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Plastic surgery and cosmetology in South Korea

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The strongest hospitals and clinics in Korea are located at universities. For example, Inha University Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, Aju University Hospital, Yonseo University Severance Hospital, and many others.

Medical tourism in South Korea is different from other countries. Most often, patients fly here for long-term and serious treatment. And good conditions are created for patients here. For example, taxes are returned from transactions.

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Some hospitals may use artificial intelligence for consultation. The program is loaded with thousands of patient records, the results of clinical trials.

In South Korea, foreign patients can receive treatment with a foreign passport. You need to submit it to the international department, and you can receive all services without registration.

Life and treatment in Seoul is expensive. But at the same time, treatment in Korea is cheaper than in Germany and Israel. It can be compared to the cost of treatment in Turkey or in prestigious Moscow clinics.

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In Korea, vaccinations are given at birth: BCG, hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rotavirus. All vaccinations are paid for by the state. Also given the vaccine against Japanese encephalitis. They even put it on visiting tourists.

Many parents prefer to treat their child with Korean preparations that are boiled from vegetables and herbs. This is one of the ways to maintain immunity in a child.

If you decide to go to Korea for IVF and begin to carefully study the forums and read reviews, you will very soon find that most expectant mothers and fathers go mainly to only three Seoul clinics. These are the Cheil clinic, Mizmedi Ganso and MizMedi Gangnam. Especially advanced ones also find an excellent, but little-promoted clinic "C&L" (Center for Women's Happiness Ciel), the level of the clinic is quite comparable to MizMedi, but the prices are significantly lower, apparently due to the fact that the clinic is located not in Seoul, but in the city of Gwangju. Another clinic in which IVF is performed mainly by Koreans themselves, and which is therefore not very well known among foreign patients: Cha Medical Center. This clinic is in a separate row. It may be especially interesting for those who have already completely despaired of trying to get pregnant and have undergone more than one IVF in other clinics in Korea or in their homeland.

We will tell you a little about each of these clinics to help you with the choice. If you want to get advice from any clinic, take a look at the page "How to go to IVF in Korea", it describes in detail what tests need to be collected and how to issue a request. Our agency has a very experienced specialist who deals only with IVF and infertility treatment in South Korea, she will be able to help you choose a clinic, a doctor and arrange all the documents.

Cheil Clinic

Large specialized women's hospital. That is, they not only do IVF, but also treat most diseases, including cancer. The clinic has a hospital, complex surgical operations are carried out using the most modern equipment, you can undergo a high-quality examination of the state of the whole organism. About 8,000 births are performed in Chile every year, the highest rate in Korea.

Cheil and Mizmedi are competitors only in the field of IVF, in other areas Cheil is undoubtedly superior. As for IVF, the issue that worries us. Although on the Internet you will often hear about IVF in Mizmedi, in reality, the number of patients who do IVF in Cheil is much higher (about 4000 successful IVFs per year), albeit mainly at the expense of the local population. The Russian-speaking audience often chooses Mizmedy - mainly due to a rather aggressive advertising campaign and active PR by the coordinators themselves in social networks and on forums. Cheil does not actively promote himself and, apparently, therefore, loses to Mizmedi in terms of the number of foreign patients.

The Ai Somang Fertility Center of the Cheil Clinic boasts impressive results - about 70 percent of patients become mothers. The center employs about 12 reproductive doctors of the highest category, as well as 50 professional nurses. The center has existed for about 50 years and is the very first in Korea, where IVF, IVF in cryoprotocol was successfully carried out, the first successful pregnancy after PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), successful conception with aspermia or impaired oocyte maturation. Among the fertility doctors in Cheil there are many male professors, in Mizmedi all the doctors are women.

Miz medi Ganso Clinic

MizMedy Ganso is larger than MizMedy Gannam, and has more departments, which means that it can offer its patients, in addition to IVF, a number of other medical services, such as: surgery, obstetrics, urology, pediatrics, general therapy, etc. The clinic successfully performs gynecological operations and infertility treatment. Clinic coordinators - take care of patients to make them feel at home. If you come to this clinic, then indeed, it may seem to you that you are at home, but not in terms of comparison with domestic clinics, but in terms of the number of Russian-speaking patients whom you will meet on almost every floor.

MizMedi Gunnam

The clinic is small and highly specialized in the treatment of infertility and IVF. If you need surgery, it may be better to go to another clinic. But if you go for IVF, then here they know this business very well.

C&L (Ciel Women's Happiness Center)

88 Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

88, Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul Show on map

88 Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

88, Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul Show on map

Clinic Services

Reception and processing of applications in Russian

A response from a doctor in Russian as soon as possible

Online doctor consultation before or after Korea

Registration of confirmation for entry into the country

Russian-speaking coordinator at the clinic

Rooms: double, single

Today, stroke patients can recover lost brain function. Full or partial recovery may occur, depending on the case. In most cases, a well-designed rehabilitation program helps to cope with the consequences of a stroke. The timely start of rehabilitation also plays an important role. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to start the rehabilitation course as early as possible.

Magnolia International Medical Center has a specialized neurological department and a unique rehabilitation sanatorium. The center's specialists have developed rehabilitation programs for patients who have suffered acute cerebrovascular accidents (stroke). Such programs are in great demand among patients from Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

Features of the rehabilitation program at Magnolia International Medical Center:

  • An integrated approach in each case. Specialists from three departments work with the patient: neurology, rehabilitation medicine and oriental medicine. This approach makes it possible to achieve a greater effect in the treatment of the consequences of stroke.
  • The intensity of the treatment. This approach to rehabilitation ensures maximum results are achieved in a relatively short time spent in the center.
  • Individual work. Each patient spends about 2-3 hours a day with a personal trainer-rehabilitation therapist, accompanied by an interpreter.

