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Study and education in Miami (USA) - the best study programs for children and adults

A long and happy human life begins with a safe birth. Better to be born not only at the right time, but also in the right place. Today, the level of medical services provided in the United States of America is considered one of the best in the world. And it’s not just that. Clinics for obstetric services are provided not only with the latest advances in technology, but also with qualified workers who have passed not only higher medical institutions, but also trained for a year in hospitals around the world. So, here are 9 of the best obstetric clinics in Miami and one pediatric center that can give your child the best chance for a healthy and happy life. Moreover, every newborn receives American citizenship, which opens up great prospects in the future adult life for the baby.

Phone for consultation: + 1-772-324-1669

Address: 4300 Alton Road Miami Beach, Florida, 33140

MOUNT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER has been helping women give birth to healthy children for over 60 years.

Highly qualified specialists have the latest equipment for this, which helps to solve the most difficult situations with not only newborns, but also children who are still carrying. The clinic has a well-known NICU not only in America, but also in the world, which helps to leave premature babies or provide additional care for children with complications. Young mothers also have the opportunity to attend courses for pregnant women and everything that may be needed at the beginning of a baby's life. For this, the hospital employs almost 4,000 employees.

Cost of pregnancy and childbirth:

  • epidural anesthesia: included in the price
  • neonanthologist: about 1000

Phone for consultation: + 1-772-324-1669

Address: 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, Florida, 33021

MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL is able to create a truly homely atmosphere for the expectant mother. The emphasis is placed on the comfortable stay of a woman in labor: free wi-fi, a flat-panel plasma TV and other common conveniences of everyday life of a modern person are at her disposal. There are 39 separate chambers, of which 14 are suites. Round-the-clock monitoring of the health of not only the mother, but also the future baby. The clinic has one of the best children's intensive care units in the country. It is thanks to the professionals who work for the benefit of the clinic and give the opportunity to be born a new life every day, this hospital has been awarded many awards and is included in the top 100 best hospitals in the United States.

Cost of pregnancy and childbirth:

  • epidural anesthesia: $ 1250 for natural childbirth
  • neonanthologist: about $ 600

Phone for consultation: + 1-772-324-1669

Check out educational institutions in the city of Miami where you can enroll in language courses or get an education. Training is available for Russians with accommodation in a hostel, private house or in the teacher's family.

Tuition fees in Miami range from RUB 949633 (USD 12,500) to RUB 1,519,413 (USD 20,000) and depends on the chosen language programs of educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities). The UniWestMedia Educational Center will help you with the selection of documents for obtaining a visa to the United States.

Miami Universities

Miami, Florida offers attractive locations to study at one of America's largest centers for finance, culture, entertainment, and international business.

Choose a degree overseas in Miami, one of the wealthiest cities in the US, with a Hispanic population that has earned the city the nickname "Capital of Latin America." Sign up for a training program in a tropical setting where there is never a winter.

Study in Miami

The variety of educational services offered caters to the needs of a wide range of international students and provides undergraduate and graduate courses in English and, in many cases, in Spanish.

Find the best master's degree in the United States, such as a Master of Science (M. c.), Master of Arts (M.), or one of the many MBA study options. Choose from Master's courses in Business Administration, Accounting, History, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Social Work, and more.

Online undergraduate programs are available alongside regular undergraduates at Miami universities. Students who do not meet the basic criteria for admission to a US university will find many programs to prepare them for successful undergraduate studies.

Choose one of the short university courses that focus on specific topics or offer introductory courses to help students decide if they want to explore a particular topic in detail further.

Career Opportunities

Due to its proximity to Latin America and Latin American influence, the city is the headquarters of many companies operating in Latin America. Miami is also a major commercial port with great international connections.

It is possible to live and work in a warm climate, surrounded by palm trees and the sea, if you find a job in Miami. The United States is known as a stable country with equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, so everyone can try their luck. Work in Miami for Russians is available in the field of trade, tourism, services, and the technical sphere.

How to search for vacancies yourself

Before considering employment options in America, you need to adequately assess your own knowledge, abilities, skills. The employment situation changes regularly in line with the political environment and economic development. Florida has its own specifics, it is close to the countries of Latin America. In this regard, work sometimes requires knowledge of not only English, but also Spanish.

While in Russia

The Internet is a win-win way to find jobs in the United States. Before you leave, it's best to look for work from home. Pay attention to English-language resources where jobs in Miami are offered. Monster sites. om, craiglist. rg as well as careerbuilder. om are in demand among Americans.

