Antiparasitic program

Antiparasitic program

Removal of: toxins, parasites, allergens, microbes

Cleansing: blood, lymph, intestines,

Reducing: excess weight, cholesterol and glucose levels.

Rebirth and rejuvenation of the body

Innovative super effect: peeling, scrubbing, lifting

And all this in one complex "ANTIPARASITARNAYA"

Hurry to take care of YOUR health and the health of people close to YOU!

Duration of treatment - from 10 to 21 days

Program objectives:

Program objectives:

Complex of innovative procedures included in the program:

The program includes 12 complexes, depending on the duration of the course of treatment, age, the presence of certain concomitant diseases.

Antiparasitic program

Altai has long attracted tourists from all over Russia and beyond. The unique beauty of local natural sites - majestic mountains, lakes and forests, makes you fall in love and visit these places again and again. The Belokurikha resort, celebrating its one and a half century anniversary this year, is one of the most visited. Being the best combination of natural healing factors and mild climate, located at the foot of the Altai Mountains, the city welcomes guests to recuperate and recover at any time of the year.

Belokurikha Resort: The Secret of Attendance

The healing properties of the main wealth of the resort - radon springs, were discovered back in the 19th century and since then, the popularity of these places for tourists who want to relax and improve their health has only been growing. The combination of the impact of natural resources and the peculiarities of the climate, the experience of providing sanatorium-resort services allows us to call the resort of Belokurikha the best place for treating a wide range of diseases and conducting a variety of leisure activities. Even in winter, the influx of guests here practically does not decrease, because this city is recognized as a popular Russian ski resort.

"Altai Castle": the benefits of recreation and health improvement in the resort of Belokurikha

Located in a picturesque park area, in the very center of the resort, near the Belokurikha River, the Altai Castle, featuring high standards of service and the use of highly effective, traditional and modern methods of prevention and recovery, is rightfully considered the best in its segment ... The unique technologies of high-speed diagnostics applied in the sanatorium of the Belokurikha resort make it possible to track the entire healing process in order to determine the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment measures and to carry out their timely correction, if necessary. Proximity to thermal springs allows you to get healthy water of natural temperature, which undoubtedly increases its rejuvenating, cleansing and healing effect many times over.

Altai Castle offers not only the best treatment, but also relaxation. Guests of the sanatorium can choose any type of accommodation in the resort of Belokurikha, and the prices for vouchers depend on the room category, purpose of arrival, duration and length of stay.

Resort Belokurikha: prices for all-inclusive tours

What could be better than spending your vacation in a place where nature itself has created ideal conditions for recuperation, donating its resources for the benefit of man? Coming to these places, literally from the first minutes of your stay, you feel how the burden of fatigue falls from your shoulders, and the surrounding atmosphere fills you with peace and harmony.

Sometimes for recovery it is enough to receive only the optimal dose of positive emotions. A rich entertainment program, various leisure options, including active ones, for adults and children will leave unforgettable impressions and energize. You can find out what the Belokurikha resort offers and how the prices for vouchers are formed in the corresponding sections of the official website of the Altai Castle sanatorium.


Thousands of guests visit the Belokurikha sanatoriums every year. The official website, the prices for which are indicated for 2020, offers to get acquainted with treatment programs, courses and vouchers to the Altai Castle sanatorium. Some guests of the resort arrive to enjoy their rest and recuperate, spending time surrounded by picturesque natural sites. The goal of others is to undergo treatment courses. Many, striving to relax with health benefits, purchase a voucher that includes comfortable living conditions, food and a complex of healing procedures. Sanatorium "Altai Castle" offers to take advantage of the opportunity and purchase a course in Belokurikha, the price of which compares favorably with the cost of treatment with accommodation.

What is a course in Belokurikha, prices for the service, its pros and cons

When planning to visit a unique balneological resort, not everyone has an idea of ​​what a course is and how this concept differs from a voucher. The course gives the right to undergo a complex of medical procedures without accommodation. In other words, when purchasing a course in a sanatorium, you can count on a full course of health-improving measures prescribed after a doctor's examination, and live in any other place of your choice.

The advantages of the course include its lower price due to the absence of the need to pay for accommodation. You can take care of your health in a sanatorium, whose profile, staff and equipment inspire confidence, and live in another boarding house or with a private person. The price for a course in Belokurikha in 2020 may include meals - one meal (breakfast or lunch), two or three meals a day.

The disadvantages of courses include the loss of time on the road to the sanatorium. In addition, treatment measures do not always go one after another: breaks between procedures have to be spent in a sanatorium or returned to the place of residence, spending additional time, money and effort on the way back and forth. Our sanatorium offers a course in Belokurikha at prices, which can be found in the corresponding section.

Course or package: what to choose?

