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Treatment in clinics in Spain

In 2019, Spain topped the list of countries with the healthiest populations according to the Bloomberg news agency. A year earlier, the World Health Organization ranked Spanish medicine in fourth place in the world. The high estimates of experts are also confirmed by statistics: Spain is one of the three countries with the lowest mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases, infant mortality, mortality from breast and lung cancer.

The country is famous for innovative developments in the field of medicine. Its scientists have authored unique software for early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, as well as monitoring brain tumors. They also developed and tested an HIV vaccine that has been shown in clinical trials to initiate an immune response in 92% of cases, allowing the virus to be suppressed over an extended period of time.

Dentistry owes Spain the emergence of the 4D implantation method, which is currently considered the most advanced in dental prosthetics. It allows the implantation of implants in case of bone tissue deficiency without prior volume augmentation and requires much less surgical procedures.

Teknon Medical Center is a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic institution, however, among foreign patients, the most in-demand areas are oncology and plastic surgery. The most modern artificial insemination center operates here, offering a wide range of services to married couples. Each department of the Teknon Clinic has its own research laboratory, which makes it possible to introduce the latest treatment methods into practice and prepare individual preparations for biological therapy.

There are many eminent professors among the doctors of the Teknon Clinic who are known far beyond the borders of Spain. They are highly qualified specialists in the field of oncology, neurosurgery, cardiology, plastic surgery and other medical fields. Thanks to such brilliant specialists, Teknon Clinic is an institution where dozens of innovative approaches in the treatment of various diseases are developed every year.

Kiron Medical Center is a large multidisciplinary institution. The leading areas of the medical center are cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and oncology. The clinic has a large research center, where scientists and doctors create new treatment methods, medical technologies and drugs. It performs modern molecular genetic tests and creates drugs for biological and targeted cancer therapy.

Every year, more than 20 thousand patients from all countries come to the Kiron network of clinics. All those who received treatment at the Kiron clinic note the high level of comfort and professionalism of the doctors.

Hospital Sant Joan de Daewoo is a multidisciplinary institution. The profile areas of the clinic are:

  • cardiology and cardiac surgery;
  • traumatology and orthopedics;
  • surgery;
  • oncology;
  • nephrology ;
  • ophthalmology ;
  • fetal medicine.

The Hospital de Sant Joan de Daewoo has excellent facilities. The departments of the clinic are equipped with advanced medical equipment. There are modern laboratories here, where genetic tests are carried out for suspected hereditary diseases.

Blades in Spain are one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. This is a high level of development of the healthcare system as a whole, and the technical equipment of medical centers, which allows high-quality diagnostics and the use of modern treatment methods, and competitive prices for services. But in order to organize this process correctly, you need not only to possess information regarding the rules of entry into the country, but also to be able to choose the right medical institution. How to do this and what you should pay attention to at the preparation stage, we will try to consider in more detail.

Why do patients choose Spain

A large number of various factors speaks in favor of undergoing all the necessary medical procedures in this particular state. First, in the ranking of the World Health Organization, Spain ranks seventh in terms of the quality of services provided and the level of development of the health system. And secondly, all-round government support for this area.

The meteoric rise of Spanish medicine began in the late 1980s. This was facilitated by reforms carried out in two directions:

  • training of our own doctors and medical personnel;
  • increased funding.

Today, according to the American magazine Newsweek, the health care system in the Kingdom of Spain is ranked third in the world.

What drives patients when choosing Spain:

  • high quality of the treatment provided;
  • excellent training (by the way, getting a medical specialty is not so easy here - only the most gifted candidates);
  • the availability of modern equipment in clinics necessary for a comprehensive examination and carrying out medical procedures;
  • relatively low prices for the entire service;
  • climatic conditions ;
  • unique natural resources that promote rapid recovery even after the most serious diseases.

Almost all medical centers in the country are located in the most picturesque areas, in close proximity to unique attractions. Moreover, the buildings of many institutions in this sphere are themselves admirable and worthy of the attention of visitors.

For example, while in Barcelona, ​​be sure to visit the Santa Creu Hospital, which until the beginning of the last century was the city's leading hospital. Today it is an example of Catalan architecture of the civil-Gothic style.

The uniqueness of Spain lies in the fact that you can improve your health here in unusually beautiful natural areas. For these purposes, you can look for clinics in Tarragona, Marbella or on the island of Tenerife.

Leading Spanish Clinics

The key areas of medicine in the country are:

  • orthopedics ;
  • dentistry ;
  • plastic surgery;
  • ophthalmology.

To get the necessary help from specialists in these areas, patients come here not only from Europe and the CIS, but also from Canada and America.

Spain is a good solution for students who want to study medicine abroad for a reasonable fee. There are currently few medical programs offered in English in Spain. This means that learning here is the prerogative of those who can speak Spanish fluently.

However, Spain offers quality medical colleges that are respected around the world. With the right language skills, this country will be optimal for your medical education.

Studying medicine in Spain is undoubtedly a great opportunity as it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Its warm climate and friendly people, as well as its long and wonderful coastline with countless beaches, high hiking mountains, delicious food, good wines and pleasant music are just some of the attractions of this country.

Medical research is very well structured and the universities are well equipped. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified specialists.

Moreover, here you will improve your knowledge of the Spanish language (this will give you even more job opportunities in the labor markets of Spain and Latin America). There are thousands of reasons to study medicine in Spain. Quality of life and ideal education are most important.

How medical education works in Spain

Medical programs in Spain take six years. They focus on the study of basic health sciences in biology, physics, and basic anatomy. After completing this initial training, the physician will move on to clinical research in teaching hospitals under the supervision of renowned physicians.

Here are examples of some of the most famous and reputable medical schools in Spain:

Universidad Cardenal Herrera (CEU)

This is the only university in Spain that offers a degree in medicine in English. The Medicine Degree at CEU is developed through an innovative curriculum in which the student takes an active and leading role. Students will receive an internationally oriented education of the highest quality. On a modern campus, student accommodation is tailored to their specific needs.

The staff consists of highly qualified professionals. Through the experiences they gain, students will maintain a vast knowledge base and understand how to improve the quality of life of their patients. Among other things, they will be taught ethical values, responsibility and professional competence. Education at CEU is conducted in English. Medical degree studies last 6 years.

While studying odontology at this university, students first gain a general knowledge of biochemical, physiological and pathological processes. In later stages, they will be taught the anatomical principles that they must apply in the clinical stage. Practical experience comes not only from the laboratory, but also from work in clinics.

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