Other neurological diseases are also treated at the Magnolia International Medical Center.

In order to get acquainted with the treatment and rehabilitation programs, as well as to discuss the details of the trip, contact the managers of the ALLAZIA company

by phone +7 (423) 2228297

In honor of the wonderful winter holidays, all ALLASIA clients who want to undergo diagnostics at the Gangnam Severance clinic receive a 20% discount on all examination programs, as well as an additional 10% discount on other types of examinations that a doctor may prescribe. A diagnostic package can be chosen general or specialized, aimed at a close study of any organs, diseases and identifying other problems. Details ...

New Year's time is ideal to make yourself and your loved ones the main gift - taking care of your health! ALLASIA partner - St. Mary's International Clinic at the Catholic University of Kwandong gives all clients a Minus 30% discount on all diagnostic packages As well as a 5% discount on all types of treatment besides the examination. What types of diagnostics are there? -General diagnostics will allow you to find out the status ...

For the New Year holidays and holidays, our Korean partners of the Inha Medical Center give all ALLASIA clients 20% for all diagnostic packages. The survey gives the most complete picture of the state of health and allows not only to identify problems, but also, most importantly, to prevent. The diagnosis itself lasts from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the selected program. We book for you ...

South Korea has been a favorite place for Russians for the New Year holidays for many years, and now there is an opportunity to combine vacations and rejuvenation with a 50% DISCOUNT! ❗️ ⠀ The leading plastic surgery clinic gives ALLASIA clients 50% discounts on such proven and effective rejuvenation procedures such as ⠀ Thermage (exposure to radio frequency waves that significantly rejuvenate the skin and tighten the oval ...

Beauty Belt in Seoul

Today it's no secret that Korea is experiencing an unheard-of boom in plastic surgery. Back in 2012, CNN named Korea the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World. As technology improves, plastic surgery becomes cheaper, safer, more effective and more popular around the planet. At the same time, South Korea is the leader in the number of plastic surgeries per capita around the world. In recent decades, Korea has rightfully earned the fame of the Mecca of plastic surgery. Korean doctors are well trained and proficient in all the latest techniques.

The Gangnam Style phenomenon that has exploded on you-tube in recent years has made the Gangnam area in South Seoul a world-renowned leader in the beauty industry. He was even given a name - "Belt of Beauty". It has now become a tradition both domestically and among international tourists to look for "Gannam Plastic Surgery" in Seoul. And this is not surprising, because in this area alone there are about 500 plastic surgery clinics, which, perhaps, makes this phenomenon unique for the whole world and just an amazing sight.

Our agency "Kongan Tour" cooperates with the best plastic surgery clinics in the area. It is worth noting that very tough competition reigns here just to survive. It is important to mention that this is not possible without a constant large flow of customers. Today, many tourists admit that Korea is literally flooded with cutting-edge medical clinics specializing in beauty treatments, many of which are considered to be world-class clinics, some of the very best. Indeed, today's Korea offers a high level of both the procedures themselves and the quality of service, and the Gangnam area in Seoul is the most prestigious and elite area of ​​modern Seoul.

This was not always the case. In the early 1980s, this area in the south of Seoul was one of the least developed. More recently, just a few decades ago, Korean culture had little in common with cosmetic surgery; rather, plastic surgery was associated only with the glamorous lives of Korean pop culture (K-pop) stars, and rice was grown in the Gangnam area. The first residential buildings here began to appear only in the 70s of the last century. The level of urbanization increased markedly with the Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul. From the moment the infrastructure has ever developed more and more, and high-rise buildings have already become commonplace.

By 1996, there was enough resources, experience and technologies in order to begin the formation of the plastic surgery industry. From this point on, only very rich people could afford to live in the Gannam area. Gannam Streets are also known for their fashionable boutiques, the COEX Mall shopping center (COEX Mall) and a large number of cosmetic surgery clinics. Since the Korean wave of popularity swept around the world in the early 2000s, the Gannam district quickly became one of the most popular visits to tourists, especially those who wish to visit the Cosmetic Surgery clinics.

Apgudjong Street (Apgujeong Street), located in the heart of the Gannam district is a kind of Beverly Hills Seoul. Here you get on the territory of luxury with large trading areas. However, the most characteristic feature of this popular area is that there is a huge number of plastic surgery clinics. Typically, the phenomenon here is to see 5-10 clinics on the same street.

Over the years, other clinics, large and small ones have been created here and eliminated. Today, some clinics are so great that you might think that you are on some kind of factory; Some medium-sized clinics, some kind oriented VIP.


Frequently our agency ask the question: "What clinic is more popular among the locals?" But now even Koreans do not know the answer to this question. And it's not just the number of clinics, but also in the omnipresence of plastic advertising. Koreans are constantly under the bombardment of advertising, which can be seen literally at every corner of the metro stations in Korea.

Competition - Development Engine in Korea


"Simply put, we are the best," says about the plastic surgery of Korea Dr. KVON, working in one of the clinic of beauty belt, giving an interview to the American CNN channel. This, perhaps, characterizes the spirit of Koreans. South Korea is well known for its culture of competition. This is one of the important driving forces of the rapid development of South Korea, which in various fields observes the whole world over the past few ten-year old. This spirit of competition has not bypassed the sphere of plastic surgery of Korea, becoming the guarantor of the high quality of the services offered.

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