Baby tourism: where is it better to give birth - in Canada or in the USA

Medical tourism in Canada

People have different attitudes towards their own age. Obviously, this depends on the environment and circumstances. Someone considers himself too young and dreams of going to college or graduating faster. After that, having worked for ten years, we feel sad that our student years have passed so quickly. And this is repeated over and over again. It constantly seems to us that somewhere we did not value something in vain.

But even more scary are the thoughts of what we could, but for some of our internal reasons did not do.

Roughly the same reasoning can be found among people of different age categories. From children to retirees.

If you ask yourself a question, when is it better to radically change your life. Just like that from scratch. With new rules of the game and completely different possibilities.

At the same time, no one promises anything, but for some reason, there is a feeling that it will be exciting and will give you new incentives for development. And this is where it usually gets scary. As if you are standing at the exit of an airplane before a parachute jump.

On the one hand, it is scary to step there, but on the other, you are afraid that you will never again decide on a second attempt, in order to finally jump and experience this enthusiastic feeling of absolute flight.

This is roughly what people experience when they think about immigration to Canada. But, if we talk about this topic with a clear head, then indeed, one of the most important questions will sound like this: at what age is it best to immigrate to Canada.

Let's analyze the answer to this question directly according to the main milestones of an ordinary person.


Let's say you are between 14 and 18 years old and would love to develop games.

No problem. Learn English. You pass the IELTS tests (certification is paid and depends on the method of passing and the place). You enter the preparatory courses of one of the universities in Canada, where game devs are trained (for example, at the University of Waterloo) and send documents for an educational visa.

The second option (for high school students): apply to one of the general or special schools in Canada, where you study either directly with Canadian children or with foreigners (these are specialized paid schools).

Cancer patients around the world often prefer cancer treatment in Canada. The equipment of Canadian cancer centers and the qualifications of doctors are practically not inferior to the United States, and the prices for medical services in this country are somewhat lower. It should be noted that the survival rate of cancer patients in Canada is not lower than in the United States.

How much does cancer treatment cost in Canada

Here are some prices for diagnostic and treatment procedures in clinics in Canada:

Procedure Cost, US dollars PET-CT3400 Analysis for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in family history of breast cancer 6000 Mastectomy (removal of the breast without breast reconstruction) from 150001 days of hospitalization from 15001 chemotherapy courses8000

Patient Feedback on Cancer Treatment in Canada

Patient Pavel was diagnosed with leukemia by Ukrainian doctors. The disease came to light by chance - thanks to the dentist, who drew attention to the strange color of the patient's gums. P. had to go to work in Canada, but he decided to start treatment in Ukraine. After a course of chemotherapy, the patient only got worse: his hearing was impaired and the muscles of his face were paralyzed. P. continued his treatment in Canada. Canadian experts found that the dose of chemotherapy the patient received was too high. After repeated chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation, P. felt much better. Mimicry and speech were restored.

Russian Boris found an irregularly shaped mole on his face, which was not there before. The biopsy results showed a malignant tumor - melanoma. B. decided to undergo treatment in Canada, where he often visited on business. The operation had to wait a month, and the patient spent all this time in anxiety. However, he underwent surgery very easily: the operation was performed under local anesthesia. It was operated on by a team of trainees from different countries. B. notes the professionalism of the surgeons, despite their youth. Now the patient is reminded of the experienced fears only by a small, barely noticeable scar on the face.

Where to get treatment in Canada?

HealthCare Clinic

The clinic is located in Toronto and is one of the most popular Canadian multidisciplinary medical centers, headed by Dr. Skip Schwartz, famous in Canada. One of the main areas of work of the clinic is oncology. Along with traditional methods of treatment, the clinic has developed naturopathic programs using medicinal products from natural raw materials.

How much does it cost to have a baby in Canada? And in the USA? Where is the best medicine? Where is it cheaper? Is it legal? Let's tell.

Is baby tourism in Canada legal?

Baby tourism is popular in Canada because it is one of the few developed countries that grants any child born in Canada the right to become a Canadian citizen, regardless of parental citizenship status or visa status. It is absolutely legal, a tourist visa is issued in the usual way. An expectant mother may be denied a visa without explanation, so you should take care to prove your intention to return to your homeland and your financial viability. It will be much easier to get a visa if you have a check for payment for services and a letter from the doctor who takes delivery.

What is Canadian citizenship for a newborn and his parents?

Nothing for parents, immediately after the child receives citizenship, it does not in any way affect immigration, citizenship or a residence permit. The child, as a Canadian citizen, is entitled to free health care and free education. After reaching the age of majority, he will be able to sponsor his parents and transport them to Canada.

How much does it cost to have a baby in Canada with or without insurance?

In Canada, public health care is the publicly funded Medicare system. If you are a citizen or permanent resident, you can access this health care system. Then the cost of giving birth to a child will be either completely free, or it will be a couple of hundred dollars for a private ward.

Tourists and non-residents will have to pay bills out of pocket unless they have international health insurance to cover the costs. Cost of having a baby in Canada without insurance or access to Canadian Medicare:

  • Antenatal doctor's supervision and care, cost of one visit:

From $ 100 - From $ 150 - average cost without insurance

C $ 0 - average cost with international insurance or Medicare

Canada is one of the best countries for immigration in order to further fulfill your ambitions, as well as the development and education of your children. There are incomparable opportunities for building a professional, sports, cultural, IT or any other career. The main thing is to be active, curious, open to new cultures, strive for your goals with diligence and not be afraid of failure. Everything will definitely work out. There are many examples of this.

