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Since 2009, the Korean authorities have allowed the treatment of foreigners in the clinics of the country of morning freshness - South Korea. Prices there are lower than European and American ones, and the quality of services is provided at the proper level. Since the 2000s, treatment in Korea has flourished. The second largest (after Seoul) port city of Busan is considered the capital of medical tourism. It is located in the southeast of the peninsula and, in addition to the favorable sea climate, the cost of treatment is available even to low-income clients, some manipulations are two times cheaper than in Seoul.

You can leave a request for organizing a trip for treatment in South Korea on the website korea-med. om. Ask questions, get advice. On request, the best medical specialist for your problem will be selected. The plan and cost of treatment will be agreed and all organizational issues will be resolved.

Patients come to Busan for services:

  • plastic surgery (first place in the world in terms of the number of operations);
  • dentistry;
  • infertility treatment;
  • treatment of oncological diseases;
  • complex diagnostics.

South Korea is leading the way in solving spinal problems, and Busan orthopedic clinics are equipped with a new generation of technology and have experienced workers in the restoration of the musculoskeletal system, even patients with minimal chances of returning to normal. Even non-specialized clinics are equipped for people with disabilities.

Features of treatment in Korea

Korean medical institutions use the latest models of necessary technology, including robotics, research ways to treat cancer and other diseases, and manage trained personnel. Only 0.% of medical university graduates who pass exams and tests become doctors. In order for the hospital to accept overseas patients, it is accredited and receives a corresponding certificate from government agencies. Among the requirements for obtaining it is the presence of international personnel coordinators in the institution.

Among other things, clinics are considered non-profit organizations. This allows the government to control them, which plays a significant role. The clinic is obliged to comply with the conditions, for example, the prices for services are set by the state; income is not taxed; profits are not redistributed and given only for refinancing (purchase of equipment, hospital reconstruction). Because of this approach, medicine is developing rapidly.


According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2007 South Korea surpassed Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland in terms of the number of MRI machines per million people, and bypassed the United States in terms of the number of CT scanners. The European Radiological Portal provided data for 2010, which indicated that 110 clinics in Germany do PET (detection of distant metastases), when there are at least 100 such institutions in Korea with twice the number of citizens. In hospitals in South Korea, the PACS system operates, it archives images, data, which is then transmitted to the patient at all stages of treatment.

Each patient is given an electronic medical book with case histories, appointments and examination results. There, no one prints or writes prescriptions, diagnoses with a pen, but is transmitted on electronic media. Doctors master new inventions in a short time and immediately put them into use. In clinics, everything is computerized from the electronic queue at the reception to the doctor's personal office. These facts explain the popularity of Korean hospitals among medical tourists.

Feedback on treatment in Busan

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Busan Fireworks Festival Tour

Taphun Tour - Admiring the Maples

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    Description of the Tatra ski resorts in Slovakia: rest on the Smokovec GC, Tatranska Lomnica, Strbske Pleso. Location of bases, maps of slopes, ski-pass, accommodation, meals.

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    Hot discussions

    Korea is a great place to enjoy a variety of spa treatments and hot springs. Some of Korea's spa centers are located in the busiest city districts, while others are open-air hot springs. Traditional hot springs have a thousand-year history.

    Korea Hot Springs

    Open-air hot springs are especially popular in Korea, which are distinguished not only by the beneficial properties of their water, but also by the magnificent views of the surrounding nature. You will experience an unforgettable experience bathing in hot springs while admiring the beautiful mountain and sea views.

    Near Seoul

    Icheon Hot Springs use plain spring water without taste, color or smell. In addition, the water is equally equipped with calcium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium and so on.

    How to get there: you can take the subway from Seoul. Icheon Subway Station on Gyeonggan Line, Station No. K417. Travel time: 1 hour 50 minutes from Seoul Railway Station Subway Station to Icheon Subway Station.

    Miranda Hotel Spa Plus is located in Icheon City, Gyeonggi Province. In an area that has been known for the beneficial properties of its hot springs for 500 years. Here you can enjoy a swim in various bathrooms, steam in traditional saunas, enjoy outdoor recreation in the hot springs.

    The history of Onyan Hot Springs, the oldest springs in Korea, dates back to 1,300 years. Hot baths have been taken here for almost 600 years. There are documents that say that during the Joseon Kingdom, King Sejong (1418∼1450) and other kings came here to rest.

    The world's best medical technology, Convenient and impressive healthcare, A City of Fun

    Busan Cultural Tourism

    Cultural Tourism

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    Honpopsa Buddhist Temple in Busan (홍법사 (부산))

    Address: Busan, env. Geumjong-gu, st. Tugu-ro 33, 202

    Phone: + 82-51-508-0345

    The Honpopsa Buddhist Temple, located in the Tugu-dong district of the Geumjong-gu district of Busan, is famous for the 21 meter high statue of the great Buddha Amitab, which is the largest seated Buddha statue in the country. The temple has prepared a special room for teaching Buddhist contemplation and meditation with assuming a certain posture, and also keeps the only bust of Gandhi in Korea, received as a gift from the Government of India in honor of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic friendly relations between the two states. A seated Buddha statue of impressive size, the cultural center of India, a beautiful ecological garden and the surrounding nature attract many tourists to this place.

    Geumnyeongsan Mountain (금련산)

    Address: San 59, Gwangan-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan

    Phone: + 82-51-253-8253

    Tourist and medical centers from Russia, China, Japan and Mongolia took part in the video meeting.

    Doctor Pusan ​​organized this event in the city of Vladivostok.

    The conference was attended by:

    • Travel agency Ritm 10;
    • Morning of Primorye;
    • Mobility tour;
    • Hope;
    • Option plus;
    • Navigator and Visa-Vl;
    • Clinic Healthy Vessels;
    • Children's City Hospital 1 and others.

    The South Korean side introduced Dong A Hospital, Heund Beck at Inje University, Busan National University Hospital, Dongnam Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and other leading Busan clinics.

    Each organization got acquainted with the medical and tourist infrastructure of the city. The partners were interested in both curative, preventive programs and opportunities for cooperation in a new regime for everyone.

    For example, the employees of the Healthy Vessels Center in Vladivostok and the Ledas Clinic for the Treatment of Varicose Veins in Busan exchanged experiences and contacts for further interaction.

    Representatives of travel companies were more interested in organizational issues, for example, the resumption of direct flights with Busan, the conditions for observing quarantine and self-isolation, the advantages of South Korean hospitals over other countries, partnership and promotional visits.

    Employees of the Variant Plus agency agreed with the Dong-A hospital on an advertising tour in the post-quarantine period.

    This event is held with the aim of educating and maintaining interest in South Korean medicine among residents of neighboring countries.

    Within the framework of this meeting, narrow-profile doctors from hospitals in South Korea provided qualified video consultation for patients from Russia who already had examinations (CT, MRI, ultrasound).

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