Yoga tours: fashion to be healthy

Yoga tours: fashion to be healthy

Will travel agents be able to make money on tours in Russia?

The closure of the borders of the pandemic has given a powerful impetus to the development of domestic tourism. At the same time, many in the retail market believe that this is a temporary phenomenon, and after the opening of the borders, everything will return to normal. Others - that "the world will never be the same again", as well as the preferences of tourists. And if you miss the Russian segment now, the travel industry risks being left without it forever. In the article we will figure out which of these points of view is more justified, and at the same time we will dispel some stereotypes about Russian tourism.

Stereotype: Russia will not replace abroad

A discussion on this topic has recently flared up on the Facebook page of the CEO of the media holding Profi. ravel by Alexei Vengin, who wrote that in the long term, no one has done more for domestic tourism than Covid. “After three months of forced confinement, the development of tourism within the country cannot be stopped,” he said.

Skeptics in the comments to his post argue that this is clearly not enough for the full development of domestic tourism. Their main counterargument is that tourists who are accustomed to vacationing abroad will not travel to Russia. According to Mikhail Lapshin, the head of YouHotel Digital Concierge, the main obstacles here are undeveloped infrastructure and, at the same time, high prices. “Until there are serious investors willing to play for a long time, there will be no serious domestic tourism…. Those who have rested at least once in Turkey will not be able to get high on the Black Sea coast, ”he writes.

“I personally have no hopes for a beach vacation in Russia. We passed when the course grew, and the tourists went to the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea. Returning home, they said that they would rather miss a year, but save up for abroad. The Russian service does not suit them, and if it does, it is clearly not for that kind of money, "adds Andrey Burmitsky, head of Your Tourist House company.

However, it is in this approach that the main mistake can be hidden: most representatives of the retail market do not even consider any destinations for recreation, except for Sochi and Crimea. All the rest in their eyes do not fall into the category of mass, which means that they are not interesting a priori.

Experts believe that such a stereotype can result in a significant loss of income for them. Skift conducted a study in the United States and found that 57% of Americans will only travel domestically this year. In China, the situation is similar - slightly more than half of tourists (55%) go on a trip, and only 14% of them go abroad. According to a study by the analytical company Bernstein, Russia is among the world leaders in terms of domestic tourism potential, it is undervalued by more than 20 billion.

For the situation to begin to change, it is necessary to stop looking for an alternative to the Turkish product in Russia. Our country can offer both mountain and outdoor activities. The main thing is to abandon the stereotype ourselves that for health it is worth going only to the sea. And then put this thought into the tourist's head. After all, tourism is perhaps one of the few markets where supply, not demand, rules the ball. Closed borders have already stimulated the process of import substitution in tourism - today in Russia they are replacing foreign ones, and wellness is being taken over by sanatoriums. Huge tourist potential is hidden in such regions as Buryatia, Altai, Khakassia. Due to the fact that charters have made rest there more accessible, part of the audience will come to the conclusion that the sea can sometimes be replaced (or supplemented) with rest by the lake - recovery there will be no worse. Whether the agents will receive this audience depends on themselves.

Stereotype: High price

Several users in the comments pointed out the high cost of vacations in Russia. They also stressed that the lack of competition and the influx of tourists this year will only grow. At the same time, a number of experts believe that the joint efforts of the state and mass tour operators can make rest in Russia more affordable than a foreign one. Only through subsidies and the correct position of the authorities can a package tour be made twice as cheap as self-assembly.

Agents are divided on this score. claims that on Lake Baikal or in Khakassia, even if prices are reduced by 50%, tourists will remain dissatisfied with the quality of service and the level of accommodation facilities, that the impression of what they see will be spoiled by mountains of garbage and huge mosquitoes. Others are sure that after a long time in quarantine, tourists are ready to go anywhere, and the travel agent only needs to find a suitable option for them. And as soon as the flow to the regions increases significantly, investors will appear ready to build decent hotels and restaurants.

From time to time, every person has a desire to get away from standard templates, to experience something new - something that he has not yet tried or seen. Yes, so that not only to usefully spend time and relax, but also to improve your health and general well-being.

By the way, such desires are not uncommon. Psychologists state that almost half of the citizens of Russia, regardless of their position, position in society and material wealth, regularly experience stress and experience a serious need for psychological rest. And in general, in our times of a super-fast pace of life and a deteriorating ecology, you need to pay special attention to your health: bodily and mental. Special travel options - yoga tours can help a lot with this.

What are yoga tours and who are they for

It's simple: a yoga tour is a travel package that includes a series of yoga sessions at your destination. At the same time, the tour package program is designed in such a way that there is always enough time for these activities and they do not go "back to back" to other elements of the trip. However, it cannot be said that the tour will only include yoga classes, many hours and exhausting. The vast majority of such programs are intended for people who do not practice yoga professionally - that is, for beginners adherents of this ancient system of healing, or simply people who care about their health. Therefore, a yoga package is always only part of the tour program.

If we talk about yoga tours to beach countries (for example, India, UAE, Greece, Italy, Seychelles, Mauritius or Tunisia), then their serious advantage will be the opportunity to combine yoga classes with relaxing on the coast and various "Excursion". And in countries such as Switzerland or Norway, beautiful nature and mild lakeside climate will become a pleasant addition to yoga programs.

There are no special health restrictions for yoga practice (except for serious hereditary diseases). You can always warn the trainer about any ailments before starting practice. There are also no age restrictions: both children from 6 years old and adults - even the most advanced years - can practice yoga. By the way, yoga tours are very popular among married (and not only) couples, and often only one goes to yoga, and the second participant of the trip during these classes has fun in his own way.

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