Cancer treatment in Israel


Israeli medicine enjoys a well-deserved prestige among patients and doctors around the world as a system that provides comprehensive, modern and affordable oncological care.

Advances in Oncology

Over the years of research and practice, cancer treatment in Israel has achieved significant results:

  • the survival rate and the frequency of remission at the late stages of the malignant process have significantly increased;
  • innovative methods of surgical and conservative treatment are being introduced into everyday practice, characterized by low invasiveness and an optimal profile safety;
  • the general trend was directed not only to the salvation of the patient, but also to return him to normal life.

Oncology in Israel is the most developed area of ​​medicine. Thanks to the joint efforts of doctors and the government in the country, it was possible to reduce the incidence of cancer and increase the detection of malignant tumors in the early stages. A wide range of medical and diagnostic, rehabilitation and preventive measures is available equally to both citizens of the country and medical tourists, which is an undoubted advantage when choosing a country for treatment.

Overview of Oncology Clinics

Oncology clinics in Israel are well-equipped multidisciplinary institutions offering all innovative diagnostic and treatment tactics.

Assuta Medical Center, located in Tel Aviv, annually conducts thousands of operations for patients with cancer. The specialists of this medical complex develop advanced methods of examination and treatment of malignant tumors, including modern chemotherapy protocols and radiotherapy regimens. In their work, doctors apply the latest advances in genetics and molecular biology, which makes the Assuta center one of the world's leading cancer centers. In addition, the patient is provided with psychological comfort and support during his stay in the hospital.

In the oncology center of the Ichilov hospital, a team of world-class specialists helps patients. The clinic widely uses minimally invasive surgical interventions, individual chemotherapy and radiation regimens. The patient is examined by doctors of several specializations, which makes it possible to create an individual treatment plan. The medical center "Ichilov" is also treating advanced cases of cancer, in particular, using the latest method of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

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Leading Oncologists

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In Israel, a lot of attention is paid to the treatment of cancer. Scientific developments are constantly being carried out here, which are quickly introduced into clinical practice.

Patients from all over the world come to this country to treat cancer, because along with the highly effective help that can be obtained in Israeli clinics, prices are reasonable here.

The cost of cancer treatment in Israel is noticeably lower than in clinics in Europe and the United States, the quality of services is at the highest level.

Israel's leading cancer treatment clinics

What makes up the cost of treatment in Israel

It is impossible to fully and accurately calculate in advance how much the healing will cost, since everything depends on the results of diagnostics and the specific characteristics of the disease and the patient. In some cases, one or two courses of treatment are enough, in others, several courses are needed using various methods of cancer treatment in Israel.

The cost of cancer diagnostics in Israel and treatment consists of the cost of diagnostics and the actual treatment. The fact is that in Israeli clinics, all treatment is prescribed only on the basis of their own diagnostics, because doctors often encounter errors in making diagnoses, especially in patients from the CIS countries.

For the correct choice of treatment measures and to obtain the maximum possible effect, all diagnostic procedures are carried out upon admission to the clinic.

Full diagnostics for oncological diseases, including diagnostics of tongue cancer in Israel, costs at 5.00-8. 00 $. The exact cost depends on the set of diagnostic procedures that may be needed. In Israel, it is not customary to impose unnecessary tests and examinations on patients, here the doctor will always explain to the patient and justify the need for one or another study.

Diagnostic procedures and their costs

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After reading the article, you will know:

A cancer diagnosis is not a reason to say goodbye to life. Israeli experts were able to transfer this disease to the category of chronic. With the right approach to the organization of diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Israel, persons with an established oncological status live for many years, as evidenced by the numerous grateful reviews of our former cancer patients.

How to come to Israel for oncology treatment

It is possible to come to Israel for cancer treatment even in a pandemic. This requires a special permit from the Israeli Ministry of Health, an invitation to a clinic ready to receive a patient, and a negative coronavirus test. Upon arrival in Israel, medical tourists spend 12 days in quarantine, it is possible to shorten this period. To do this, on the ninth day after arrival, you can take a second test for COVID-19. In the case of two negative laboratory test results, the self-isolation period is reduced to 10 days.

The time spent on quarantine passes unnoticed and is spent with the benefit of the patient:

  • revision of previously performed biopsy specimens (glasses, blocks);
  • review of medical documents, disc recording;
  • rest after the flight and acclimatization;
  • preparation for procedures and consultations.

