Compulsory and voluntary travel insurance

Compulsory and voluntary travel insurance

How is insurance for travel abroad made out - the travel insurance instructions will be useful to everyone who is planning a trip abroad. Below we will tell you about the most advantageous offers of companies, we will give useful advice on obtaining a policy and tell you about the types of insurance.

Traveling to another country is associated with a fairly large number of different problems. An example is the fact that it is required to carry out a visa and insurance. The insurance industry has developed widely in Europe or America. However, on the territory of Russia, this area is not widespread.

The state has relatively recently relaxed laws regulating this area of ​​activity. These features have led to the emergence of small firms that provide the services in question. In this article, we will consider all the features of an insurance policy: which countries are needed, which firms provide such services, how much it costs, and much more.

International travel insurance - who needs it and why?

The most unpleasant problem that can arise abroad is a health problem. Travel insurance overseas allows you to solve significant financial problems, since healthcare services abroad are very expensive.

Who needs the insurance in question? Almost everyone who cannot afford high costs at the time of their stay abroad. But it should be borne in mind that visas are not issued to some countries without insurance. Today, insurance is issued online and with a personal visit to the office. Therefore, when considering where to buy travel insurance abroad, you should consider all the offers.

Why do you need insurance? The answer to this question is quite simple - the insurance company pays for treatment in the event of an insured event, that is, when an injury or illness occurs.

A fairly common question is whether it is necessary to provide an insurance policy at the time of the visa application? Having considered all the conditions, we note that insurance is not always needed. When submitting a document to the visa centers of the Schengen countries, medical insurance is always needed, but when applying to the visa center of Canada or the United States, such a document is not required.

At the discretion of the tourist, the document in question is drawn up when visiting Turkey, Israel and many other countries. Do not forget that in countries that can be visited without a medical visa, the cost of healthcare services can be very high.

In addition, there are other types of insurance that allow you to protect the tourist from various unforeseen costs and circumstances.

When going to a foreign country, everyone wants to protect themselves from unforeseen situations. It is quite difficult for a person who is far from the insurance world to understand all the intricacies and make the right choice. Today we will help you figure out what travel insurance is, why you need it, how to choose the right travel insurance, and what items it includes.

Features of travel insurance

Travel insurance is necessary primarily for citizens who travel abroad. The contract may include clauses regarding medical services and other situations. Medical policy is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. If you need it to get a multivisa to the Schengen countries, it is enough to acquire a policy only for the first entry, and then use it until the expiration date.

Insurance can be obtained at the company's office or bought online. After purchasing the policy, you can count on compensation payments in the cases specified in the contract. You will be able to protect yourself from financial losses and will feel more confident in difficult circumstances.

How to choose the right travel insurance

Choosing the right policy depends on what type of vacation you prefer. Sometimes it is more profitable to buy a complete set and protect yourself from any troubles. Some tourists prefer to purchase a medical policy and add one or two options to it. If your route includes several countries, it is wiser to order a single insurance policy. For fans of extreme sports, we recommend taking care of injury insurance. If you are traveling by private vehicle, you can insure it against damage. You can even insure your apartment for your vacation.

There is also travel insurance in case of harm to third parties. In this case, the damage is compensated to persons who have suffered from the actions of the insured. This option is valid only if the tourist is sober. Pay special attention to the reputation of the insurer and reviews of other tourists. The best insurance companies have been operating for many years, are reliable and have vast experience in helping compatriots.

What is included in travel insurance

First of all, insurance protects you in case of health problems. Such a policy is inexpensive, while it will help to significantly save on medical services. The higher the standard of living in the country, the more expensive it will be to visit a clinic.

What is covered by health insurance:

  • medical expenses;
  • transportation of the victim to the clinic;
  • purchase of necessary medicines;
  • delivery of relatives to the patient.

However, this is not a complete list of what is included in travel insurance. You can also insure other risks in order to count on compensation in the event of:

Usually people take money with them on their travels for shopping, excursions, cafes, restaurants, entertainment, not counting on the possibility of injury or illness. And treatment in another country is expensive. Travel insurance will help you avoid unpleasant moments.

Why do I need travel insurance? It gives a guarantee of reimbursement of medical treatment and transportation costs in case of an unforeseen illness of a vacationer. A person can count on the provision of emergency medical care and transportation to his home country to the necessary medical facility in the event of a serious injury.

