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They are waiting for an appointment for half a year

France: free everything

Stephane Dupuis has been living in Russia for several years, so he can compare the medicine of France and our country.

“Here in Russia, the quality of medicine is in the Middle Ages,” says Stefan. - I received medical care under the compulsory medical insurance policy, I did not apply to paid clinics. France has a social security system that has been in place since the post-war period. This system implies that a person, working somewhere, makes contributions from 30 to 90 euros per month to the social security fund. If he fell ill, then he receives medical care absolutely free of charge, because he made deductions in a timely manner. If the doctor has prescribed the medicine, you get it for free at the pharmacy. And you need a prescription to get medicines. Not like in Russia, when anyone prescribes pills for himself, he pays for it himself. In France, only paracetamol is available without a prescription. "

Stefan explains that if a person has no money and does not work, then the state meets him halfway, and the patient receives medicines free of charge. If the salary is less than 830 euros per month, then he also receives free medical care, at the expense of others. This is happening under the slogan "Equality and Brotherhood". In France, it is generally accepted that anyone can find themselves in such a situation: anyone can lose their job.

Last year, Stefan's mother, who lives in France, broke her hip.

“She is already at a venerable age,” says Stefan's wife Irene. - In Russia, such a turning point is a sentence, people no longer rise and remain bedridden. Three days after the fracture, she underwent surgery, a titanium prosthesis was placed, and a week later she was already on her feet and was able to walk. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was given a referral to a sanatorium, where there were special procedures and exercises. A month later, she was discharged and assigned an au pair. Every day for a month, a girl came to her, cooked food, bought groceries. We managed to come to visit my mother-in-law only after 4 months, and she met us in a car at the airport. She didn’t pay a penny for the medicine or the operation. ”

If a patient in France needs an ambulance, he calls the fire department. Stefan says that there are two emergency numbers in this country - the police and the firefighters. The latter go not only to extinguish fires, but also help, for example, people with fractures to get to the hospital. It is the firefighters who provide first aid. If the patient can get to the doctor himself, then he does not call the emergency number.

Irene has lived in Russia all her life and when she visited France, she was surprised by the number of specializations:

“Doctors have such narrow specializations that we haven’t heard of yet,” says Irene. - My husband visited an orthoptist. This is a doctor who works with various visual impairments. Stefan went to the doctor with headaches, but it turned out that he needed to work with his eyes. I saw the signs on the neighboring offices, which indicated such specializations that you cannot find in Russia, even the search did not give out matches. "

Stefan was surprised that medicine in Russia is still paid, since patients buy most of the drugs at their own expense.

“Pharmacies are more like the marketplace, not pharmacies,” says Stefan. - Both baby food and blood pressure monitors are on sale. In France, there is only pharmacy in pharmacies. There is only one thing in Russian medicine that is better than in France. There are not very long queues for narrow specialists, sometimes you can even sign up for tomorrow through the online portal. If you go to a doctor in France, then the wait can be up to six months. The most busy are a dermatologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist. "

Stephan says that in France, doctors are never rude to their patients, and vice versa, they try to behave with them as politely as possible. According to him, in the last 10 years, there has been a tendency among patients to go to court if the doctor caused pain during the appointment.

They are waiting for an appointment for half a year

Rest in hot and colorful Argentina will be an unforgettable adventure for every tourist. This country of enchanting carnivals, passionate tango and legendary football gives its guests a sea of ​​positive emotions, opens the gates of ancient monasteries and deserted deserts. Argentina harmoniously combines modern megacities with high-rise buildings and the quiet secluded expanses of Patagonia, snowy mountain peaks and endless white sandy beaches. The frosty winter months, which are usual for us, during the day, the air temperature there reaches an average of 28-30 degrees. That is why tourists from all over the world flock here during the popular beach season. Going on vacation in Argentina, carefully study the climatic features of the region where you plan to stay. Due to the large territory of the Argentine Republic, the climate in different cities of the country is different. So, for example, in Mar del Plata subtropics dominate, this is the hottest point on the map of the country. The island of Tierra del Fuego, on the contrary, is the coldest.

In most seaside resorts, the tourist season lasts from November to March. In the northeast, the summer is sometimes cloudy and rainy, so when going on vacation to this region it is best to choose a hotel or hotel with an indoor pool. The resort of Miramar is located in a temperate climate and has a more "restrained character". The beach season is not as hot as in Mar del Plata. Therefore, rest in this part of Argentina is recommended for people with poor health.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a large port city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean near Buenos Aires. In the 1930s, a highway was built here, connecting the capital with the city, which attracted the wealthiest Argentine tycoons. They stayed with their families in luxurious villas and residences, which even today are considered the main attractions of the place. Now Mar del Plata is rightfully recognized as a resort of the European level. It should be noted that this is one of the first tourist centers in Argentina, where a solid casino was built. Every evening, professional and amateur tango shows are held in local theaters and major restaurants, which amaze with their gracefulness and emotional performance.

The main recognizable symbol of the city is the sculptural group Los Lobos. It is a large statue of seals with their heads up. For their impressive size and austere, stern look, the locals nicknamed these animals "sea wolves". With all their appearance, they talk about who is the owner of this city. On the territory of the beaches of Mar del Plata, several water parks have been built, where trained dolphins, fur seals, and acrobatic athletes on water skis perform daily.

The main shopping street of San Martin St. offers affordable textiles, garments, leather goods and souvenirs. The cuisine in Mar del Plata is traditional, with fresh seafood. Grilled vegetables, grown by local farmers on nearby plantations, are served as a side dish. The Spanish name of the city Mar del Plata means - "Silver Sea". In the evenings, the central promenade offers magnificent views of the quiet, shimmering water surface. The sand here is white and clean, without any admixture of shells and pebbles.


Miramar is a picturesque place on the Atlantic coast. Translated, its name means "Look at the sea." In fact, there is a lot to see here. Nearby there is the quiet and cozy lagoon of La Bellenera, where sports fishing enthusiasts gather. Locals and tourists alike compete to catch the largest anchovies, Argentine seabass, Atlantic salmon, white bream and other coastal inhabitants. At the end of the competition, the guests and the organizers of the whole company arrange a massive barbecue and enjoy the colors of the setting sun.

For fans of extreme recreation, the Miramar aeroclub is open in the city. Tourists undergo the necessary training and go with an instructor on an exciting airplane journey. From a bird's eye view, the city looks amazingly beautiful. An impressive dose of adrenaline is provided for everyone. iramar is surrounded by dense coniferous forests, which has a positive effect on the ecological situation in the city. There is a legend among the local population that a group of people walking in the forest recovered from respiratory diseases. and throughout the town there are about 40 indoor and outdoor terraces with barbecue grills. Each restaurant's menu includes freshly prepared cold cuts with savory spices, as well as a traditional Argentine drink - mate.


This city is nestled among a man-made forest on the Atlantic coast in the province of Buenos Aires. Translated from the language of the Mapuche tribe who lived here, Cariló means "Green Dune". Carilo is an exclusive place for those who appreciate a leisurely and measured rhythm of life, enjoying every moment spent in a paradise on the very shore of the ocean. Recently, the entrance to the city was strictly controlled by the local authorities, allowing only noble and especially important guests to enter. Now access to the magnificent attractions is open to everyone, but prices are still high. So, not everyone can afford such an elite vacation.

Many quirky shops and small family restaurants are built in the city center. After a hearty lunch and entertaining shopping, you can go to the Carilo forest, where people find real harmony of body and soul under the arches of shady trees. Extreme urists are invited to take an exciting ride on the sand dunes on ATVs, go water skiing, go kiting or windsurfing.


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