes vacationers actively explore the possibilities of recreation in this country.

Tired of beaches, tourists can visit major cities and experience the culture that has evolved over the centuries. Colonial-style palaces are very interesting; they have been restored and appear in all their splendor.

Cuba Resorts

Cuba's beach resorts are diverse and are located not only on large islands, but also on small ones. Largo del Sur is an uninhabited resort island with comfortable hotels and miles of fine white sand beaches. Tourism on this island cannot be imagined without diving and other types of active pastime.

Varadero is the most visited resort located near the capital. A cheerful light atmosphere with songs and dances relaxes the holidaymakers. This resort is famous for its pristine beaches stretching for 20 kilometers.

Cuba Ski Resorts

In a country where the coldest month starts with temperatures above 20 degrees, it is difficult to find areas with enough snow. Ski resorts in Cuba, if there were, then, for sure, would not enjoy the popularity it deserves. The opportunity to sunbathe on the beach and plunge into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea will overcome the desire to be in a snowy winter.

Cuba Health Resorts

In addition to carefree rest, the country has an opportunity to improve one's health. The medical resorts of Cuba are distinguished by a high level of service, developed infrastructure and an individual approach to visitors.

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