Every day spent in Israel, a cancer patient is getting closer to his recovery. In turn, we guarantee cost reduction: assistance with renting affordable housing, organizing healthy budget meals, and optimizing other expenses on the territory of the state.

If arriving in Israel is not yet possible for you, start small - order an online consultation from a leading Israeli professor at an affordable cost, without leaving your home. We help to choose a narrow-profile specialist for a specific medical situation, we take into account all the wishes of the patient. There is a discount for repeated calls. Do not wait for the end of the quarantine - with us your health is in good hands.

The cost of oncology treatment in Israel


About the Cancer Center

The Sheba Medical Center Cancer Center is not only part of the largest medical institution in Israel, but also the undisputed leader in the treatment of cancer in the country.

In the fight against cancer, we take a truly comprehensive and integrated approach, trying to maximize not only the medical needs of our patients, but also provide them with the psychological, social and palliative care they need, using various methods and providing numerous support services.

Our method of degrees

The main principle that guides us in our activities is to provide full and comprehensive assistance to all our patients without exception. This means highly qualified and professional treatment of our patients, along with a compassionate attitude towards them and their families. This principle is reflected in our Tal Center for Integrative Medicine, which became the first medical institution in Israel to offer a truly comprehensive and comprehensive approach to cancer treatment in Israel. The treatments we use are based on scientifically proven evidence, but we also use complementary therapies to complement the most modern cancer treatments in Western medicine.

Complementary therapy includes physical therapy, involving dietitians in developing individualized recommendations for each patient, and professional and caring patient care. Much attention is also paid to psychological support, since the mental and mental state of the patient has a huge impact on his physical health.

Comprehensive treatment

Research shows that multiple treatments are more effective in most cases than just one treatment. Our combined treatments have resulted in excellent results with a low percentage of side effects.

Individually and correctly selected treatment

Oncology is a field of medicine that deals with the research, diagnosis and treatment of extremely dangerous malignant neoplasms. For successful and effective treatment, the choice of a medical institution is of great importance, where there is a sufficiently qualified experienced medical staff and the necessary medical equipment. Cancer clinics in Israel are necessarily equipped with everything necessary to combat any cancer diagnoses. In the Israeli clinic "Ichilov", which is known all over the world for the high quality of medical services, an integrated approach is used for the treatment of oncology. This means that a team of professional doctors (oncologists, general surgeons, radiologists, hematologists and other specialists) closely monitor all stages of patient treatment and recovery.

Cancer treatment in Israel has become an extremely popular area of ​​medical tourism and is an ideal example of the ratio of reasonable price and high-quality effective treatment. Oncology clinics in Israel have long been acclaimed for their medical achievements. That is why Russians and people from the former CIS countries, as well as residents of neighboring Arab countries and the United States, prefer to undergo medical procedures here.

Oncology in Israel is one of the areas of medicine that receive special attention - the arsenal of Israeli oncologists is constantly overgrown with new drugs and more advanced methods of treatment.

Cancer is no longer a verdict, moreover, this diagnosis is successfully treated by Israeli medical specialists through the selection of complex methods of therapy, and in many cases it is already possible to completely cure the patient from this ailment.

What types of cancer are treated in Israel

It is safe to say that Israeli medicine has reached such a level that it can treat almost all types of cancer known today.

Below is a list of the most common cancers for which patients from other countries contact us:

  • Breast cancer (breast cancer)
  • Cervical cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Prostate cancer (prostate cancer) in men
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Leukemia (leukemia)
  • Myeloma
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas

Our possibilities are of course not limited to this list. If you need medical assistance for a disease that is not presented here or on our website, we will, in the shortest possible time, help you organize a diagnosis from an experienced specialized doctor who will be able to choose the therapy you need and prescribe the most effective treatment.

How much does cancer treatment cost in Israel? The cost of the upcoming treatment is one of the main issues that interests all patients without exception who are going to improve their health in Israel.

So, oncology treatment and prices. It is difficult to predict the exact figure, because the process and results of therapy can be influenced by many moments that cannot be predicted in advance.

During an oncological examination, Israeli doctors can sometimes find what was overlooked when examining a patient in their home country. And these factors can affect both the period of stay of the patient in the hospital and the pricing (not necessarily upward).

Tracking the dynamics of the disease during therapy, the doctor has the right to change the protocol, as a result of which the total amount for the treatment can also be adjusted. The number of required courses of chemotherapy, the fields used in radiotherapy, the variety of diagnostic procedures that may be required in the process - all of these combined can have an impact on the cost of cancer treatment in Israel.

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