A new medical center appeared in Mogilev

A new medical center appeared in Mogilev

On July 8, the medical center "A Clinic" was solemnly opened in Mogilev. At the service of residents and guests of our regional center - modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. The main feature of the medical center is the latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the absence of queues. Read about how the opening took place and what services A Clinic provides.

"A Clinic" is located in the very center of Mogilev, on Komissariatskiy lane, 29/1. In test mode, the medical center started working on July 6, and on July 8 the long-awaited official opening took place. The ceremonial part was held with the participation of the presenter, artists, musicians and animators. Doctors and administrators talked about the features of A Clinic's services, conducted excursions around the offices and premises of the center.

What's in the list of A Clinic's services?

Reception at the medical center is conducted by specialized highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. In the near future, gynecology, aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology, and dentistry will also appear.

The flagship direction of the medical center is MRI research. The installation of a new and powerful expert-class apparatus allows examining all tissues of the patient's body and helps to identify abnormalities or diseases in the early stages.

This does not require a referral from a specialized doctor - the patient just needs to make an appointment and come on the appointed day. An exception is diagnostics with contrast enhancement, for which the direction is mandatory. After receiving the results, the patient can turn to the doctors of "A Clinic" for advice on organizing further treatment. The cost of an MRI scan is from 110 rubles, depending on the area under study. The medical center has comprehensive research programs that are formed on a specific basis and are more beneficial in combination than the same services separately. A full list of services and their cost can be found on the clinic's website, and all questions of interest can be asked to the call center specialists at 7174.

"A Clinic" is a wide-profile medical institution where everyone can receive restorative and restorative procedures: massage, acupuncture, shock wave therapy (SWT), work with a nutritionist. The main profile of the medical center is neurology and orthopedics. Also in "A Clinic" you can undergo a number of laboratory tests.

However, this medical center focuses not only on the detection of diseases, diagnosis and treatment, but also on the prevention of health problems. Next, we will talk about reflexology, shock wave therapy (SWT), plasma therapy (PRP) and discounts that operate in the clinic.


The clinic focuses on reflexology. This is a complex of therapeutic and diagnostic methods of influencing the active points of the surface of the human body.

Reflexology is used as an additional method to drug therapy. It is useful for diseases of the spine and joints, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the ENT organs, allergies, insomnia and neuroses, the desire to lose weight, getting rid of tobacco addiction. In addition, acupuncture helps in the treatment of sleep disorders, depressive disorders, memory and attention problems, and panic attacks.

The technique has many positive effects on the body:

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UP TO 30% DISCOUNT ON MRI DIAGNOSTICS MORE ENDOSCOPIC EXAMINATIONS Examination of certain internal organs of a patient using an endoscope MORE ULTRASONIC DIAGNOSIS on Philips EPIQ 5 and AFFINITI 70 devices MORE MORE than 20 MORE IN MORE than 20 MORE THAN 20

Euromedica is a new medical center in Mogilev, created to diagnose diseases using the most modern equipment. Everything is provided here - highly qualified doctors, comfortable rooms, attentive staff. The clinic has the most modern high-tech medical equipment in its arsenal. Including unique MRI devices 3. T and 1. T. Reception is carried out by the best specialists with extensive experience. A pleasant addition is a well-groomed area and a convenient entrance.

You can go through the examination here:


We invite our patients to an extensive examination to identify or exclude diseases. We provide the following services:

X-ray diagnostics (orthopanthogram) check-mark-1

Laboratory research (own laboratory) check-mark-1

MRI diagnostics 3.T, 1.T check-mark-1

Ultrasound diagnostics check-mark-1

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