Certificate for traveling abroad (form 082) in Almaty

How to get a certificate in the pool for a child, what the document looks like and how much is valid

What is a certificate for spa treatment? Who prepares it and how? What is the validity period of this document. The answers to these questions are in this material.

Help Form

According to the law, a certificate for obtaining a sanatorium voucher, which was written out by the polyclinic according to the available indications, is one of the documents that give the Social Insurance Fund a reason to pay for this voucher.

Of course, the appearance of a certificate for receiving spa treatment is clearly enshrined in legislation. So, we are talking about the health resort certificate of the form 070/y. It is given in Appendix No. to the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated December 15, 2014 No. 834n.

The form under consideration for a spa treatment takes 2 pages and looks like this:

Note that Appendix No. 12 to the aforementioned order of the Ministry of Health sets out the procedure for filling out a certificate for sanatorium treatment of form 070/y.

From our website, you can download a certificate form for spa treatment for free using the direct link here.

How long is the certificate valid

On the form itself, a single validity period for a health resort certificate is marked - this is 12 months from the date of its issuance by a medical institution.

Procedure for filling out and issuing

According to the current regulations, a certificate form for obtaining a sanatorium voucher is issued by medical institutions that provide medical care on an outpatient basis. In practice, these are usually district polyclinics.

When you receive a sample of the spa certificate, be sure to check availability:

Swimming for children is considered the most physiological sport.

All muscles are gently involved in the water, joints, ligaments and tendons are strengthened, the spine is "stretched", and all this without axial loads harmful to the growing organism. Children are admitted to aqua sections from 4-5 years old.

However, there is a condition on the way to the water path: a child needs a medical certificate to practice in the pool.

What do you need to visit?

The rules for visiting the pools are established by SanPiN 2.. ... 188-03. According to them, the child needs only 1 certificate in the pool, which includes a set of different tests (from a dermatologist to a blood test).

All groups of preschoolers and junior schoolchildren (up to 12 years old inclusive) must undergo honey. review is always regardless of the sanitary situation.

What is a medical certificate for?

The pool is a common area. Moreover, swimming children are in constant contact, because there is only one pool bowl for the whole group.

Unlike adults, the immunity of children under 12 is not formed, and if at least one infected child appears in a group, water will become a "conductor" of pathogenic pathogens with the threat of a massive outbreak of the disease.

The medical certificate officially confirms that the child has no dangerous pathogens transmitted in water. At its core, it is permissive medical documentation.

What does it look like?

A medical certificate confirms fitness for work. Often the employer must make sure that he does not endanger his employees.

Infectious diseases, physical and psychological disabilities can interfere with the work process of the entire company.

What information may be required when applying for a job

Help 086y is usually needed, but exceptions are possible.

In addition to it, you may need:

  • report from a narcologist and psychiatrist;
  • certificate of suitability 302n;
  • employee health passport;
  • certificate for public service;
  • certificate 989n for secret work about the absence of mental disorders;
  • certificate 027y about treatment;
  • document 002 and 003 for issuing weapons;
  • reference 003 for driving;
  • reference 405 for work at height.

Where to get a referral for a medical examination

The referral is given by a potential employer or employee of the HR department. Then you need to go to a public or private clinic.

In a private institution, you will have to pay more. But you will not need to sit in lines.

Which doctors need to go through

Medical Center "Medical certificates" Certificate for traveling abroad (form 082) in Almaty

Issuance of medical certificates for traveling abroad is one of the services of the medical center "LS Clinic" Almaty.

Our clinic has the appropriate license and accreditation to conduct medical examinations and issue certificates in the form №082/U.

Form/Y - medical certificate for traveling abroad

The basis for issuing a certificate is the conclusion of a therapist that you are healthy and not a carrier of infectious diseases.

The doctor gives such a conclusion after you have passed all the prescribed specialists and receive the results of analyzes, ECG and fluorography.

The certificate is issued in one copy and must be stamped with the seal of the medical institution.

In "LS Clinic" Almaty you can undergo all the necessary examinations in one place and without delay, consult with specialized specialists, get an opinion and recommendations on preventive and therapeutic procedures.

Who needs help/Y

This document is necessary for everyone who:

  • plans to move to another country for permanent residence;
  • goes on a business trip abroad;
  • will study at a foreign university;
  • intends to work in another country for a long period and obtains a work visa;
  • is leaving for treatment in foreign clinics;
  • in some cases, such a medical certificate is also necessary for tourist trips.

The document is submitted to the embassy of the country you are traveling to.

The purpose of its registration is to protect the citizens of this state from the spread of diseases, of which you may be a carrier.

There can be a lot of reasons for traveling abroad for Russian citizens: tourism, business trips and business trips, buying real estate, education, trainings, seminars, and so on. But whatever the reason for the trip, you will definitely need a certificate on the 082/y form. This is an important document, without which in most cases you will not be allowed abroad.

Why do you need help/y?

The purpose of obtaining this certificate is simple - foreign countries that host guests care about the health of their citizens and want to be sure that you do not bring with you a serious illness with high contagiousness.

In addition, if you have such a certificate, for example, in European countries, you can get a medical policy and easily consult a doctor in a foreign country, if necessary.

Promotions are constantly held in our clinic

Where to get a certificate for persons traveling abroad, in the form/y in Moscow

The Ministry of Health of our country has already approved a certificate form for those traveling abroad for a long time. Nevertheless, not every state medical institution can get it. If such an opportunity exists, most likely you will have to stand in line, take time off from work in order to come at the right time, and so on.

But there is an easier way - to contact the clinic "Medicine", located in the Moscow region. We work on the basis of a license. We issue certificates on original forms, confirm their authenticity with a seal.

To get certificate 082/y, you will need to go through a number of specialists (gynecologist/urologist, ENT, psychiatrist, narcologist, dentist, dermatologist, therapist) and pass some tests (OAM, biochemistry, blood for HIV, syphilis , blood group). You will also need to undergo a fluorographic examination and an ECG.

The list is impressive, but don't be alarmed - here you can visit all the necessary specialists in 1-2 hours. You will also take your tests at the clinic, since we have our own laboratory.

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