Asthma treatment in Crimea

Choosing a sanatorium in Crimea: top-10 and tips for rest in 2020

Tourism in Crimea once began from medical resorts. But the health resorts themselves have accumulated a lot of "sores" in recent years, and now they also need "treatment". "AiF-Crimea" talked about this with the chairman of the Association of Resorts of the Republic, Alexander Plakhotny.

More money!

Arsen Kermenchikli, "AiF-Crimea": From year to year there is talk that medical tourism can become a "highlight" and the main whale of the resort industry in Crimea. Are we moving in this direction?

Alexander Plakhotny: The sanatorium base in Crimea is worn out and outdated in most cases. Traditionally, our hotels and sanatoriums are criticized for the lack of decent service. It does not always depend on the workers themselves, who do everything in their power. It is necessary to tighten the knowledge of everyone who is busy serving guests - from a canteen worker in a sanatorium to directors. Although there are islands in the Crimea, where the entire organization of recreation is at the highest world level.

But other changes are also needed, which do not end outside the doorstep of the health resorts. The Crimeans themselves should treat the newcomers differently. Even casual passers-by make up an impression of Crimea in their eyes. Whether a local resident will invite a guest to chebureks will help to figure out if he gets lost on the street - or, conversely, gets nasty. All this creates the atmosphere of the resort, it depends on each of us - from the taxi driver to the top managers. I was in Morocco, everything is perfect inside the hotels, but as you leave the gate, the whole picture of well-being collapses. Therefore, it is important to develop everything in a complex.

- Why is everything changing so hard?

- The entire bureaucratic system does not respond so quickly to our needs. For example, the receipt of funds from the federal target program: for various reasons, this money was received by the end of the year, it simply cannot be used physically. This is one of the reasons. There are other inhibiting factors - the outdated material base, due to the difficulties with updating, brings with it difficulties with licensing. Now in Crimea there is a notification system of licensing: the sanatorium describes its types of activities, personnel and several other points - and this is enough in the transition period. But how long will this continue? Until the end of this year. If the transition period is extended until 2019, then this right will remain with us. And if not, many health resorts will not be able to get licensed. Simply because there is no modern equipment, there is no way to comply with the regulations in order to continue working. Although now, regardless of the equipment, all procedures are carried out with high quality and comply with the standards.

- Maybe there are people willing to "share" money with the sanatoriums?

- Crimean health resorts received more than 90 investment projects. In work - 25. It is necessary to approach carefully the choice of the investor, it is necessary to separate from them the dealers who come to "stake out" the project. And then they resell it. This mainly applies to hotels. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the investor is not always as frank as at the beginning of the journey: maybe in the future he sees not a sanatorium, but some kind of elite complex exclusively for recreation. And there is a danger of losing the specialization of the sanatorium. You can come and say: we do not need medical workers, we are building cottages - that's all!

We are also required to create conditions for investment. To make it simple and clear for the investor what he is investing in. The leadership of the republic should already work here.

- Then where to get the money if you need to repair it now, but there is no investor?

- There is a state program for the development of the resort industry until 2017 and a federal program for the development of Crimea until 2020. But as I said, sometimes bureaucratic delays arise. Now drafts of laws are being prepared to modernize tourism facilities, sanatoriums, which are state property. One of the sanatoriums in Alushta, capable of accommodating 400 people, was renovated for about 260 million rubles. Consider: there are 91 sanatoriums in Crimea. Another source is earmarked funds. In the first year after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, targeted money was allocated to the regions, which went through social insurance funds - so that more than 80 regions would buy vouchers to Crimea's sanatoriums. Everyone felt the effect of such a decree. Although the vouchers cost 1000-1500 rubles per person per day, even at such prices, it is possible to keep working personnel in the off-season. Even when you are working in a small minus, it is better than shutting down.

Shore to Shore

Want to breathe deeply? Then you are in the Crimea. The peninsula has all the natural conditions that can help those suffering from bronchial asthma: low air humidity, in comparison with other seaside resorts in Russia; gentle sea, filling the air with ions of salt, iodine and other minerals; coniferous forests and magnificent parks that saturate the environment with medicinal phytoncides. Asthma treatment in Crimea in 2021 is a combination of climatotherapy with modern methods of treatment that Crimean sanatoriums offer vacationers, which can bring asthmatics a stable and even complete remission, reduce the number of exacerbations of the disease, reduce coughing, shortness of breath, and significantly reduce the drug load on the body.

Most of the Crimean sanatoriums have their own modern medical base, extensive experience in health improvement - 70-50 years, developed author's methods, and most importantly, treatment on the peninsula will bring vacationers not only health, but also a lot of pleasant emotions and unforgettable impressions.

the best Crimean sanatoriums for the treatment of bronchial asthma

Sanatorium "Dyulber"

The sanatorium is located in the quiet picturesque village of Miskhor, 16 kilometers from Yalta. Before becoming a sanatorium specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, the beautiful Moorish-style palace was the Crimean estate of Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich Romanov.

The palace was built by the famous architect Nikolai Krasnov in 1897, at the same time a magnificent park was laid out, descending to a cozy beach. During the years of the revolution, the Dulber estate became the last refuge of the royal family - from here they sailed into exile and left Russia forever.

