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Assuta is the largest network of clinics in Israel

Assuta is one of the oldest hospitals in Israel. Patient care has been provided since 1934.

Assuta is the largest private hospital in the country. Every year the clinic receives several hundred thousand Israelis and patients from all over the world who come to Israel for treatment.

Assuta is a large surgical clinic, where more than 500 types of operations are performed - oncological, cardiac, gynecological, neurosurgical, orthopedic, ophthalmological, etc. 13% of operations carried out in Israel are carried out in this clinic. Every day in Assuta carried out about 300 surgical interventions. Approximately 92,000 patients, both Israelis and foreigners, undergo surgical treatment here every year.

In addition, every year the clinic performs:

  • 440,000 imaging studies (including unique PET-MRI procedures);
  • 683,000 examinations and outpatient diagnostic procedures;
  • 4,000 cardiac catheterizations;
  • About 16,000 IVF procedures (Assuta's IVF department is one of the largest in the world).

Since 2018, the hospital has been run by an experienced therapist - Dr. Dorit Tekes-Manova.

History of Assuta Hospital

  • 1934 - Repatriate from Latvia Dr. Ben-Zion Harel and his partners, doctors from Germany, organized the first private clinic Assuta in Israel in Tel Aviv. The word "assuta" in translation from Aramaic means "health". This name for the clinic was invented by the famous Israeli poet Shaul Chernikhovsky, who was a doctor by profession. Among the first leaders of the hospital were its founder - Dr. Ben-Zion Harel, his son Professor Chaim Harel, a famous Israeli pediatrician - Professor Shimon Rosenbaum and otolaryngologist Dr. Arie Oren.
  • 1935 - Assuta Hospital received the first patients. At the time of opening, the clinic had 74 beds.
  • 1953 - Another 4-storey building was built on the territory of the clinic, and its capacity increased to 150 beds.
  • 1986 - Professor Bernardo Widne founded a cardiac surgery center in the clinic.
  • 1987 - The IVF center was founded.
  • 2009 - A new modern Assuta building was opened in a prestigious area in the northern part of Tel Aviv - a spacious 10-storey building of original architecture with 16 operating rooms. The building was designed jointly by Israeli and Canadian architects. Their innovative solutions have made Assuta one of the safest clinics in the world. These innovations include, for example, separate elevators for patients and visitors and separate corridors for transporting used and sterile equipment. The hospital includes a rehabilitation center, business center, shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • 2011 - Assuta received the JCI certificate - a certificate of compliance with the level of medical services to the highest international standards. In the same year, the clinic acquired the Da Vinci robotic surgeon and became one of the first Israeli hospitals to begin performing robotic-assisted surgeries.

Unique operations and procedures in the Assuta clinic

NUsurface artificial meniscus implantation. In Assuta was performed one of the first operations on the implantation of an artificial meniscus NUsurface, created in Israel. It was conducted by Dr. Noam Reshef in 2021. Until now, only about 500 such procedures have been carried out in the world. The NUsurface Meniscus is a carbonate-polyurethane implant that is a complete replacement for the natural meniscus. The implant is installed through a small incision no more than 5-6 cm long.

Assuta - world-class treatment

2019 is a significant year for Assuta Hospital. Exactly 85 years ago, the hospital has been successfully operating, helping people to gain health. Much has changed over the years. From a small hospital opened in 1934, the clinic has grown into the largest network of medical institutions, with branches throughout the country.

Currently there are seven branches in the largest cities. The hospital department is the largest and most modern. It was built in 2009 taking into account all the most stringent requirements.

Other clinics are located in the cities of Ramat HaChayal, Haifa, Ranaan, Ashdod, Beer Sheva and Rishon LeZion. In the city of Tel Aviv and is located at Ha-Barzel 20.

Assuta Clinic, Israel - the official website of the medical center

Assuta clinic has only one official website - ru. ssuta. o. l. On it you can find out more detailed information.

All Assuta hospitals meet the highest international standards. Among the few clinics, the medical center was awarded JCI accreditation, which indicates an unprecedented high level of quality and safety of treatment. Treatment in Assuta can afford both Israeli citizens and foreigners.

Medical tourism has become commonplace for the clinic. The clinic has an International Department for Working with Foreign Patients, as well as a staff of translators and other employees necessary to ensure the maximum comfortable stay of a foreign patient in the clinic.

Medical tourism began to develop in the clinic since the 90s, and today thousands of patients from different parts of the world are treated and diagnosed here. It is interesting that the flow of foreign patients is growing every year. This is also due to the fact that for many countries of the former USSR, Israel has canceled visas, which greatly facilitated the patient's task.


