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Briefly about the main thing: treatment in Israel without intermediaries

For many Muscovites, especially with an oncological diagnosis, in search of rescue options, the phrase treatment in Israel Moscow, treatment abroad Moscow, treatment in Germany Moscow are fateful, and some people on the Internet are looking for medical tourism Moscow. Many residents of Moscow, faced with serious illnesses, often decide to undergo treatment abroad, choosing our medical center. Judging by the reviews published below, treatment in Israel, in most cases, is very effective.

Tel Aviv CLINIC Representative in Moscow

I went to Israel to treat cervical cancer, which was suddenly discovered at the 20th week of pregnancy. In Moscow, doctors immediately announced that an abortion and removal of the uterus with ovaries was necessary, depriving me of any hope of saving the child. This is how, drooping and desperate, I ended up in Israel, where experienced specialists immediately took over me.

First, they reassured me, then they carried out a thorough diagnosis, which showed not adenocarcinoma at the terminal stage, as I was diagnosed with at home, but squamous cell carcinoma. This diagnosis, although it was also terrible, allowed doctors to wait with treatment until delivery. As a result, at 35 weeks I underwent a cesarean section, and then the uterus and lymph nodes were removed, after which a course of radiotherapy was prescribed. The decision to contact Tel Aviv CLINIC saved my and my child's life!

When I arrived from Moscow for breast cancer treatment in Israel, I was extremely struck by the promptness of the diagnosis and treatment. Thus, a detailed examination and a course of chemotherapy took only ten days. Then I flew several more times for chemotherapy, after which the tumor became smaller and then the operation followed, fortunately, it was successful and my breasts were saved.

Not long ago I was in a panic that I was dying, but Israeli doctors said that the prognosis for recovery is very good. Now I live and hope that I still have a long life ahead of me without any oncology.

In Moscow, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and the tumor progressed rapidly. Therefore, I decided not to waste precious time and immediately went to Israel. There the diagnosis was confirmed as quickly as possible and treatment was immediately prescribed. The difficulty was that the tumor was close to a blood vessel. The malignant lesion was removed using the electroporation procedure or the Nano-Knife.

Israeli doctors said I was lucky. I was impressed by how responsibly the medical staff treats the patient's care: every time they checked my badge, name, diagnosis, so as not to accidentally confuse the medicine. And one more plus my family could be with me throughout the treatment.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In Moscow, for some reason, doctors took a wait-and-see attitude, decided not to do anything yet, but to observe. I don't know what they were waiting for, until I put my skates aside, I guess. In general, I decided not to listen to them and went to an Israeli clinic. The very next day after arrival, I underwent a full examination, after which there was the same rapid preoperative preparation.

The operation to remove the intestinal tumor was carried out by the laparoscopic method, I was made only three small holes in the abdomen. Therefore, after the operation, after two days I could walk a little, and a week later I was discharged.

I was diagnosed with lymphoma in Moscow. I immediately found the coordinates of the Israeli Hematology Oncology Center on the Internet and turned there in the hope that they would not refuse me treatment. I was not refused, thank God, and I immediately bought a ticket Moscow - Tel Aviv. The actual treatment of lymphoma abroad took 8 months.

Going for treatment abroad, you want to receive quality treatment, as a result of which you will regain lost health, or significantly improve its condition.

The Isramedic Coordination Center is an experienced healthcare provider in Israel.

Our specialists will select a clinic taking into account the profile specialization and the specifics of the disease. They will also find the best doctor for you in any field of medicine. Thus, we will ensure a very high level of diagnostic and treatment efficiency.

The Isramedic Center cooperates with clinics and doctors on the basis of exclusive contracts. We attract medical specialists who are on the annual top list not only of Israel, but also of the world.

In addition, our center provides an exclusive service for the management of cancer patients by leading Israeli oncologists through telephone consultations and the Internet throughout the disease. In case of emergency, there is a possibility for a specialist to visit the patient.

High-quality and fast organization of treatment with the "Isramedic" center will result in savings in time, money and mental strength.

Self-organization of treatment is ineffective:

Force majeure

There is such a factor as force majeure, when, for example, the doctor you need falls ill, medical equipment breaks down, the diagnosis made at the place of residence turns out to be incorrect. "Isramedic" employees will quickly and efficiently select a clinic for diagnostics, treatment, surgery, find the right specialist.

Queues problem

There is a queuing problem in leading Israeli medical centers. Waiting for unplanned consultations or diagnostic procedures, you can lose several days, as for treatment measures or operations - from one to three weeks. Since every day of living in a foreign country costs money, non-medical costs increase. Plus, you are missing out on financial opportunities in your homeland. Isramedic specialists will organize an unscheduled diagnostic procedure on the day of the appointment by the attending physician, and an unscheduled consultation - a few hours after the referral is received.

Do you urgently need to undergo diagnostics and treatment in Israel? Most people in such a situation try to optimize their costs as much as possible - they seek to contact a medical facility directly. At the same time, visiting patients do not know that there is simply no such option for them - the foreigner will be sent to the medical tourism department after the first call to any major clinic in the country.

Medical tourism mediation is undeservedly demonized. Meanwhile, people forget that they pay for the services of intermediaries all the time: in employment agencies, real estate, tourism, etc. Even the bakery closest to your home is a link between you and the bakery. But there is probably no other service area that has received such ruthless criticism as medical tourism. There are appeals in the network "to be treated in Israel without intermediaries", "to contact Israeli clinics directly", "to be treated in Israel without commissions." However, it is the intermediaries - medical tourism agencies - that make treatment in Israel available to foreign citizens.

If you do not have Israeli citizenship, relatives or friends among local residents who are ready to accompany you to the clinic for free and defend your interests throughout the trip, and there is no time to study the intricacies of providing medical care abroad, we suggest you contact to the medical coordinator of the new format - DoktorIsrael. u.

