Belarusian medical tourism

Belarusian medical tourism

In recent years, patients from post-Soviet countries have chosen treatment abroad as more effective than domestic medicine.

Belarus was chosen by a large number of foreign patients due to:

  • effective treatment using advanced technologies;
  • a convenient geographical location of the country (the center of Europe, from Minsk you can easily get to any European capital);
  • a good transport interchange;
  • a temperate climate, to which you do not need to get used to and experience discomfort during the acclimatization period;
  • a favorable social, natural and economic situation in the country;
  • hospitality of local residents;
  • the ability to communicate in Russian.

Against the background of world prices for medical services, the cost of treatment in Belarus compares favorably with its availability. At the same time, the quality of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation is at a high European level.

The development of the medical industry is one of the priority tasks of the government of the country. Funds are constantly allocated for scientific research, development of new methods, raising the level of training of specialists and for technical equipment. The country's government continues to implement a program to modernize the healthcare sector. As part of this large-scale event, inpatient and outpatient departments of medical institutions are being re-equipped, the infrastructure is being radically updated, and close interaction between scientific and practical activities is ensured.

Modern treatment in Belarus is competitive and attracts thousands of patients. It is no less in demand than clinics in Israel, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

How can a foreign patient go to Belarus for treatment

Treatment in Belarus for foreigners can be organized in two ways:

  • independently ;
  • use the help of specialized medical centers and agencies.

Medical tourism agencies take upon themselves the solution of all issues related to the organization of treatment abroad, saving the patient from unnecessary trouble and giving him the opportunity to qualitatively prepare for a responsible trip. In this case, it is important to choose a reliable agency that cooperates with leading clinics from different countries and is ready to meet all the needs of the patient during his stay abroad for the purpose of treatment.

Citizens of many countries do not need a visa to enter Belarus. This applies to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, etc.

How to find out the cost of treatment in Belarus?

We are a government information portal for medical services.

Our partners are leading specialized and multidisciplinary state and commercial medical centers of the Republic of Belarus, equipped with modern medical technology and equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

Medical services in our clinics are carried out only by highly qualified medical specialists with experience of internships and work in leading clinics in the world and practice of participation in international research programs. We offer an optimal ratio of price and quality of medical services.

We carry out individual work on the selection of a specialized clinic (sanatorium), an attending physician, diagnostic and treatment programs.


The goal of the project is to increase the volume of export of medical services by attracting foreign citizens to the country to receive medical care in health care institutions in Belarus; increasing the prestige of health care in Belarus at the international level; participation in the creation of a recognizable brand of Belarus; support of the image of a developed high-tech state in the healthcare sector.

AUTHOR: Anna Romanyuk, Ivan Klimov, Irina Nenartovich, Olesya Sidukova, Kirill Makarevich, employees of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (BelMAPO)

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