The Standard Package does not cover material losses in the following situations:

  • material losses;
  • moral damage;
  • refund of monetary costs when the tour ended earlier than the specified date or did not take place at all.

Documents regulating the work of the UK in Russia

Insurance companies establish situations, conclude contracts with clients and collect premiums from them. From the resulting material base, the injured tourists receive compensation if they find themselves in the prescribed situations. The work of all companies working in this area is based on the following legal framework:

  • Law No. 4015-1 "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation";
  • No. 157-F3 "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation"; <
  • No. 132-FZ "On the basics of tourist activity in the Russian Federation";
  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 750 "On compulsory personal insurance of passengers";
  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the main directions of state policy in the field of compulsory insurance" No. 667.

Types of travel policies

Insurance companies offer their clients different insurance conditions, which are prescribed in the policies created for all kinds of vacation options abroad with the necessary package of services. Standard health insurance is not a panacea for emergencies.

Today you can protect yourself from the costs associated with the loss of documents, baggage, damage or late delivery. There is insurance against cases when for some reason it is impossible to make a trip. Consider the main types of insurance.

Standard Medical

Insurance will help to cure illness on a tour without serious consequences for your financial condition. The minimum payment allows you to take advantage of full-fledged treatment abroad.

You can go to some countries without insurance, but such a decision significantly increases the risks of a tourist, and sometimes leads to irreversible consequences. We will tell you all about insurance for those traveling abroad further.


Travel insurance is traditionally understood by our compatriots as a policy that makes it possible to receive urgent medical care in the host country. Often a tourist receives a document in his hands, but does not even consider it necessary to read its contents. And in vain: a medical policy in a foreign country is necessary, and other types of insurance will help to avoid many serious problems while traveling. Refers to the subspecies of personal insurance, in particular VHI.

Travel insurance means:

  • Ambulance and refund of funds spent on treatment.
  • Accident reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement of funds in the event that the trip did not take place or was postponed indefinitely. This is called cancellation insurance.
  • Compensation in case of delay or loss of baggage.
  • Reimbursement of expenses in case of damage caused by negligence to a third party.

A tourist traveling abroad has the right to choose the insurance program that suits him.


Insurance companies, within the framework of the law, conclude contracts with clients and collect premiums from them. As a result, a material base is formed, from which the injured tourists who have fallen into the prescribed insured event will be able to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

The work of all insurance companies is governed by the following laws:

  • Law No. 4015-1 and FZ No. 157 ("On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation");
  • FZ No. 132 ("On the fundamentals of tourist activities in RF ");
  • Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation No. 750 and No. 667 concerning the state policy in the field of insurance.

Travel Insurance

Unlike "package" tourists, independent travelers decide all questions of staying in a foreign country at their own peril and risk. At the same time, it is possible to minimize the adverse consequences in case of illness, accident, natural disaster as much as possible. Travel insurance comes to the rescue here.

The purpose of tourism insurance is to ensure the safety of citizens during their stay in another country. Basically, of course, it is aimed at protecting material interests while traveling.

First of all, when traveling abroad, you should take care of obtaining a policy in the following cases:

- unforeseen appeal for medical assistance;

- getting injured as a result of accidents.

All support for such insurances is carried out by an organization operating in the territory of another state. In legal terms - assistance. It operates on the basis of an agreement with an insurance company. The quality of the insurance services provided depends on the organization of work and the reputation of the assistance.

- Life and health. Medical insurance for traveling abroad. This type of insurance covers the risks associated with harm to life and health under various circumstances and conditions, depending on the specific company and the terms of the contract.

- Property. Insured events in this type include loss or damage to luggage, loss of documents, for auto travelers - unpleasant accidents with a vehicle.

- Responsibility. In this case, property and not only damage caused to third parties is compensated. The types and amounts of damage subject to compensation depend on the type and conditions of insurance.

Agree, it is quite difficult for a person without special training to independently understand the insurance contract. It has its own terminology, many legal turns and peculiarities.

Our insurance policy selection service generates and compares insurance offers from various companies. It is also equipped with a convenient online payment function.

This helps you choose the set of options and services you need at the best price, taking into account the peculiarities of the country of travel. Pay attention to such services as: provision of a qualified translator, round-the-clock support in the host country.

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