Assuta Hospital - Assuta Medical Center offers world-class advanced treatment, medical equipment and technology to ensure the most effective patient outcomes. Assuta Hospital is the largest private medical center in Israel, which offers a high level of medical care for patients from abroad. About 90,000 operations, 650,000 examinations and treatments are performed every year.

Assuta Hospital is the largest clinic in Tel Aviv, as well as a network of private clinics located in different cities of Israel. The medical institution was founded in 1934 as a private clinic, one of the first private clinics in the country.

Its peculiarity was and remains the fact that from the first day of its foundation, it provided qualified medical care that meets the most modern standards. In Assuta they always keep up with the times, there are no outdated equipment or outdated techniques, this is one of the basic principles of the clinic.

Treatment at the Assuta clinic

Patients who come for treatment from abroad have a choice between a private and a public clinic. By giving preference to our center, the patient receives many benefits, which we will discuss below.

Characteristically, the cost of the provided medical services, be it diagnostics, cancer treatment or rehabilitation, remains at the same level as in a state clinic. The only difference is in paying for additional amenities, while the advantages of choosing Assuta hospital:

  • A person has the opportunity to choose the attending physician himself, although it is better to entrust this to our specialists;
  • The Assuta hospital's treating staff is represented by leading specialists - the elite of Israeli medicine, foreign patients consult and treat the best world-renowned Israeli doctors;
  • The patient can choose his surgeon and the time of the operation;
  • The patient does not need to wait until a place in the clinic is available, which often happens in public hospitals .;
  • Treatment at Assuta Hospital is a minimum of stress and inconvenience. The staff of the clinic does everything possible for a comfortable stay in it;
  • Communication in the native language. You will not have a language barrier, i.e. the clinic staff is multilingual, our medical coordinators speak Russian;

Reviews about Assuta Medical Center

Attention should be paid to the fact that regardless of the direction in which treatment is required, it is carried out according to the highest standards of modern medicine. Assuta Hospital has an excellent diagnostic base, because high-quality, accurate diagnosis is the key to adequate treatment and recovery.

Such studies as CT and MRI, which are currently the gold standard of diagnostics, are carried out on the latest generation equipment, and the rest keep up with them. Every year, about 235,000 patients undergo similar studies at the clinic.

If it is necessary to carry out operations, preference is given to minimally invasive - microsurgical and endoscopic techniques. Part of the operating process is robotized, which can significantly improve the accuracy of the operations, and therefore significantly reduce the risks of intervention.

Assuta (Israel, Tel Aviv) is the most high-tech medical institution in Israel. The medical center actively cooperates with our Association of Physicians in Israel.

Founded in 1934 by a group of 34 doctors, Assuta provoked a revolution in the local medical system, as it gave the patient complete freedom to choose his doctor.

There are 7 Assuta hospitals in Israel in total in different cities (2 in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon LeZion, Beer Sheva, Ra'anana, Ashdod). It provides a wide range of surgical procedures, oncology institutes, dialysis and outpatient clinics, inpatient departments, imaging centers and other departments, including an ultra-modern radiotherapy department.

Today the private clinic "ASSUTA" ™ is the largest medical network in Israel, serving more than 1 million patients a year.

The medical center has received the international American accreditation JCI (Joint Commission International). This award recognizes the high quality and safety standards of healthcare services. About 600 clinics around the world are JCI accredited.

Construction of the main hospital building in Tel Aviv was completed in 2007. Assuta was built with the participation of the world's leading experts in fields such as architecture, engineering and medicine. The hospital was created under the leadership of Professor Yair Shapiro, with an understanding of the current needs of patients and the clinic's staff.

Assuta Hospital specialization in Israel: broad. Special attention is paid to surgical operations, oncology and IVF.

Mission of the Medical Center

Assuta Hospital: general concept

The Visitor Entrance Hall embodies part of the Assuta construction concept, emphasizing simplicity and convenience. The building is planned so that it is easy to navigate in it, and the central window overlooks Ganei Yeshua Park, filling the lobby of the clinic with light and life.

The head office is located in Tel Aviv and 11 branches are located in other cities of Israel.

At the moment, Assuta has more than 400 comfortable single rooms, 17 modernly equipped operating rooms and provides treatment in more than 28 profiles


patients from all countries visit the clinic every day


surgical operations per year


outpatient diagnostic and treatment procedures per year

Assuta has been recognized as the best clinic in the entire Middle East in recent years

The clinic has separate lifts for patients and visitors. Dispensers with antiseptic solution are installed at the entrance to the departments and wards

There are no interns or trainees at the clinic. Treatment is based on close cooperation of specialists working in different fields and carrying out complex therapy

For example, the Da Vinci surgical robot, one of the 50 PET-MRI machines in the world, and the Novalis TrueBeam STX radiosurgery apparatus

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