To achieve such goals, there are more than 100 universities in Canada, some of which began operating as early as 1663. The most famous of them are in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

Education for permanent residents and citizens of Canada costs significantly less than for foreigners, despite the fact that in the neighboring United States it is about 30% higher, even for Americans.

A distinctive feature of the education acquired here is that in the future it will be positively taken into account when obtaining a visa, permanent resident status and citizenship of Canada.

Canada's convenient location to the north of the United States and access to 2 oceans provide it with ideal conditions for developing business in the field of world trade. There are also well-developed areas of business such as the development of online games, the production of video content for the Internet audience and the film industry, as well as the bio and aero engineering business. This provides an excellent basis for business immigration and building a professional career in Canada.

Can everyone immigrate to Canada?

No, not all citizens of other countries can immigrate to Canada.

There is a specific system for selecting candidates for granting the status of a permanent resident and citizen of Canada. Otherwise, many people would have come here with goals incomprehensible to themselves, and even more so to those around them.

Canada gives the main priority in its selection to active and enterprising people who are able to learn everything new, be tolerant of representatives of different cultures and benefit the entire society of this country and its individual territories, in particular.

That is why Canada has a lot of visa and immigration programs in which inexperienced foreign citizens can easily get confused and waste money and time.

What are the real opportunities for immigration to Canada?

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the most efficient in the world. This is evidenced by the average age of life of the inhabitants of this country, which is 82.2 years. This is one of the highest rates in the world. At the same time, unlike the United States and some other highly developed countries of the world, medical services in Canada are conditionally free, which makes them available to all residents of this country.

Health care structure and organization in Canada

The current Canadian health care system is governed by the Canada Health Act of 1984. Under this Act, Canadian health care is overwhelmingly funded by the government. That is, for residents of Canada (Permanent Resident), it is free, with the exception of some areas. Such as dentistry, ophthalmology, cosmetology and others. However, residents of the country fully pay for their medicine as part of taxes paid annually to the Canadian budget. And taxes in Canada are much higher than, for example, in the United States, where there is no free medicine. The Canadian health care system, informally called Medicare, assumes that every Canadian, including children, has a special Health Card, which can also be an identity document of its bearer. This card must be presented whenever you contact a Canadian medical facility or a medical professional of any level. It should be noted that Canada has a sufficient number of highly qualified medical professionals. After all, medical education in Canada is at a very high level. People who have obtained one of the medical degrees are required to pass a special qualifying examination (Qualifying Examination) by the professional organization Medical Council of Canada.

Each of the 10 provinces and each of the 3 territories of Canada is separately involved in the organization of health care on its territory. Specifically, Ontario's provincial health program is called Ontario Health Coverage. Other provinces have their own similar programs. In any case, they are all eligible for the national Medicare program. Therefore, in Canada, you can get quality medical care in any region.

What types of health care are available in Canada

The backbone of Canadian health care is the so-called Family Phisician, who make up more than half of all doctors in the country. It is they who monitor the health of their clients and determine which specialist doctor should be sent to the patient, if the need arises. In addition, such a doctor, as a rule, knows a particular patient more deeply and can, upon request, consult a specialist doctor about certain aspects of the patient's health. There are also analogues of Ukrainian polyclinics in Canada. Here they are called Walk-in Clinic. If you have a Health Card, you can always go to an appointment at such a clinic. It should be noted that most Canadians complain about the not very high level of logistics in such institutions. In particular, it is quite common to encounter long queues and slow service. However, do not forget that all of this is free. In any case, if there is an urgent situation, the Walk-In Clinic will provide fast and efficient service. In every locality in Canada there is an opportunity to use the services of a telephone line of free consultation (Health Links), with the help of which you can get expert advice on independent actions (or the undesirability of such) in a wide variety of cases, from fever to a traumatic situation. People with medical education and experience in medicine provide consultations. In the event of situations requiring the immediate arrival of doctors at the scene, you can always call an emergency ambulance (Emergency). This can be done by calling the short number 911. In this case, specialists will assess the patient's condition on the spot and, if necessary, deliver him to the appropriate specialized medical institution.

We remind you that in all cases, except for urgent situations, you must have a Health Card with you.

What Newly Arriving Immigrants Should Know About

People who have just arrived in Canada do not always know some of the specifics of the Canadian health care system. Meanwhile, some of the nuances are very important. Especially at the very beginning of your stay in Canada. You should be aware of these basic points:

  • To take full advantage of Canadian health care, visit one of the Canadian Department of Health offices and complete a registration form. In Ontario, it is called Registration for Ontario Health Coverage and is filled out for each family member. It is on its basis that the Health Card is issued, without which a person cannot enjoy the benefits of Canadian state health insurance.
  • The first three months of stay in Canada do not qualify for the above program. For this reason, during this period, you should carefully monitor your health and avoid dangerous situations. In addition, it makes sense to purchase a health insurance policy that will cover some of the costs if necessary. Such a policy costs several hundred dollars and is available to everyone.
  • Services of such specialists as dentist, cosmetologist, ophthalmologist are not paid under the state program. For this reason, you should have medical insurance policies for these areas. However, certain categories of residents of Canada have certain benefits that entitle them to additional services. For example, in Ontario, retirees receive a special Health 65 Card that qualifies them for these benefits.

The Canadian healthcare system is thus very efficient. Despite some shortcomings, it is recognized as more convenient than the American insurance system. Canadians are justifiably proud of their healthcare and its availability to everyone in the country.

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