Benefits of dental implants

Benefits of dental implants

Endosteal implants provide the most versatility and options for tooth replacement today. However, for some patients with severe bone loss, other types of implants may be beneficial and may be preferred for reasons of simplicity, duration of treatment, and lower costs.

A dental implant is usually made from bio-compatible materials such as titanium and will have small ridges and pits located on the surface. This is how the bones can grow tightly around the implant and stick to it, which allows for a stable support for the artificial teeth, the teeth and bridges are attached to the dental implantation, so it will not move around, which allows the patient to speak and eat properly.

In order to receive dental implants, they must have healthy gums and an adequate jaw to fully support the implant. It is also important that the sufferers are in good general health as well. While there is no age requirement for dental implantation treatment, it is recommended that patients be at least 15 to 17 years old, so that the jaw is already fully developed.

Procedure duration

For most patients, the process of installing dental implants will not take much time. However, the amount of planning, healing and recovery can take about a month.

The average patient will be able to understand the basic timing of the procedure to look like this:

  • Planning phase:

This phase begins with a dental implantologist assessing the overall health of your oral cavity. This stage usually takes a month.

  • Installation phase:

this stage usually lasts from one to three days, depending on the number of dental implants that will be placed in the jaw. This process begins by drilling small holes in the jaw where the implant will be inserted and healing will begin.

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