Purchasing a course in Belokurikha at prices in 2020 is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who, for whatever reason, do not have the opportunity to buy a full range of services with accommodation. The person purchasing the course is undergoing a treatment program, the procedures of which are selected by the doctor individually after examination, taking into account the severity of the disease, concomitant pathologies, indications and contraindications. Wellness services are provided with a spa card for both adults and children.

When choosing between a voucher and a course in Belokurikha, prices for which depend on the length and time of stay, you should take into account that for serious treatment it is preferable to choose the option with accommodation. It is a stay in a sanatorium on a voucher that will increase the effectiveness of recovery. The combination of the therapeutic effects of the procedures and the correct rest regimen will allow you to get the most out of your visit to Belokurikha. On the official website prices are presented for all types of treatment.

The resort town of Belokurikha is located in the southeastern part of the Altai Territory in a valley at an altitude of 240-250 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Tserkovka. 1992 the resort town of Belokurikha has the status of a resort of federal significance. At present, the resort area of ​​Belokurikha can accommodate over 5 thousand vacationers at a time. There are 19 sanatorium-and-spa and health-improving institutions in the city. The number of sanatoriums, health resorts, hotels, small boarding houses is constantly growing. The harmonious combination of natural healing factors with modern resort infrastructure, qualified medical personnel and the latest achievements in the field of spa treatment have made the resort town of Belokurikha a popular resort among both Russians and foreign tourists.

Picturesque nature, healing mineral springs, crystal clear air saturated with light air ions, positive energy of rut volcanic rocks - in such a combination, natural healing factors are not found anywhere else. By the number of sunny days per year (about 260), Belokurikha is comparable to the resorts of the Caucasus. Mild winters, cool summers, warm weather of spring and autumn months, constant barometric pressure - favorable climatic conditions that promote the activation of metabolic processes and increase immunity. Light air ions are the main medicinal component of mountain air. In Belokurikha, their content is twice as high as in the world famous Swiss resort of Davos. Increased ionization of the air, especially on the adjacent heights - terraces, has a positive effect on the general condition of vacationers. Elokurikha drinking mineral water restores many functions of the body, primarily of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. Medicinal nitrogen-siliceous radon-containing alkaline mineral waters with a temperature of 30 ° C and 42 ° C. are famous for their healing power. They contain a small amount of radon, a lot of nitrogen, fluorine and silicic acid, as well as various trace elements. For several hours after taking a bath in the skin and, to a lesser extent, in other organs and tissues, as a result of the action of radon, a state of tissue fluid ionization arises, which changes the direction and intensity of biochemical processes, which serves as a trigger mechanism for restoring the impaired functions of organs and tissues. In 2.5 hours after the baths, radon is completely excreted from the body. The uniqueness of the natural mineral water of the resort is a high therapeutic effect with a low concentration of specific components. They also use medicinal mud from the salt lakes of the Altai Territory. They are distinguished by their plasticity, high heat capacity, and do not contain toxic and other impurities. Balneotherapy includes about thirty types of procedures with mineral and fresh water.

Medical profile of sanatoriums - treatment of diseases:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • genitourinary system;
  • digestive system;
  • nervous system;
  • endocrine system;
  • respiratory organs;
  • ENT organs ;
  • skin.

The managers of our company will select a sanatorium or a resort hotel for you, book accommodation, meals and all types of services, offer an excursion program in Belokurikha and Gorny Altai, choose the best route and types of transport with you, offer an air ticket for the desired date, including at subsidized rates.

Every tourist who comes to Belokurikha must travel by cable car to the legendary Mount Tserkovka. This is a tradition that appeared in the very first year of the creation of the cable car. Chairlift Tserkovki meets modern European standards of safety and tourist comfort. Its length is 2050 m, and the height to which it can raise everyone above sea level is 801 m. Conveniently sitting on 2-seater seats, you can slowly admire the beauty of Belokurikha from a dizzying height. You will see how small houses that look like toys from such a height and wide fields of foothills dissolve in the morning misty haze or drown in the darkness of the bottomless sky under a scattering of stars. As the clouds seem unrealistically close - just reach out. In summer, in addition to a picturesque panorama, during the ascent, you can often see a huge rainbow shimmering in the sun, and in winter - snow-capped peaks of mountain hills. In the very center of this splendor is Mount Tserkovka, covered with ancient legends, tremblingly keeping Altai secrets. It is no coincidence that a rocky park, unique in its essence, was organized on this mountain. Each rock has its own story. Taken together, these stories form a living historical canvas. The guides will gladly tell you about the secrets of Mount Tserkovka, walk with you through the forest, and allow you to greet the rocks: 2 sons and 4 daughters of the mythical Master of the Mountain. It was to the good Spirit of the Mountain that local women went with a request for a future son and other, less significant requests. It is believed that if you come to the top of the Church, to the Obo altar, with a pure heart and make your main wish, it will certainly come true. The excursion program "Legends of Mount Tserkovka" also includes a visit to the unique Eye Spring and the Temple of Panteleimon the Healer.

