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Medical Tourism Association

The Medical Tourism AssociationВ® is a global non-profit that educates and advocates on behalf of the Medical Tourism and International Patient Industry. The MTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers, and other buyers of healthcare in its medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives. The MTA is also committed to raising consumer awareness of international healthcare options and has specific initiatives designed to educate and increase the number of consumers who travel for healthcare.

The MTA works to inform consumers about options for medical treatment, whether they are local or halfway around the world. You can learn more about these initiatives below. The MTA educates consumers through its publications, such as its Health & Wellness Destination Guides and Medical Tourism Magazine. Most of the MTA resources are available online, including the No. 1 internet portal for healthcare consumers: www. edicalTourism. om. The Medical Tourism Association has three tenets: Transparency in Quality and Pricing, Communication, and Education.


The MTA seeks to provide transparency in both quality of care and pricing. Every day, we see how globalization of healthcare has created a very flat world. We exchange technology, information, communication, physicians, and patients. In order to ensure patient safety, we try to generate maximum transparency regarding the quality of healthcare that can be found in each country. Increasingly, it’s just as important to create a transparency in pricing too, so patients traveling overseas for care can be sure of what they are receiving without hidden costs or unforeseen expenses. The MTA is also working on the Quality of Care Project, which will change the way we look at the reporting of global healthcare statistics and the quality of care available at hospitals around the world.


MTA members agree that communication is the key to success, particularly with respect to ensuring positive patient outcomes. The members of the Medical Tourism Association have agreed to put competition aside and work together to resolve industry issues as they arise. We have created a forum for communication for all of the actors in the global healthcare environment.


Although we live in a world where information is often right at our fingertips, there are still many people who donâ € ™ t yet know that there are dozens of destinations all around the world that provide premium quality healthcare. Some patients in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom may lack timely access to healthcare because of prohibitive cost or high wait times; patients in other regions of the world, like in some parts of Africa and the Middle East, do not have access to high-quality care in their own country and must sometimes look elsewhere for treatment. Some patients just want to leave their own locale for healthcare to incorporate high quality of care with some sort of holiday or tourism. “Regardless of the reason, patients need education and information to understand what they should look for in finding a provider in a foreign country, as well as important precautions to ensure safe travel. As insurance companies continue to incorporate global healthcare and medical tourism options into their benefit plans, and since domestic healthcare providers are required to treat patients for aftercare when patients return to their home country, greater public exposure to the concept and details of medical travel is now more important than ever. The MTA strives to educate anyone with an interest in this industry using various means: the media, international healthcare conferences, and Medical Tourism Magazine. Our web magazines are medical tourism trade journals aimed at providing a wealth of information for anyone interested in or affected by the globalization of healthcare.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of the high level of quality healthcare available in various countries.

To promote positive and stable growth of the Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Industry with a strong focus on transparency and communication.

Medical Tourism Department of Israel's largest private travel company

Who are we?

Amsalem Medical is a subsidiary of the Amsalem Group, which organizes diagnostics and treatment in Israel for foreign citizens. We are the best in providing a personalized professional independent treatment plan in Israel.

How do we work?

After receiving the application, our company operates as follows:

  • The patient fills out the application form on our website (on the right or at the bottom of the page).
  • After receiving an application from a patient, a medical consultant contacts him to receive and further review medical documents.
  • These documents are forwarded to our doctors for detailed study. If necessary, the consulting physician will contact the patient to clarify and clarify the details of the therapy received. And if this is not necessary, then on the basis of the materials received, the doctor draws up and sends the patient a diagnostic program with possible treatment options. In difficult cases, to assess the situation, medical documents can be sent directly to narrow specialized specialists working with our company (doctors' resumes).
  • After a thorough study of the materials, an approximate cost is drawn up for each of the proposed options. All calculations are approximate and based on the information received and are sent to the patient even before his arrival. The price offer includes all medical procedures and additional aspects related to your stay in Israel. This will give you an idea of ​​prices and length of stay in Israel.

When preparing a proposal, we select the best specialist in Israel for your medical problem. We, like no one else, understand that you have already run into "doctors" and, flying to Israel, you hope to get to "The One" specialist.

We do our best to meet your expectations. So do not hesitate, contact us now.

Medical Tourism Departments

It is important to emphasize that in every hospital in Israel, be it private or public, there is a department of "medical tourism", which is interested in that you undergo diagnosis and treatment in its medical institution. That is, this department will always represent the interests of this hospital, and in the event of a "medical error" or various "misunderstandings", the medical tourism department will be on the side of the clinic, and not on yours.

Our approach

Our advantage is that we are independent and do not represent the interests of any particular clinic. Amsalem Medical represents the interests of a particular patient, that is, yours. At the same time, we cooperate with all public and private hospitals in Israel.

Metastatic cancer or metastases is a symptom that a cancerous tumor grows, and abnormal cells migrate through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to other internal organs. The metastatic process indicates that the disease is progressing and requires immediate treatment. Israeli specialists talk about modern approaches to the treatment of metastatic cancer.

What are metastases?

Oncology can be primary or secondary (brought in from other internal organs affected by the pathological process). Metastatic cancer is metastasis. The presence of metastases in a cancer patient indicates the progression of the disease and the presence of stage 4 cancer. This means that the pathological processes have spread throughout the body and threaten the health and life of the patient. In some cases, metastatic cancer is diagnosed earlier than primary cancer.

How do metastases occur in the human body?

Malignant tumors differ in structure from normal and healthy tissues in our body. Cancer tumors are looser, because of this, the cells of the neoplasm can break away from it and wander through the body, penetrating the lymph nodes and the circulatory system. Combining the human body, such cells can settle in the bones, organs, actively develop, generating metastases or secondary cancer.

on the occurrence of metastases can affect a number of adverse factors, somehow: <

  • violation of the body's immune functions,
  • biochemical changes.

Such violations can be how to promote the growth of cancer in the body and suspend oncological processes. The malignancy of the tumor affects the progression of the metastatic cancer, making it active or passive.

The progression of metastasis depends on other factors, such as: <

  • alcoholism,
  • age-related changes in the body,
  • intoxication,
  • viral infection,
  • Lack of vitamins in the body,
  • Unbalanced nutrition,
  • frequent stress.

Remember! From cancer can not be defended, but it can be cured! Successfully with metastatic cancer cope abroad.

In which organs the metastatic cancer occurs?

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