Most companies require you to send a resume, so you can find a job in Russia. You also have the opportunity not only to search for posted vacancies on a daily basis, but also to publish your resume so that employers will notice it.

While in the USA

While in the United States and looking for work abroad, you can again use the services of the above Internet resources. Calling for job advertisements in Florida is recommended in the morning. There is no point in trying to establish contact with a prospective employer after 17:00 pm, as the offices are usually empty.

You can also contact intermediary companies: they are ready to offer work for Russians in Miami, Tampa, as well as in other areas of the state. This method is convenient in that it allows you to find a job in the shortest possible time. A specialized agency will help you arrange the necessary documents, deal with a work permit. However, there is also a negative side - the services of intermediaries are quite expensive.

In the Russian community, you can always try to find a part-time job. You can get help with finding local shops or restaurants, as well as taxi services.

Miami is a city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the state of Florida. One of the most important financial centers in the United States. 20th city in the world in terms of GDP. The airport and port in Miami are some of the busiest, providing international trade. The Miami Beach area is one of the most glamorous places in the world. Let's find out what is the average salary in Miami.

General information

Miami has long been a center of attraction for both film, fashion, music and art and business people. Haute couture weeks and major art festivals take place here, offices of international corporations are opened, and recording and television studios are developing their activities.

Miami is a city that's ideal for work, play and active life. In addition, Forbes recognized it as the cleanest city in the United States. In terms of cost of living, Miami ranks 61st out of 529 cities surveyed. Compared to Moscow, living in a sunny metropolis will cost 73.28% more.

The main part of the budget, of course, will be housing rent. Due to the presence of a large number of large firms in the city in Miami, there is a fairly low unemployment rate, and the average salary of a beginner specialist with up to a year work experience here is $ 40,000 per year.

In-demand vacancies among Russians

Since Miami is a very popular resort, there are always many job openings in the service industry. Girls and guys are employed as cleaners in various rooms, dishwashers, maids in hotels, waiters, etc.

IT workers have good prospects, they most often go to the United States by invitation. Construction never slows down, so men can work in construction.

One of the easiest options is babysitting or caring for the elderly. In addition, you will immediately receive housing. Female housekeepers from the post-Soviet space are highly regarded among Americans.

Girls quite often get a job as sales assistants in stores, but for this you need to communicate well in English. Good money is earned by teachers of vocal, music and dance.

However, it is difficult for Russians in Miami to find employment for such positions, since domestic medical, pharmaceutical and legal education is not valued in the United States.

The hot tropical climate makes the beauties of Miami do a lot of beauty treatments. Photo: depositphotos. om

Miami is all year round summer, warm ocean, girls in bikinis and beach parties. The constant heat makes the inhabitants of the sunny city bare their legs, arms and choose the lightest and most revealing outfits. ForumDaily tells what cosmetic procedures simply need to be done for all Miami residents who want to always be at their best.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most innovative and painless method. Photo: depositphotos. om

The first thing to start with working on your appearance is laser hair removal. Even if you went to a business meeting in the city center, a favorable wind may well bring you to the beach for an hour or two. This means that you should always be ready for sunbathing. Laser hair removal is convenient because in just a few painless procedures, you can straighten out your hair once and for all. The procedure is carried out using a special laser, the radiation of which destroys the hair follicles.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is confirmed by the famous Miami cosmetologist Rubina Wright, who works at the SVM-Med Medical Center.

“In a tropical climate, excess hair is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also not hygienic. Therefore, laser hair removal is much more effective than wax hair removal and regular shaving. At SVM-Med we offer a new generation laser system that reads the condition of the skin and removes even very light hair. There are only 2-3 such devices in the United States. Our equipment helps to say goodbye to hair in just 3-4 procedures instead of 10-15, as is required when removing hair with an old laser, ”says the beautician.

Rubina Wright believes that laser hair removal is a very necessary beauty procedure. Photo: from the personal archive of Rubina Wright

Rubina Wright says that laser hair removal basically has no contraindications other than pregnancy and lactation, and the procedure itself is absolutely painless. Even men resort to laser hair removal, because constant shaving takes a long time and can cause irritation due to high humidity.

“We have clients who removed facial hair to avoid shaving every morning. It makes sense to do this if a man once and for all decided that he would never want to have stubble on his face and does not plan to grow a beard, ”warns Rubina Wright, cosmetologist at SVM-Med Medical Center.


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