In Soviet times, "Dulber" became a closed sanatorium in which the party elite rested. Today, it is one of the best health resorts of the peninsula, equipped with modern medical equipment, in which a professional team of doctors works. It is incredibly easy to breathe in the old park with century-old coniferous trees, on the sanatorium's own pebble beach it is a pleasure to take water procedures and absorb the air saturated with salt and iodine.

Vacationers of the sanatorium "Dulber" can choose one of three programs of sanatorium treatment, the complex of procedures for patients with bronchial asthma includes: medicinal and oxygen inhalations, halotherapy (salt cave), balneotherapy - healing showers and baths, apparatus physiotherapy ...

Sanatorium "Ai-Petri"

The sanatorium is located in the picturesque southern coastal village Koreiz, 18 kilometers from Yalta. At the beginning of the 19th century, Lev Naryshkin took a fancy to this cozy place near the sea, having built a beautiful dacha "Sofiyivka" here and laid out an extensive park among the pine trees. The last owner of the dacha was Naryshkin's granddaughter, Olga Dolgorukaya, but after the revolution the territory of the estate was nationalized, and in 1923 one of the first Crimean sanatoriums for workers was opened here.

Nowadays, modern dormitories are located in a vast park with gigantic pines, cedars and cypresses, shady alleys lead to the sanatorium's own comfortable beach, and a well-equipped medical building offers a wide range of procedures.

Crimea is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination every year. Sights on the peninsula are diverse - natural, historical, cultural, archaeological. In a separate category, it is worth highlighting mystical places that are associated with a special energy. Those who are fond of esotericism should undoubtedly visit the places of power of the Crimea and more than once, they will find there a lot of interesting things for themselves.

Mount Ai-Petri

One of the most convenient mountains of the peninsula to visit. There is no need to climb there, as on Roman-Kosh, you just need to take a ride on the cable car from Alupka, where there are many buses from Yalta and Simferopol. Ai-Petri is good at any time of the year, most tourists visit it in summer, but in winter the peak is beautiful in its own way.

Fans of esotericism should remember that it represents a barrier between the energy zones of the Bakhchisarai region and the southern coast of Crimea. As a result, there are many anomalous areas on its territory. For example, Drunken Grove. A remarkable place where no tree stands upright. It is somewhat reminiscent of the “dancing groves” in the Burabay reserve (in Kazakhstan), in the Altai and on the Curonian Spit. It is characterized as a geopathogenic zone, which is not worth going to, since a visit worsens the state of health. Likewise, the Uchan-Su waterfall. In its surroundings, some sensitive people feel dizzy.

A good place is the top of Ai-Petri itself, from where a beautiful view of the Black Sea opens. There it is worth making wishes and getting energized.

Cave city of Mangup

Cave city. A well-known place where in summer it is full of tourists and where some films were filmed, for example, "Crimea". From the 1st to the 18th century, the Taurus, Scythian-Sarmatians, Alans, Goths, Byzantines, Turks and Karaites managed to live here. Now Mangup serves as an archaeological site, for example, 2018 brought science a female pendant with Egyptian motives, it belongs to the Hellenistic era. A rarity for the Crimea.

Consequently, Mangup's energy is strong, it is not in vain that people have been striving to live in this place for about 2000 years. Of the unusual phenomena that can be observed at night, lovers of the supernatural call the ghost of a boy. His relatives died long ago, in 1475, during the siege of the fortress by the Turks.

Cave Monastery Kachi-Kalion

The Kachi-Kalion cave monastery is located near Bakhchisarai, between the villages of Preduschelnoe and Bashtanovka. A suburban bus runs to him from the city. You can also get there on foot. From the center of Bakhchisarai you need to walk a couple of hours, it turns out 11-12 kilometers.

Maybe you don’t know, sanatoriums will tell you about rest in Crimea no less than pretentious hotels! After all, most of the guests of Crimea pursue the goal not only to fry on the beach and lower half of the salary to children's whims, but also to strengthen their health for a year, or at least until the next season.

And in anticipation of such a miracle, it would be extremely irresponsible to rush to all-inclusive, without theoretical knowledge in medicine and a health book at the ready.

Therefore, let's find out where in Crimea to relax muscles in the company of a family and active retirees, which health resort to choose and how to properly prepare for a vacation in a sanatorium.

Please investigate with me!

Why do I need a sanatorium?

Rest in the sanatoriums of the Crimea can be a good alternative to staying at a hotel. Many health resorts willingly accept guests for a couple of days, and with year-round service, they are very happy with guests in the off-season.

First of all, this is the cost. Not many hotels on the peninsula provide all-inclusive vacations. And here you have a complete package for the price of staying at the hotel - food, a private beach with free sun loungers, wellness or treatment.

Besides, often Crimean health resorts are located on the territory of ancient landscape parks and estates. So, daily walks among age-old and relict plants, as well as architectural monuments of history are guaranteed to you.

Add here the organization of excursions to any point of the peninsula, peace and quiet, the territory closed from extraneous movements and persons.

But, if you do not intend to adhere to a certain routine, and in your plans noisy parties with fireworks, then living in a sanatorium, of course, is not suitable for you.

Health Resort Card

If you want to undergo a thorough treatment in a sanatorium, then you will need a spa card. This document contains all information about your diseases, test results, doctors' opinions. Arriving at a health resort with this card, you will quickly receive an appointment and a treatment program.

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