Brother's Rocks - Immersion in the world of Belokurikha's legends!

The Four Brothers Rock is an amazing natural sculpture ten meters high. In the immediate vicinity of it there are several other historical and amazing places of Belokurikha. Excursion to the rocks "Four Brothers" - a trip by jeep accompanied by a guide, for two and a half hours of which you get the maximum experience and pleasure.

So what happened to the four brothers? When the land of Belokurikha was still no one, five brothers came and traveled in search of their land. Belokurikha conquered them with the beauty of the mountains, the purity of the springs and the amazing nature, the richness and variety of berries and fruits on the bushes, but the most important discovery was the amazing hot springs that filled every living creature that touched them with vitality and energy. Hot springs spilled into an amazingly beautiful lake, which was guarded from unnecessary guests by snakes and other reptiles. The older brothers decided that this is exactly the heaven on earth that they were looking for, and the lake must be filled up in order to drive away the creeping reptiles. Only the younger brother, who realized that this lake was also a gift from God, began to ardently dissuade the brothers from their plan, offering to give the lake to all people. The younger brother's speeches only irritated the older ones. After consulting, they came to the conclusion that their younger brother does not think about himself or about them, and at any opportunity he will distribute their land to everyone free of charge. The brothers did not want to get involved with him and decided to simply kill him so that he would not interfere with their selfish plans. At dawn, the brothers woke up, took spears and just gathered to attack him asleep, as God's punishment overtook them ... and the four brothers remained forever with hearts of stone, forever together with their selfish convictions ... And the younger brother did everything in his own way, opened the lake with hot springs to the whole world, gave it to everyone who needed it, and the creeping bastards themselves retreated, allowing a person to reach its shores.

Journey to Round Mountain

Altai is rich in miracles. Miracles miraculous, created by nature, attract travelers from all over Russia and the world, surprise with their beauty and perfection. The summer holiday season in Belokurikha is ideal for lovers of hiking, trekking, as well as jeeping and horse riding. One of the amazing places in Belokurikha is Kruglaya Mountain, a trip to the top of which is a fascinating excursion available to any tourist.

The Round Mountain 800 meters above sea level has a slope quite convenient for climbing at an angle of 35 degrees. The total length of the route to the top is about 5 kilometers, part of the way can be done by car, but the ascent to the top of the mountain is only possible on foot. The excursion to the summit takes about 1.5-2 hours. The mixed forest is gradually thinning, the air is saturated with the scent of herbs and shrubs. At the top of the mountain, a real miracle awaits you - rocks 15 meters high with flat tops and a round, miraculous stone platform above, from which an amazing view of the surroundings opens - a panorama of the resort, the valley of the Belokurikha river, Mount Sinyukha, Altai steppe.

This place has a special, fabulous energy. The stone is open to the rays of the sun and absorbs its energy, generously sharing it with tourists. It was this stone that gave the name to the mountain and is the main object of attention from tourists. To make climbing the cliff more comfortable, wooden stairs have been prepared for tourists, but still a fascinating climb to the top is a rather laborious process. The rocks have a layered structure, the layers overlap each other, they acquire a bizarre shape under the wind, so the trail sometimes hides under an overhanging rock, forcing tourists to duck to climb higher. Sometimes Mount Round is also called Mother-in-law's pancakes, since the rock itself, due to its layered structure and round shape, resembles a stack of pancakes. You will see a stone waterfall, a lonely pine tree, the history of which is another amazing legend that will definitely leave its mark on your soul. It is believed that a walk to the Round Mountain helps to restore peace of mind and is the road to oneself, however, the same can be said about any walk to the sights of Belokurikha - touching the magnificent and pristine nature always has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of any person. Other sights of Belokurikha are located in the vicinity of the Round Mountain - the Four Brothers rocks and the Gate of Love, the Silver Spring.

from 19,000 rubles. for a trip from 5 days *

from 19,000 rubles. for a trip from 5 days *

* The price is indicated for a voucher of 5 days, during the check-in period from 09. 1. 021 to 31. 5. 021, for 1 person with double occupancy in the "Standard" category.


You don't have enough time for a full course of spa treatment, so you want to improve your health and get a charge of positive emotions in a short time.

You need to quickly recover from mental and physical stress, which is facilitated by a full board in a sanatorium, a visit to the pool, gym and the appointment of a doctor.

You like active rest, value your free time for walks in nature, and at the same time want to receive a number of general strengthening procedures in the sanatorium.


Wellness, food, accommodation.


A number of restorative and tonic procedures, depending on the indications, as prescribed by the attending physician:

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