By using the services of an intermediary, you receive a well-organized service, treatment from specialists whom you will be offered to choose. If you contact the medical tourism department at the clinic, you risk becoming a patient of interns, spending weeks waiting for a doctor's appointment, just like the Israelis, but pay much more than the locals. We suggest that you take all the best that is in Israeli medicine, and at the same time reduce your costs.

Why is our help more profitable than contacting the medical tourism department or intermediaries?

Examination and treatment in world-class Israeli clinics at the official prices of public hospitals. This means that you pay for the therapy according to the officially established price, which is the lowest possible for a foreign patient. A special bonus from DoktorIsrael: thanks to our support, individual procedures will even cost you less than the cost recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

New level medicine. We will change the way you think about health care! By contacting us, you will get what you really deserve: private healthcare services at state prices, all-inclusive service and free VIP-support, including the opportunity to choose a doctor, clinic, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers. We will provide you with everything that patients who come to the clinic allegedly "directly" are deprived of.

New level medicine. retail payments - you no longer have to overpay! We will provide in advance the medical program drawn up by the doctors of the clinic, and a full estimate for it with fixed prices - you can be sure that they will not change by the time of payment. The prices for the procedures are set by the medical institution, so you will pay the bills according to the institution's receipt without involving third parties and hidden fees. At the same time, the level of service for you will be several times higher.

New level medicine. help 24/7. We know what you are feeling now: at a crossroads, in complete confusion, with unclear prospects of staying in a foreign country. We know how to get around all the obstacles to recovery. Organization of examination and treatment in Israel is not a business for us, but support for people who find themselves in a difficult situation.

As an official partner of 4 leading Israeli clinics: Ichilov, Assuta, Rambam and Sheba (laureate in the Best Clinics in the World 2019 nomination according to Newsweek), we will provide you with an appointment with the country's leading professors and specialists.


Every year, Israeli clinics receive tens of thousands of patients from abroad. They come to treat a wide range of diseases: cancer, infertility, problems with joints and spine, etc. Why is medical tourism in Israel so popular?

Effectiveness of Israeli medicine

The best evidence of the effectiveness of Israeli medicine is the life expectancy of the population, which ranks one of the first places in the world. Israel ranks first in the world in the survival rate of cancer patients. In addition, there are the best indicators in the effectiveness of IVF procedures, neurosurgical and other operations.

Highly qualified doctors

In Israel, the profession of a doctor is one of the most prestigious. In order to enter the medical faculty of the university, one must withstand a very high competition, and more than half of the students drop out in the course of their studies.

After a 7-year university course, a young specialist must complete an additional specialization, and then an internship lasting about 5 years. However, professional training does not end there: Israeli doctors are constantly improving their skills, training in the best clinics in the world, participating in scientific conferences and publishing in international medical journals.

Excellent technical equipment of Israeli clinics

Israeli clinics and medical centers have all the most modern equipment that exists in the world. The best equipped large state hospitals - Ichilov, Tel HaShomer, Hadassah. There are hybrid operating rooms, Da Vinci robotic surgeons, the latest linear accelerators for radiation therapy, sophisticated navigation systems for neurosurgical operations, and much more.

Many large Israeli hospitals cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, therefore, a considerable part of the latest medical equipment is being developed and introduced into clinical practice for the first time in Israel.

New approaches to treatment

In Israel, for a long time, there has been an integrated approach to the treatment of many diseases: doctors of different specialties are involved in the treatment of a patient. Israeli doctors are guided by the principle: "to treat not a disease, but a patient," therefore, the choice of treatment methods depends on a particular patient - his life circumstances, general health, etc.

For Israeli doctors, it is important not only to cure the disease, but also to preserve the patient's quality of life. For many years now, minimally invasive operations have been successfully used here, carried out through small punctures or through the natural openings of the body. This can significantly reduce the recovery time. The fast track technique also contributes to a reduction in the recovery period after surgery, which assumes early activation of the patient, shortened hospitalization times, and a quick return to normal life.


In search of quality medical care, people turn to clinics in Israel, which provide highly effective treatment at an affordable price. On our website, you can send a request to several clinics at once in order to choose the most suitable narrow-profile medical center.

Israeli healthcare is a great example of what healthcare should be. At the same time, the cost of treatment in Israel is more attractive than in European countries and the United States. The optimal ratio of price and quality of medical services provided here is the main reason for the popularity of this country among foreign tourists. It is in Israeli clinics that patients who are considered hopeless in their homeland gain health.

leading clinics in Israel

Private MC Assuta

The hospital is represented by a network of autonomous branches and laboratories throughout the country with a main medical complex in Tel Aviv. Assuta is Israel's leading private hospital and one of the largest surgical centers in the Middle East. The hospital doctors perform over 90 thousand operations annually; among them 50-70% are high-tech.

MC Assuta is a leader in the field of oncosurgery, cardiac surgery and complex treatment of infertility. More than 400 thousand diagnostic tests are performed every year using innovative equipment. The center's reproductive specialists perform over 16 thousand successful IVF procedures.

State Hospital Ichilov

The largest state clinic in Israel, located in the center of Tel Aviv. On the basis of the hospital, there are about 200 narrow-profile departments and day hospitals, which guarantees full and comprehensive medical care. Every year, over 60 thousand patients, including foreign ones, arrive at the Ichilov MC for treatment.

The hospital's annual performance is truly impressive:

  • 1000 successful IVF procedures;
  • 4000 high-tech orthopedic surgeries;
  • 1000 vascular interventions;
  • Over 1 million patients due to the large number of outpatient and inpatient departments.
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